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Aircraft tire inflation.

Inflating an aircraft tire, especially from high pressure nitrogen cylinders, is hazardous.

There are two ways to protect yourself and your buddies from injury or death by exploding tires.

If the tire is off the aircraft, make sure it is placed in an approved tire cage, NSN 4910-01-459-7080.

If the tire is installed, make sure you're using an approved tire inflation setup, one which allows you to stand clear of the tire as it is inflated and which has a safety valve to prevent over-inflation.

The old standby is the tire inflation kit that's authorized in your AVUM No. 2 tool set, NSN 6685-00-124-4336. The safety valve on the kit should be set to no more than 10 to 15 psi over the maximum inflation pressure of the tire you are inflating. Even then, stand back a full hose length as stated on the inflator assembly.

Cart has low-pressure regulator

* If you are using the low-pressure output of the standard high-pressure nitrogen-servicing cart, NSN 1740-01-327-6831. This cart has a low-pressure regulator and a fixed 175 psi safety valve.

* If you are using the nitrogen backpack with the new low pressure servicing kit. It also has a low-pressure regulator and a 160 psi relief valve.


The AMCOM headshed says the "make item" tire cage plans shown in Fig. 5-1 of TM 55-2620-200-24, Inspection, Maitenance Instructions. Storage, and Disposition of Aircraft Tires aim Inner Tubes, does not fit the Army's application. A change to the TM has been requested to identify only the stocked tire cage.
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