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Aircraft Supplier & MRO News - Africa / Middle East.

Jan 31, 2010

Kenya Airways

A new aviation training facility opened its doors late last week, when East AfricaOs premier airline finally threw the doors wide open on their new training center. The college will offer a variety of approved courses and will bestow internationally-recognized certificates and diplomas to students, who will attend classes at the Pride Centre. Participants will be drawn from within Kenya Airways but other airlines can also send staff, while individual students can apply as vacancies for courses that exist. The fee structure is said to be relatively modest in comparison with overseas aviation courses available so far. The move by Kenya Airways has been hailed as true progress in capacity building, as it will enable Kenyans and citizens of the other Eastern African nations to acquire much-needed skills to make a career in the aviation industry. Meanwhile, financial recovery of East AfricaOs leading airline had made further progress and was promptly appreciated by the stock market, when the shares of KQ traded sharply higher. From a previous low in early 2009, the shares gained over 25 percent in value by the end of last year, and this yearOs two weeks of trading saw a further appreciation of about 16 percent in the share value, indicating that shareholder confidence has been fully restored and that the cost-saving measures by the airlineOs management have born fruits already. Jan 25, 2010

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Date:Feb 1, 2010
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