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Aircraft News - Latin America / Caribbean.

Dec 11, 2006

Brazil To Let US Pilots Go After Crash Probe. Two US pilots should be allowed to go home after being forced to stay in Brazil for more than two months over their role in the country's worst air disaster, a Brazilian court ruled on Tuesday. Dec 5, 2006

Air Canada Technical Services, Grupo TACA

Air Canada Technical Services entered into an agreement to acquire 80% of Aeromantenimiento SA, the MRO division of Grupo TACA, during the first quarter of 2007 for $44.7 million in cash and the right to acquire an equity stake in ACTS (expected to be less than 7%). Grupo TACA Chairman and President Roberto Kriete will join the ACTS board. "This is a key step in establishing ACTS as a leading MRO organization in the Americas," ACTS President and CEO Chahram Bolouri said. Aeroman employs about 1,000 and is a founding member of the Airbus MRO network. Major clients include TACA, JetBlue Airways and US Airways. Dec 5, 2006

Embraer, Satena

Embraer delivered the first E-170 to Colombia's state-owned Satena, which currently operates five E-145s. A second E-170 will be delivered early next year. Dec 8, 2006


TAM has seen average daily aircraft utilization fall from 13 to 11.3 hr, since the slowdown began in late October. It has not cancelled flights but is accepting 20-30-min. average delays "on each flight, every day," Branco said. He stressed that ATC problems are not owing to a lack of money--airlines will pay $500 million this year for ATC services--but the government has kept funding level despite double-digit traffic growth over the past few years, laying the groundwork for the current situation. Dec 4, 2006 Z Editor: Aram Gesar, eMail:

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Nov 13, 2006
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Date:Dec 11, 2006
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