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Aircrew safety.

Mr. Miles and Capt Robinson displayed exceptional teamwork and coordination in assisting a civilian pilot experiencing engine problems. CTA502, a civilian Cessna 402, en route to North Las Vegas Airport experienced a loss of thrust in both engines. Mr. Miles declared an emergency for the pilot, coordinated for CTA502 to cross restricted airspace and vectored him towards Desert Rock Airport. The CTA502 pilot would be unable to visually acquire the unlit and uncontrolled airfield at night, so Mr. Miles contacted Capt Robinson to intercept CTA502 and provide a visual talk-on to the airport. Capt Robinson utilized the F-16 radar and his night vision goggles to rejoin on the ailing aircraft and provided directional assistance through the radio relay of Mr. Miles to the pilot of CTA502. Capt Robinson located the unfamiliar airfield and talked the civilian pilot onto the runway by using lights on the support buildings around the runway as references. He relayed specific turns and visual point outs that were relayed through Mr. Miles. Capt Robinson monitored the approach and landing of CTA502 with the SNIPER targeting pod on his aircraft. Through the F-16 SNIPER targeting pod, Capt Robinson watched the pilot egress the aircraft safely and passed on the situation status to Mr. Miles who then relayed this information onto the responding emergency personnel.


Mr. Jeffrey Miles, Capt Justin Robinson

57th Wing

Nellis AFB, Nev.
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