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Airedales, Redux.

Hunting Working Airedales (HWA; is proudly showing off the June/July issue of GUN DOG magazine with its cover photo and feature article on Airedale terriers in the field.

This is a big deal. GUN DOG magazine is a well-respected and widely-read publication for all sporting dog enthusiasts. Though the magazine has run articles on hunting Airedales in the past, this is the first time an Airedale has been on the cover.

We'd like to think the good exposure will help move our breed from the "non-traditional" category to a choice more often considered by those who favor strong and versatile hunting companions. Our thanks to editor Rick Van Etten for featuring Airedales and to writer M.J. Nelson for putting together the informative article.

Chris Halvorson via email

Thanks, Chris. We'll admit we were a little nervous about putting a "non-traditional" Airedale on the cover, but the response has been positive and we're happy to help showcase the abilities of those big rascals.--The Editors


One-year-old Brittany LEXI wrapping up a successful year of quail hunting.

--Robert Harper, Norman, OK


This is my four-month-old German shorthair, BOOMER, pointing in South Dakota.

--Denny Wohlford, D.D.S., Payallup, WA


My Brittany, FANNY, pointing a quail as it flushed, while on a plantation hunt with my dad.

--Garrett West (12), Wilmington, NC


This is REBA at seven months pointing released quail. She has only gotten better. She hunts only grouse and woodcock now.

--Bill Disanto, Coopersburg, PA

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Title Annotation:Letters / From Our Readers
Author:Halvorson, Chris
Publication:Gun Dog
Date:Jul 26, 2017
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