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Aircrew safety: award of distinction.

The crew of Sentry 02, E-3 AWACS, began an 8-hour training sortie with Col Collins, the 552 ACW vice wing commander, flying as the aircraft commander with 1Lt Daniel as copilot and Capt Hattemer, the IP, in the observer's seat. Shortly after takeoff, the crew heard a loud bang from the left side of the aircraft as it passed through 5,000 ft MSL. With engine instruments showing a loss of thrust on the number two engine, Col Collins quickly applied control inputs to maintain coordinated flight. He began to level off at 5,500 ft MSL, directed the copilot to declare an emergency and obtain an altitude block of airspace. The FE verified the loss of the number two engine on his instrument panel and in coordination with Col Collins, the "Engine Failure/Fire Checklist" was run, and the FE shut down the failed engine. The #2 Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) continued to rise after moving the throttle to cut-off, and within seconds, the EGT exceeded maximum indicator gauge limits and the OFF flag appeared, indicating temperatures greater than 700 degrees C. Simultaneously, the engine fire warning bell blared with the illumination of the #2 fire warning light. The FE discharged the fire bottle into the engine and prepared to discharge the second bottle when the fire light extinguished 20 seconds later. The copilot requested a turn to a local holding fix, and the crew began a slow climb to 11,000 ft MSL. While in holding, the crew reviewed the three-engine landing checklist. Their preparation resulted in a flawless 3-engine approach to an uneventful landing. The crew maintained aircraft control, executed checklist procedures, and safely handled a catastrophic failure during a critical phase of flight to a successful recovery.

Col Timothy J. Collins, Capt Walter C. Hattemer, 1Lt Mikel S. Daniel, 1Lt Maurice A. Scales, TSgt Joseph C. Huffman, 963rd Airborne Air Control Squadron, 552nd Air Control Wing, Tinker AFB, Okla.
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Title Annotation:MONTHLY AWARD WINNERS; U.S. Air Force
Author:Collins, Timothy J.; Hattemer, Walter C.; Daniel, Mikel S.; Scales, Maurice A.; Huffman, Joseph C.
Publication:Combat Edge
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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