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Airline News - North America.

Jan 8, 2007

Jet fuel prices have fallen to their lowest levels in a year and a half, providing a welcome boost to airlines, particularly the big ones that were slow and cautious in hedging their bets. But companies like Southwest Airlines and Alaska Air -- which hedged more aggressively against rising oil prices -- stand to benefit less than American Airlines, United Airlines and other major carriers, which did not. These bigger airlines haven't locked in prices with long-term hedges, which means their fuel costs are closely tied to market shifts. Jan 7, 2007

American, Continental, Northwest Airlines

US carriers, battered by low-cost competition at home, have sought out growth on lucrative international routes, and China's economic expansion presents a strong opportunity for airlines with service there. The United States keeps tight reins on rights to fly to China, so competition for the routes among airlines is stiff. Interested parties have 14 days to object to the government decision. The Transportation Department then has seven days to answer the objections. After that, the department will review the comments and issue a final decision. American, Continental and Northwest each expressed disappointment that their applications weren't accepted. But none indicated plans to formally object to the decision. Jan 9, 2007

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines said it will suspend its daily San Diego-Maui service Jan. 9-March 15 due to "an unexpected delay in getting interior modifications completed and certified" on four 767s. Jan 3, 2007

Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines will start daily flights to Chicago Midway from Decatur, Marion and Quincy, Ill., on Feb. 1 aboard 19-seat B-1900Ds. Jan 5, 2007

United Airlines

The US government tentatively selected United Airlines to provide new nonstop service to China, regulators and the airline said on Tuesday. Jan 9, 2007

United Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines

The US Transportation Department awarded United daily service between Washington's Dulles Airport and Beijing's China Peking Capital Airport. Flights will begin March 25 if the agency's decision becomes final. In winning the route, United beat competing applications from American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines, which all want to bolster their existing China service. The Transportation Department said United's proposed capital-to-capital route benefits the greatest number of travelers. Jan 9, 2007 Z Editor: Aram Gesar, eMail:

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Jan 1, 2007
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Date:Jan 8, 2007
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