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Aircraft News - North America.

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Civil aeronautics faces critical long-term questions. Cuts to NASA's aeronautics budgets are undermining critical research for the Next Generation Air Transportation, Dr. Michael Romanowski told the House Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee Tuesday. Romanowski, AIA's vice president of civil aviation, said the estimated $200 million-$300 million annual unfunded NGATS transitional research will delay the program's implementation and have a negative effect on the U.S.'s economy and competitiveness. Jul 19, 2006

Airbus, CIT Leasing

CIT orders A320s, A330s from Airbus at the Farnborough Air Show. Jul 20, 2006

Airbus, EADS, Boeing

EADS may have unfair edge in tanker competition, Boeing says. Airbus parent EADS may have an unfair advantage when it competes with Boeing for a contract to supply Air Force refueling tankers, Boeing Chief Executive James McNerney says. McNerney notes EADS has the advantage of not being subject to the same U.S. export controls or business transparency rules because it is based in Europe. Jul 19, 2006

Airbus, Pratt & Whitney

Pratt won't offer engine for A350 XWB. Pratt & Whitney President Steve Finger said at the Farnborough Airshow that the P&W-General Electric Engine Alliance is the most suitable vehicle to supply an engine for the redesigned and renamed A350 XWB, nixing the possibility that Pratt, which is not on the 787, will develop a new engine for the Dreamliner's rival. "We believe the [Engine Alliance] GP7000 has a lot of attributes that would work on the A350," Finger said during a media briefing at Farnborough. Jul 18, 2006

Airbus, UPS

UPS selected Engine Alliance GP7200s to power its fleet of 10 firm A380 freighters. It has options on 10 additional A380Fs. Value of the engine order was not disclosed. Aircraft deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2009. Jul 18, 2006

ARINC, Atlantic Southeast Airlines

ARINC was selected by Atlantic Southeast Airlines to provide integrated air/ground communications services. Full installation of the required avionics on ASA's fleet of more than 140 Bombardier jets will not occur until summer 2007. ARINC called the deal "the most advanced package of data applications ever specified by a US Regional carrier." Jul 21, 2006

ARINC, Philippine Airlines

ARINC said Philippine Airlines chose its GLOBALink/VHF data link service for operational communications, mostly on transpacific routes. The company also signed a GLOBALink/VHF data link contract with Canadian startup Porter Airlines, which is expected to launch later this year. Jul 19, 2006

Aviation Partners Boeing, American Airlines

Aviation Partners flying high on more winglet sales. Aviation Partners Boeing continues to rack up big sales of its Blended Winglet Systems here. American Airlines ordered an additional 104 757 shipsets, adding to the 20 it ordered last September. Installation will be performed at American's Tulsa MRO base. Jul 20, 2006

Aviation Partners Boeing, Southwest Airlines

Aviation Partners flying high on more winglet sales. Aviation Partners Boeing continues to rack up big sales of its Blended Winglet Systems here. Southwest Airlines' order for up to 90 737-300 shipsets, Jul 20, 2006


Boeing credits a closer relationship with leasing companies for the recent surge in orders for 737NGs, which top 370 for the year, with the type now outselling the A320. Senior VP-Sales Scott Carson said that the company previously handled leasing companies by region rather than via a single sales executive and "we needed a more coordinated approach." He appointed John Feren to handle all lessors and now Boeing works "hand-in-hand with leasing companies on many campaigns rather than selling them airplanes and walking away. Leasing companies are now coming to us for help in campaigns." Jul 20, 2006


Boeing named SR Technics, Smiths Aerospace and Hamilton Sundstrand as its forst partners in GoldCare, a lifecycle MRO support program for the 787. SR Technics is the first company chosen to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services for the aircraft including line and base maintenance. Hamilton Sundstrand and Smiths Aerospace, both major systems suppliers on the Dreamliner, are responsible "for ensuring spare parts are available at guaranteed levels of availability, managing the maintenance of parts removed from aircraft and ensuring that equipment reliability is optimized," Boeing said. Jul 20, 2006


Boeing says interest in 747-8 Intercontinental growing. Although Boeing has yet to announce an airline customer, VP-Sales, Marketing and In-Service Support-747 Program Randy Tinseth said interest in the passenger version of the 747-8 is strong and growing. "We lost credibility with the various variants [that we tried to launch] over the last 10 years. Now that we have launched the freighter, airlines are very interested," he said here. One of the first things airlines have told the manufacturer is to return the upper deck staircase to its existing location while retaining the new interior treatments borrowed from the 787. Tinseth said carriers also are working with Boeing on increasing standardization in the cockpit and interior. The company is working with 25 airlines on range/payload trade studies for a possible stretch of the passenger model to a similar length as the freighter. Tinseth said an 8,000-nm. range was a baseline but wind tunnel testing has given the aircraft another 300 nm. "Every two seat rows is a trade for 200-300 nm.," he explained. He and Joe Sutter, father of the 747, agree that the key to the 747-8 is the combination of a "new" re-lofted and twisted wing and GEnx engines. Tinseth noted that the 747-8 Intercontinental will have the same structural weight wing as the freighter. Jul 20, 2006


Boeing To Hit 500 Jet Orders. Boeing is set to tally more than 500 plane orders for the year so far when it updates its online order book later on Thursday, beating industry expectations of a sharp downturn after a record-setting boom last year. Jul 20, 2006


Boeing challenged Airbus's claim that the major market for the 787/A350 is at the 300-seat level. On Monday, Airbus announced it will deliver its 300-seat A350-9 before the smaller dash 8 because "that is where the market is." Bair told media that the majority of Boeing's 405 787 sales are for the 787-8 model; "Our view is that there are 1,000 767s and 700 A310s and A300s to be replaced plus growth in that market size."

Jul 18, 2006


Boeing's 787 on time and on target, dash 10 definitely a go: Bair. The 787 is "on time and on target to meet guarantees," VP and Program Manager Mike Bair said here yesterday. Bair reconfirmed that Boeing is proceeding with the 787-10, telling media that it is a case of "when and not if" the stretch will proceed and "the economics were almost unbelievable." The current design specification for the dash 10 in a typical three-class configuration with eight-across seating is around 300, with trade studies to determine final range/payload. Current range is 7,500 nm. but he suggested it may increase by 200 nm. Bair said Boeing anticipated a revamped A350 and is not sure what impact the enhanced version will have on the 787 program, adding, "clearly they are trying to do something better but we are still vague on what they are doing." That uncertainty is fueled by the lack of hard numbers from Airbus. Bair noted, for instance, that it is quoting the 787-9's range as 8,500 nm. whereas it will be 8,800 nm. He also pointed out that while Airbus says the A350 will have the "widest windows," the 787's windows are much bigger in area. The 787-10 will have the same MTOW and engines as the 787-9. Jul 18, 2006


Boeing exec says orders from U.S. airlines a year away. Large U.S. airlines may place orders for new jets a year from now, according to Boeing executives. Alan Mulally, head of the company's commercial aircraft unit, says carriers want to replace older aircraft with more fuel-efficient planes. Jul 17, 2006


Boeing in talks to sell 1,000 more 787s. Boeing opened the Farnborough Airshow with the stunning news that it is in negotiations with 30 customers for up to 1,000 787s. Commercial Airplanes CEO Alan Mulally delivered "Boeing's good news" just moments before Airbus unveiled its remade A350, the XWB (extra wide body). Mulally said Boeing has a record high backlog that at the end of the first quarter topped $132 billion, more than double what it was just three years ago. The 787 is leading the charge with 28 customers for 403 aircraft. But he was coy on any new assembly line for the type with suppliers ramping up production capability within existing infrastructure. "We have not taken that [second production line] yet," he said. Jul 17, 2006


Boeing's Commercial Airplanes CEO Alan Mulally at the Farnborough Airshow said he would not be drawn into how airline profitability will affect Boeing's sales--which stand at 480 to date--for the balance of this year. The company is hoping that its 747-8 will contribute to sales and that process should start Tuesday with an order for 10 from Emirates. It is understood that airline, which has orders for 45 A380s, is interested in the 747-8 Intercontinental. Emirates is not the only carrier interested. According to Mulally, 25 airlines are working closely with Boeing defining the final configuration of the Intercontinental. He said that the manufacturer is "continuing trade studies" on stretching the Intercontinental to the same length as the freighter and the configuration will be frozen by mid-2007. Jul 17, 2006


Boeing's Commercial Airplanes CEO Alan Mulally was candid at the Farnborough Airshow on some supplier delays and weight issues on the 787 but told media that fixes are in place to address them. "We have never missed a guarantee to a customer," he said. "Everything looks real good." The 787 and 777 account for 61% of Boeing's backlog, with the 737 at 32%, the 747 at 7% and the 767 making up the balance. Mulally declared that the 767 will continue to make a contribution to the backlog for "some time yet." He explained that as demand for 787s outstrips supply, airlines are seeking 767s to fill capacity shortfalls. He added that despite fuel prices, yields and productivity are rising and load factors are at all-time highs as the industry continues to restructure and liberalize. Jul 17, 2006


Boeing's president spoke ahead of the Farnborough Air Show. Britons travelling abroad are likely to be flying in plastic planes in the future, says the chief of Boeing. All 737 planes would be made from non-metal materials, or composites, said president Alan Mulally. Ahead of the Farnborough Air Show, the US plane giant boss said "all future planes will be made out of composites", because it does not corrode. Millions of tourists fly in 737 planes each year. Composites are formed when two or more materials with differing properties are combined. Such materials are already used in items such as tennis rackets and bicycle spokes. The US company's new 787 Dreamliner - which is expected to make its first flight next year - is already being constructed using carbon fibre-reinforced plastic composites. Jul 17, 2006


Future of Boeing C-17 will affect suppliers. A decision to reduce production of the C-17 cargo plane could hurt Boeing suppliers, including three companies in New York. Boeing may ask suppliers to halt production if the Department of Defense does not order more of the planes. Jul 17, 2006

Boeing, Aviation Capital

Aviation Capital Group identified as customer for 14 737NGs. Aviation Capital Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific LifeCorp, ordered 14 737-800s worth approximately $987 million at list prices. Subject to market demand, ACG has the right at a future date to substitute 737-700s for the dash 800s. The aircraft were included on the Boeing orders and deliveries website earlier this year attributed to an unidentified customer. CFM valued the engine order at approximately $170 million at list price. Jul 18, 2006

Boeing, Delta Air Lines

Delta signs LOI for lease of 10 757s from ILFC. Delta Air Lines told the US Bankruptcy Court in New York last week that it has signed a letter of intent with ILFC to lease 10 757-200ERs.The aircraft, powered by Pratt & Whitney PW2037s, will be delivered from July 15 through Nov. 15, 2007, after undergoing C checks and painting, and will be leased for seven years and three months each, according to the filing. The rent figures were not disclosed. ILFC will provide a cash contribution toward the purchase of winglets that will remain installed after each airplane is returned. If approval is granted by the court, which Delta expects to occur by July 27, it said it will sign lease documents before Aug. 4. Jul 17, 2006

Boeing, Pegasus Aviation Finance

Pegasus Aviation Finance ordered two 787-8s and will take over an existing order for four 787-8s placed by Italy's Blue Panorama in 2004. Pegasus will lease the aircraft to the carrier. Jul 18, 2006

Boeing, Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney said Evergreen International Aviation will purchase JT9D-7J durability kits for its fleet of JT9D-powered 747s. Agreement is for eight kits and is valued at $9 million with an option to purchase an additional 12 kits worth $16 million. Deliveries will begin this month. Jul 20, 2006

Boeing, Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins also announced the introduction of its CISS-2100 Configurable Integrated Surveillance System combining weather detection, TCAS, Mode S surveillance and terrain awareness and warning functions into a single unit. It will debut on the 787. Jul 18, 2006

Boeing, US Airways, Aircastle. Mba

Mba successfully placed for EPIC Trust three 757-200s currently in operation with US Airways with US lessor Aircastle. Jul 17, 2006

Boeing, WestJet, Singapore Aircraft Leasing

WestJet finalized an agreement yesterday with Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise for three 737-700s and one 737-800, with deliveries scheduled for late 2007 and the first half of 2008. The deal also includes options for three more dash 700s and one additional dash 800, which would be delivered in 2009. By the end of 2008, WestJet's fleet will number 76 aircraft. Jul 21, 2006


Bombardier has received, over the past two years, firm orders for 79 Q400s and 75 firm orders for the 86-seat CJ700, reflecting the trend toward larger regional aircraft, McAdoo said. Along with the CSeries, the company continues to evaluate a derivative of the Q400 that would be the first 90-seat turboprop on the market and a stretch version of the CRJ900. Both would offer about 10% lower seat costs than the current models, he said. Jul 17, 2006


Bombardier projects that over the next two decades, airline capacity will nearly double with much of the growth centered on low-cost and Regional operators. Some 11,000 aircraft in the 20/149-seat category valued at $370 billion will be delivered, according to the company's forecast released here yesterday. These include 1,100 in the 20/50-seat range, 4,100 of 60/99 seats and 5,800 100/149-seaters. "The next area where we are looking for growth is the CSeries," said VP-Strategy and Business Development Michael McAdoo, noting that program is still under consideration despite the fact that it has failed to attract a launch customer for the proposed 110/130-seat aircraft. "We are convinced this is the way forward for us." Jul 17, 2006

Bombardier, Horizon Air

Horizon Air converted one option for a DHC-8Q-400 turboprop into a firm order worth $25.4 million at list price. It has 31 of the type on firm order and has acquired two others from Hainan Airlines. Jul 20, 2006

Bombardier, Skyjet

Skyjet international the business jet charter service division of Bombardier hosted perhaps the oddest media briefing at Farnborough. In fact it was not a press conference as such, more a gathering of old friends at a cheese and wine party with a brass band supplying the background music. Not any old brass band mind you. This one was the brass section of the Royal Opera House Orchestra. The connection with Farnborough (other than a splendid rendition of those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines) is that Skyjet International, which claims to be the world's first truly global business jet charter operation, also offers its clients a concierge service which naturally includes some great opera houses, Covent Garden being the obvious choice in the UK. Vertu, the up-market phone company are also involved. From left to right, Alberto Torres, president of Vertu; Judith Moreton, managing director Skyjet International and Jane Storie, Head of Business Development, Royal Opera House. Jul 22, 2006

CAE Global Academy

CAE launches Global Academy to address looming pilot shortage. Canadian simulator maker and training solutions provider CAE, citing demand for up to 18,000 new airline pilots annually over the next 20 years, launched the CAE Global Academy, describing it as "a network of flight training organizations offering pilot candidates the required training for a commercial pilot's license and a clear path, via the global CAE training network, for continuing on to a specific type-rating and ultimate career as an airline pilot." CAE has signed alliance agreements with an initial three FTOs--International Airline Training Academy based in Arizona, Malaysia-based HM Aerospace and Academia Aeronautica de Evora in Portugal. In aggregate, the three have the capability to graduate more than 600 commercial pilots annually. These pilots then will proceed to type-rating qualification at one of CAE's training centers. The company said it is in discussions with other flight schools around the world. CAE said that in the future it will use the academy to introduce a standardized Multi-Crew Pilot License curriculum and courseware along with supporting flight training devices. Jul 20, 2006

Comtran, Boeing

Comtran has its Stage 4-compliant SuperQ MD-80 on display here. It is partnered with Jet Technologies in the modification program, which permits all MD-80 series aircraft to meet Stage 4 noise requirements in the US and EASA Chapter 4 requirements with approximately a 2-dB margin. The package consists of a jet nozzle that is fully certified by FAA and a cone mixer that is in the STC process, while Pratt & Whitney has supplied an NTO letter for the program, he said. The hushkit does not require any changes to the aircraft flight manual, weight and balance, thrust reverser operation, crew training or maintenance. Added benefits of the package include a 1%-1.5% improvement in SFC, said Kaye, along with a 10 deg. C reduction in EGT that will save $90-$95,000 per year in maintenance costs, according to an independent study commissioned by Comtran. Installation can be done in 4 hr. on wing. "Aircraft come in Stage 3 and fly out Stage 4," he said. Price of the kits is $895,000 per shipset. Comtran and Jet Technologies also are developing a blended winglet that was on the display aircraft. It will be available next year and offers a 4%-4.5% improvement in fuel burn. Close to 1,200 MD-80 family aircraft were built before production ended in 1998. Of these, 1,121 still exist, which further shows that 971 are in service and 150 are stored. Kaye sees a market for the SuperQ program that encompasses virtually all these aircraft. Jul 19, 2006

EMS Satcom

EMS Satcom, a division of EMS Technologies, said it will supply the antenna for the OnAir broadband inflight connectivity solution under an agreement with Thales. The agreement is worth at least $30 million over the next five years, according to EMS Satcom, and is its first major win in the civil side of the business, which it recently entered. Last year, OnAir selected the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband services and Thales's SwiftBroadband equipment. Jul 18, 2006

ExelTech Aerospace, Caribbean Star Airlines

ExelTech Aerospace was selected by Caribbean Star Airlines and Caribbean Sun Airlines to provide heavy MRO for the carriers' Dash 8 fleets. Under the deal's initial terms, ExelTech will perform airframe structural inspections and interior and exterior upgrades on eight aircraft in Quebec City. The work is valued at C$1.5-C$3 million ($1.3-$2.7 million). Jul 17, 2006

ExpressJet Airlines

ExpressJet Airlines extended its asset management agreement for aftermarket services with Goodrich in support of its ERJ-135/-145 fleet. The additions will provide exchange pools of sensing products and related systems as well as maintenance services. Jul 17, 2006

GE Aircraft Engines

Bearing Inspection, a Timken subsidiary, was named by GE Aircraft Engines as an approved source for CF34-3 bearing repair. Jul 19, 2006

GE Aircraft Engines

GE at the Farnborough Airshow said it has ruled out offering an engine in the 95,000-lb.-thrust range as well, although its GEnx was the launch engine on the first version of the A350. Jul 18, 2006

GE Aircraft Engines

GE Aircraft Engines expects revenues in 2006 to reach a record $12.8 billion, up from $11.9 billion in 2005. According to the company, "servicing the fast-growing installed base of GE and CFM engines is driving revenue growth." Around 20,000 GE and CFM engines are in commercial airline service, a figure that is expected to rise to 30,000 by 2015. Also contributing are strong sales of the GE90 for the 777, with more than 300 sold over the past 18 months, and the GEnx for the 787 and A350, which has a backlog of close to 600 engines. Jul 17, 2006

HEICO Aerospace

HEICO Aerospace Holdings acquired Arger Enterprises and "related companies" from Melrose PLC for cash considerations. Arger, based in Nevada, designs, manufactures and distributes approved aircraft and engine parts. Jul 21, 2006

Honeywell, Airbus

Honeywell said it received certification for its flight management system LCD Multi-Purpose Control Display Unit for the A320 and A340 families. The unit "provides superior reliability, reduced weight and power consumption and provides faster response and improved readability for crew interface" compared to CRT MCDUs, Jul 20, 2006

Honeywell, JetBlue Airways, Airbus

Honeywell signed a 10-year component flight-hour service agreement with JetBlue Airways under which it will supply maintenance services on the suite of Honeywell avionics and mechanical components for the carrier's entire A320 fleet. Jul 20, 2006

Honeywell, US Airways

Honeywell signed a strategic supplier arrangement with US Airways comprising a variety of products and services for its entire mainline fleet of more than 350 737s, 757s, 767s, A319s/A320s/A321s and A330s. Approximate value of the combined agreements is $230 million. They include a Comprehensive Maintenance Service Agreement for APUs covering 737, 757, A330 and A319/A320/A321 fleets; a CMSA for mechanical components that grows Honeywell's current US Airways mechanical components business by more than 20%, and a Supply Agreement for Honeywell Hardware Product Group parts that combines the Boeing and Airbus fleets into one contract, adding more than 3,000 part numbers not previously covered. Jul 20, 2006

ILFC, Airbus

ILFC keeping A380 orders, seeks compensation. ILFC is "holding firm" on its A380 commitment for 10 aircraft "for the moment" and is "looking at compensation [from Airbus]," Chairman and CEO Steven Udvar-Hazy told media here yesterday, backing away from earlier statements that the lessor might cancel its orders over delays to the program. Jul 19, 2006

ILFC, Boeing

ILFC boosts Boeing order book. International Lease Finance Corp signed for six 737-800s, two 777-300ERs and two 787s at Farnborough Wednesday. The orders take its commitment to 737s to 420, 777s to 78 and 787s to 22. At the contract signing, Chairman and CEO Steven Udvar-Hazy said these types "reflected the greatest airline demand." ILFC will "shortly announce the placement of the 787s to three new customers," while the 737s and 777s are topping up inventory. The lessor has not specified the model of 787 to be acquired, but Udvar-Hazy appears to be a fan of the 787-10, calling it "a clear winner." He also indicated that ILFC is "working closely" with Boeing both on the 747-8F and on defining the passenger version. "We have been involved in all the 747 models and we launched the 747-400ERF. We are largest owner of widebody aircraft with 300 and the 747 is an integral part of the widebody fleets," he said. Jul 19, 2006

Innovative Solutions, Airbus

Innovative Solutions & Support is looking to do a similar LCD retrofit for the A300/A310 family. One of the impediments to a cost-effective upgrade of these aircraft is structural hindrances in the cockpit area, but the company has overcome these with thin LCD units that eliminate the need to carry out significant structural modifications to get the units to fit. Jul 19, 2006

Innovative Solutions, Boeing

Innovative Solutions & Support announced it has developed a Cockpit/IP Flat Panel Display System for the 737-300/-400/-500, with operating lessor Jet Partners LLC as the launch customer for 30 firm units and 30 options. IS&S President Roman Ptakowski said the Exton, Pa.-based company is in the STC process with FAA and deliveries will occur after the Oct. 1 start of IS&S's next fiscal year. IS&S developed the hardware and software for the retrofit, which includes flat panel displays for primary flight, navigation and engine instruments and replaces 65 traditional components with five LCD display units, two control panels and three data concentrator units, saving about 150 lb. of weight. The changeover can be accomplished with a week's downtime, Ptakowski said, and the company is looking at a price of $380,000 per installation. The 737 Classic program builds on Innovative Solutions & Support's successful retrofit of the 767 on behalf of ABX Air with a flat panel cockpit that sells for $275,000 and requires a downtime of under three days for installation. As Ptakowski noted, the retrofit also makes it possible to equip the aircraft with newer systems such as electronic flight bags, ADS-B and XM or WSI satellite weather radar services. Jul 19, 2006

International Lease Finance, Boeing

International Lease Finance selected the GEnx to power up to 24 787s it has ordered. ILFC also ordered six GE90-115B-powered 777-300ERs and two GE90-94B-powered 777-200ERs. GE valued all the engines, including options, at more than $750 million. Delivery of the 777s is scheduled to begin this year with the 787 deliveries to begin in 2010. Jul 18, 2006

Meggitt, AeroMechanical Services

Meggitt and AeroMechanical Services reached agreement involving joint marketing of Meggitt's condition monitoring system with AMS's Automated Flight Information Reporting System that will permit real-time transmission of aircraft flight and engine data to "airline and helicopter companies' financial, operational and maintenance decision-makers and aircraft and engine owners with inclusive lease contracts." Jul 17, 2006

NAV Canada

NAV Canada said this week it is taking the "first step" toward moving to ADS-B satellite-based positioning technology for air traffic control. The first NAV Canada ADS-B deployment will be in northern Canada and cover 250,000 sq. nm. of airspace over Hudson Bay. Cost of the deployment is $10 million. "The initial deployment alone promises to save customers well over $200 million in reduced fuel costs over 15 years through more flexible and fuel-efficient routes," NAV Canada President and CEO John Crichton said. Jul 21, 2006

NAV Canada

NAV Canada will withdraw its three-year-old 2% service charge on Sept. 1. The fee was instituted in order to rebuild the Rate Stabilization Account to C$50 million ($44.3 million) from a C$116 million deficit. The account had C$73 million as of May 31. NAV Canada said the decision was due in part to a Supreme Court of Canada decision that allowed it to recover C$8 million in unpaid customer service charges. "Not only are rates going down through the elimination of the temporary adjustment, but we are in a position to reduce them two years earlier than expected," President and CEO John Crichton said. Jul 18, 2006


PowerJet CEO Michel Dechelotte said that the aircraft will be certified to EASA and FAA standards, allowing for development of a truly global market. Up to 70% of business eventually is expected to come from North America and Europe with the rest from Russia, former CIS states and other regions. Dechelotte said that in the future the SaM146 "could conceivably be offered for other applications, such as other regional aircraft," but he stressed that the PowerJet joint venture is dedicated strictly to the SaM146. Jul 17, 2006

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney earlier this year announced plans to design and certify 55 replacement parts for the CFM56, including 19 life-limited parts. That overall number subsequently was reduced to 48 because there was no customer demand for LPC parts, Bromberg stated. Jul 18, 2006

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney President Steve Finger said at the Farnborough Airshow that the IAE V2500 remains the preferred vehicle to develop an engine for the next-generation single-aisle aircraft. It makes "natural sense to build on the market," he said. Pratt continues to develop its geared turbofan technology targeted for that market. Jul 18, 2006

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney President Steve Finger, who is stepping down as head of Pratt's large engine business, acknowledged at the Farnborough Airshow that the GP7000 will have a bit of a challenge in meeting the 95,000-lb.-thrust requirement for the dash 1000 version of the A350 unveiled Monday by Airbus. "That is a rather large engine for that size family," Heath said, pointing out that the GP7000 is well-suited for the 74,000-84,000-lb.-thrust requirement of the dash 800/900 versions of the Airbus jet. "You want to leverage an existing investment whenever you can," he added. Jul 18, 2006

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney's MRO activities, which account for a larger share of sales than does original equipment, President-Global Material Services Matthew Bromberg dismissed concerns expressed by CFM International executives that the use of Pratt & Whitney-made parts in CFM engines could impact engine performance and reliability and raise certification issues. "Our parts are fully interchangeable," he said, with "no impact on type certification and no impact on aircraft certification." Jul 18, 2006

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney Global Service Partners has established the first European service center for its EcoPower engine washing system at Amsterdam Schiphol with Martinair as its European launch customer. EcoPower is a closed-loop system that uses atomized water rather than detergents to clean aircraft engines at approximately 20% power, meaning that washing can be done at the gate. All residues are collected during the washing process, eliminating runoff, and the water purified for reuse. In addition, the system can improve thrust specific fuel burn and reduce exhaust gas temperature for longer revenue service time, according to the company. In May, Pratt concluded a pilot program with long-time partner Martinair, washing 14 of the carrier's PW4000s. Martinair VP-Maintenance and Engineering Paul Horstink said fuel savings of between 1% and 2% were achieved, a reduction he described as "substantial."

Jul 17, 2006

Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Orenburg Airlines

Pratt & Whitney said Orenburg Airlines signed a five-year, $10 million exclusive Maintenance Service Agreement for CFM56 maintenance on up to five 737 aircraft. The work will be performed at the Pratt Norway Engine Center. Jul 20, 2006

Ultramain Systems

Ultramain Systems announced the availability of Ultramain efbFlightLogs, a new flight-planning module of the Ultramain aviation maintenance and logistics software solution. Jul 18, 2006

United Services, Mexicana de Aviacion

United Services said that Mexicana de Aviacion became the sixth member of its Line Maintenance Network, which now includes 98 worldwide locations. Jul 21, 2006
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