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Airline News Alert - Asia / Pacific.

New York (AirGuide - Airline News Asia / Pacific) Nov 4, 2012

Qantas airport lounges boost wifi Qantas and Optus have completed a nationwide and almost year-long overhaul of wireless Internet at the Red Roo's Aussie airport lounges. And it's fast. On recent visits to the Qantas Business Lounge in Sydney we've clocked around 20Mbps, even during morning and evening peak periods, as measured using the free service. And check out the upload speeds, which are usually the poor cousin of the downlink [ETH] but here it's almost 50% quicker, making for smooth Skype videochat sessions as well as sending big files back to the server before you hope on your flight. The speeds eclipse most home Internet connections, and are certainly among the zippiest airport lounge Internet feeds we've ever experienced. It's all the sweeter compared to the slow and often not-even-working service which frequent flyers had to tolerate under the previous Qantas-Telstra lounge Internet partnership. Although Qantas' Sydney lounges were first to get the turbocharge treatment in November 2011, Canberra was completed only last month, an Optus spokesperson tells Australian Business Traveller. Optus has boosted overall Internet capacity being fed to the lounge and installed the latest 802.11n-grade wireless kit (you'll see these small flat white boxes with their subtle blue lights dotted around the ceiling of each lounge), capable of delivering rapid and reliable signals throughout the lounge. The extraordinary popularity of tablets has no doubt put a strain on lounge wi-fi networks so it's good to see that Optus has gone for a high-speed system with plenty of headroom. Qantas is also now offering free wireless Internet at its terminals at Sydney (T3), Melbourne (T1), Brisbane and Perth domestic airports, so you don't ever need to be a lounge lizard to enjoy a dose of speedy surfing before or after your flight. Nov 1, 2012

Boeing Delivers 'Smiling Faces' 777 to Air China At a ceremony held in Seattle, US, Air China received a newly delivered Boeing 777-300ER which has a special livery reflecting is name - "Smiling China". It is also the 10th of the 19 777-300ERs to be delivered to Air China. These aircraft will further cement Air China's foothold in North America and Europe and enhance the carrier's competitive edge in the international market. This aircraft with special livery is a joint creation by Air China and Boeing to do justice to this year which marks the 40th anniversary of Boeing's entry into China. Featuring 40 Chinese smiling, confident faces on the fuselage, the livery is meant to get across the message that China is a confident, sincere, friendly and optimistic country, and the airline industry of China has been playing an important role in forging closer ties between China and the rest of the world. The 40 faces are those of 20 recognized staff members of Air China and 20 netizens. Each of them has interesting stories to tell about China's airline industry [ETH] they are pilots who have flown all over the world, ground handling staff who make sure that everything goes without a hitch, technicians who take good care of the aircraft and passengers who have seen the world. Oct 30, 2012

Indonesian airports testing wireless check-in program Two airports in Indonesia are testing a wireless check-in program called Mobicheck in an attempt to ease congestion during peak travel hours. The system allows airline agents to roam wirelessly and check in passengers throughout the terminal. So far, the system has reduced flight delays and made the terminal experience more positive for fliers. Oct 30, 2012 1544-3760

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