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Aircraft News.

Oct 1, 2007

Environmentalists say the airline industry must contribute more to reducing greenhouse gases, blamed for global warming. Shane said that all International Civil Aviation Organization member states recognize the importance of emissions trading "as one of many tools for addressing emissions from aircraft." He also that the ICAO will create a "very high-level group" tasked with coming up with an action plan on reducing the aircraft emissions. Sep 27, 2007

The International Civil Aviation Organization has passed a resolution opposing a European Union plan to include foreign airlines in its emissions trading system, the UN body said on Sept 28. "A resolution was adopted which said... that emissions-trading schemes are fine, but they should not be applied to the aircraft of foreign countries without mutual consent," Jeffrey Shane, the undersecretary for policy in the US Department of Transportation told reporters in Montreal. He said that during recent ICAO meetings, about 42 European governments took "a formal reservation" from that wording. Sep 27, 2007

The International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO is a United Nations body created in 1944 to promote the development of civil aviation around the world. The United States has opposed the plan to include foreign airlines in the EU's emissions trading scheme and pushed the ICAO to let individual countries decide the best way to manage greenhouse gas emissions from their airlines. The EU Commission plans to include flights into and out of the 27-nation bloc from 2012 in its emissions trading scheme. Sep 27, 2007

Aviation industry responding to climate concerns. The aviation industry is taking heat from environmentalists for its role in climate change. Airlines and plane manufacturers are taking steps to reduce emissions, from producing lighter, more fuel-efficient planes to changing schedules and flight patterns to ensure that planes fly as many passengers as directly as possible. Sep 26, 2007


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Date:Oct 1, 2007
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