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Airline Finance News.

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Amex Airline index provides broad cross section of industry. The Amex Airline index has experienced a 60% turnover rate in its listed names since it was created in 1994. The index includes just two legacy carriers. "There are definitely some noticeable absentees, but it makes a fair bit of sense," says Morningstar airline analyst Chris Lozier. "It's got the best low-cost carriers, two of the best majors, and Alaska is thrown in, as well." Aug 23, 2006

More carriers turn to leasing to expand fleets. Leasing companies are becoming more prominent in the aviation industry as large carriers sell older jetliners and smaller carriers expand into new markets. Some airlines are choosing to lease their fleets because it allows them to add or replace planes without increasing debt. Aug 21, 2006

Triple-digit oil prices not unimaginable. A recent report by Standard & Poor's notes political unrest or violent storms could send the price of a barrel of oil to $100. S&P's chief transportation analyst says airlines would be in the "awful position of desperately needing to raise fares" to cover fuel costs just as "individuals and corporations would be cutting back on non-essentials, like travel." Aug 21, 2006
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Date:Aug 28, 2006
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