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Aircrew safety.

CREW OF SENTRY 61, 966 AACS, TINKER AFB OK. On five mile final at 1,000' AGL, the Sentry 61 crew accomplished the final full stop landing configuration. After releasing the electric trim switch, the AC flying noticed the stabilizer trim wheel continued to spin in a severe nose-up trim "runaway stabilizer" configuration. Applying full forward yoke pressure to engage the trim brake to stop, he hit the stabilizer trim switch "off." The FE manually trimmed nose down and IAW T.O. 1E-3A-1, the AC disengaged the outboard spoilers and deployed inboard spoilers to level the aircraft. The FE manually trimmed to a nose level position. The AC directed a "go-around" and proceeded to the NAV established GINS holding fix. (Awarded May 2013)

CREW OF KING 21, 71 RQS, MOODY AFB GA. King 21 was engaged in an ANGEL THUNDER exercise contour search when the FE noticed the #2 engine TIT, torque and fuel flow readings abnormally high. The AC called "knock-it-off" and troubleshot while the navigator set up holding. The crew diagnosed the indications as a Temperature Datum System fault. Utilizing systems knowledge, a precautionary engine shutdown was performed. Mindful of reduced 3-engine performance, they routed an expeditious return to Davis-Monthan. The pilot commenced a successful 3-engine approach and landing. Their decisive actions confined damage to one failed part, preventing potential catastrophic engine failure. (Awarded June 2013)

CAPTS. JOHN M. PESKAR AND BRION J. NIELSON, 380 AEW, AL DHAFRA, UAE. Capts. Peskar and Nielson flying as Dude 01, a daytime AOR combat sortie, experienced a massive hydraulic fluid leak. Upon wingman examination, streaming hydraulic fluid was discovered and determined Dude 01 was unable to complete the 2 hour home station return flight. While waiting for the cable to be strung, airfield weather deteriorated below approach weather categories. With the cable finally rigged, weather was determined approach suitable based on observations from the Top-3 and tower PIREPs. Dude 01 executed a flawless approach and landing to engage the approach end cable and successful recovery of a $54M combat asset. (Awarded July 2013)

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