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Aircraft Supplier & MRO News Alert - North America.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Aircraft Supplier & MRO News North America) Nov 18, 2012

"Expeditionary model" could save DOD billions Shifting away from large, static deployments into nimbler, rotational deployments could be part of a new "expeditionary model" military that could save the Pentagon billions, says a new report from the nonpartisan Stimson Center. The new strategy would ramp up research and development and call for the U.S. to retain an edge over other nations in naval, space and air forces and special operations. Nov 16, 2012

L2 Consulting Services, Inc. Hires John Letlow as Engineering Manager L2 Consulting Services, Inc. (L2) announced the company has hired John Letlow as Engineering Manager. Mr. Letlow (age 49) brings over 22 years of avionics engineering and test experience to the company and has particular expertise with Flight Management Systems (FMS) and Flat Panel display integration. Prior to joining L2, Mr. Letlow worked as a Program Manager with Universal Avionics System Corporation where he was responsible for leading teams in all aspects of new product development and FAA certification efforts. Mr. Letlow holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Additionally, L2 has hired Michael Haffey (age 48) as Senior Avionics Engineer. Mr. Haffey brings to the company over 23 years of avionics integration and maintenance experience. L2 Vice President Operations, Dean Rudolph, said, "L2's avionics integration and engineering services are in high demand and as such we are continuously looking for qualified candidates to join our team." He added, "We are extremely pleased to have both John and Michael join L2." Nov 15, 2012

Allow open amendments on defense authorization, senator says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he would allow an open amendment process on the Defense Authorization Act, which could be readied for debate after the Thanksgiving break. Reid, who has been criticized by GOP lawmakers for not allowing open amendments, said he would do so because Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., would table amendments not relevant to the bill. Nov 15, 2012

Defense industry intensifies "fiscal cliff" warnings Inaction by Congress and the president to prevent the so-called "fiscal cliff" would spark a "conflagration" of economic woe, Honeywell CEO David Cote warned this week. Cote, who said lawmakers are "playing with nitroglycerin," was one of several defense industry leaders to issue warnings this week about the fiscal cliff. Nov 14, 2012

New Aircraft Programs to Drive Adoption of Aviation Composites Newer aircraft programs like Boeing 787, Airbus A380 and A350 XWB, high fleet operating costs and regulatory pressure on aviation-related carbon emissions are driving the adoption of advanced fibre composites in commercial aviation applications. "The increasing fuel efficiency of an aircraft is directly correlated to a reduction in its overall weight," noted Frost & Sullivan Chemicals and Materials Industry Analyst Sandeepan Mondal. "Greater incorporation of lightweight composite materials will help aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce costs, optimise processes and achieve parts consolidation." Controlling aircraft production costs as well as lowering delivery times is the top priority for aircraft OEMs. This, paralleled by rising fuel prices, is making it imperative for OEMs to not only boost the fuel efficiency of an aircraft (by making it lightweight and using efficient engines), but also to enable a faster processing window for materials integration into the aircraft structure. Replacing metal with composites in an aircraft can lead to up to 40 per cent reduction in weight. This translates to higher fuel efficiency and, consequently, lower operating costs. In addition, advanced fibre composites provide a better alternative to metals due to their higher impact resistance, which essentially means improved safety. From an economic perspective, these advanced composites are ideal for larger, wide-body aircraft. However, high fabrication costs, substitution threat from metals and metal-matrix composites, difficulties related to repair and recyclability as well as the lack of material standardisation are restraining the uptake of advanced fibre composites in commercial aviation applications. "Tier-I suppliers and aircraft OEMs should implement new fabrication techniques which would bring down the overall system cost for the aircraft component," advised Mondal. "Out-of-autoclave and automated processes like automated tape laying (ATL) and automated fibre placement (AFP) should be implemented vigorously across all aircraft programmes to achieve the ideal balance between cost and performance." Nov 14, 2012

Feds look to the private sector to bolster tech innovation In light of stifling budget restrictions and the looming "fiscal cliff," federal agencies are looking to technology startups in the private sector to fill the void, experts say. In lieu of direct support, government initiatives such as the Startup America Partnership -- formed by the White House to promote collaboration with businesses and philanthropists -- and the Presidential Innovation Fellows program are working to expand opportunities for companies in industries such as health IT and the smart grid, which rank high on the Obama administration's priority list. Nov 13, 2012

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