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OPERATION VITTLES: THE BERLIN AIRLIFT. Haulman, Daniel L. Sep 22, 2017 4039
POLAR AIRLIFT: Guard unit transports people, supplies to Greenland, Antarctica Augus 21, 2017. Aug 1, 2017 811
US Air Force Airlift and the Army's Relevance. Owen, Robert C. Jun 22, 2017 4966
Santa by C-130: for the first time in its 60-year history, Christmas drop is a three-nation operation. Roughton, Randy; Presentado, Cierra Dec 1, 2015 821
Theater airlift modernization: options for closing the gap. Owen, Robert C. Report Oct 1, 2014 4048
The Bamboo Fleet: how a ragtag airlift operation supported besieged U.S. forces in the Philippines in World War II. Farrell, John F. Report Jun 22, 2012 5408
The new spice route for Africa. Corrick, David L. Mar 1, 2012 975
Tunner and the Luftwaffe connection with the Berlin Airlift. Miller, Roger G. Dec 22, 2009 4409
Military Airlift: DOD Should Take Steps to Strengthen Management of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet Program. Oct 1, 2009 1097
Cyclist badly hurt in challenge accident; Airlift drama during major bike race. Sep 14, 2009 575
New Venezuelan airlift. Sep 1, 2009 112
Abu Dhabi, Al Ain airwings help airlift Oman road crash victims. Aug 23, 2009 201
Missile defensive systems and the Civil Reserve Air Fleet. Downing, Glen R. Report Aug 1, 2009 10740
Aerial porters: total force enabling global airlift. Mattox, Ryan Jul 1, 2009 2234
Pushing TIN: 618th tanker airlift control center puts air mobility assets where they're needed, when they're needed. Bates, Matthew Jul 1, 2009 1082
Global rangers: Air Mobility Command's airlift, tanker fleet provide necessary worldwide reach. McGovern, Matthew Jul 1, 2009 1000
Rapid/precise global air mobility. Jul 1, 2009 636
Charleston to Kandahar: joint effort delivers much needed airlift for Army. Patrick, Meghan Jun 22, 2009 1356
Commercializing USCENTCOM aerial ports. Michel, John E.; Mahan, Jean M. Apr 1, 2009 3432
Berlin airlift remembered: Patricia Cleveland-Peck visits Tempelhof which is about to close for ever as an airport. Cleveland-Peck, Patricia Oct 1, 2008 1375
Impact of foreign ownership on the Civil Reserve Air Fleet. Schauber, Donald M., Jr. Report Apr 1, 2008 9103
Using an intratheater regional hub heuristic in Iraq: an exploratory case study. Charlesworth, Robert L. Case study May 1, 2007 12412
Strategic Air Command's B-29s during the Berlin Airlift. Gunderson, Brian S. Mar 22, 2007 1724
Transforming American airlift: effects-based mobility, the C-17, and Global Maneuver. Chaudhary, Ravi I. Mar 22, 2007 6499
Back to the future: airships and the revolution in strategic airlift: over the next several years the US Department of Defense has some very hard decisions to make regarding strategic airlift. If funding is not available to meet 54.5 MTM/D or more with conventional airlift, either sacrifices in capability must be made or an alternative will have to be found. Gordon, Walter O.; Holland, Chuck Sep 22, 2005 7914
Strategic lift capacity for Canada. Whelan, Peter Jun 22, 2005 2356
More lift needed, avers U.S. Transportation chief. Kennedy, Harold Jul 1, 2002 2201
Looking ahead: future airlift; designing the next generation airlifter, a capabilities-based approach. Manske, Chad T. Mar 22, 2002 9238
Air mobility: simultaneous enhancement of airpower legitimacy and security dilemma amelioration. Reed, Timothy S. Mar 22, 2002 7615
Total mobility flow: a post-Kosovo role for the DIRMOBFOR. (Inside Logistics: Exploring the Heart of Logistics). Cabana, Nonie Mar 22, 2002 4675
18 hours on Green Ramp: air mobility's command support of the 82nd Airborne Division Ready Brigade; deploy worldwide within 18 hours of notification, execute parachute assault, conduct combat operations, and win. Haines, Scott A. Mar 22, 2002 7636
The AMST Program's Lasting Legacy. Kennedy, Betty Raab Dec 22, 2001 7718
Salvation from the Sky: Airlift in the Korean War, 1950. Haulman, Daniel L. Jun 22, 2001 5051
Airlift Shortfalls Blamed on Aging Aircraft. Erwin, Sandra I. Feb 1, 2001 1150
Dakar rally runs out of road. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 225
A New Technique Enables Dynamic Replanning and Rescheduling of Aeromedical Evacuation. Kott, Alexander; Saks, Victor; Mercer, Albert Mar 22, 1999 5698
The million dollar Nintendo: the state of simulation software. Herskovitz, Don Cover Story Aug 1, 1998 4276
A survey of Western air transport capabilities. Alder, Konrad Jun 1, 1989 3847

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