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Airline Finance News.

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Airline shares jump, current quarter looking profitable. Share prices of major airlines were up Thursday, and an analyst said the current quarter would likely be the first profitable one for the industry in several years. Meanwhile, some large airlines have again raised fares to offset the rising cost of jet fuel. Six carriers increased fares for one-way domestic first-class and last-minute coach tickets by $50. The Air Transport Association expects airlines to spend $38.4 billion on fuel in 2006, up from $33.1 billion a year earlier. Jun 16, 2006

Airline industry has plenty of capital, analysts say. Foreign investments are not necessary for the U.S. airline industry's future, industry analysts say. The White House hopes to relax restrictions on foreign investments in the carriers, but observers note that the industry has plenty of capital. Jun 13, 2006

DOE should manage SPR crude buys to avoid price impact. The Air Transport Association wants the U.S. Department of Energy to carefully manage when it will purchase crude oil for the government's emergency reserve. The DOE's proposal to boost the Strategic Petroleum Reserve should "first, do no harm" to oil prices, the group said. "In a constrained and volatile market, which fairly characterizes current and forecast market conditions for the foreseeable future, SPR acquisitions have a material effect on crude prices," ATA Vice President David A. Berg wrote. Jun 13, 2006

Airlines boost surcharge to offset fuel costs. Several airlines have boosted surcharges on trans-Atlantic flights to help offset the soaring cost of jet fuel. The surcharge is now $75 each way. Jun 12, 2006
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Date:Jun 19, 2006
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