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Aircraft News - Asia / Pacific.

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Airbus, GATX, Tiger Airways

GATX Air acquired two new A320s from Tiger to be leased back to the LCC for 12 years following delivery in October 2006 and November 2007. Jul 27, 2006

Airbus, Indigo

Indigo, a new low-fare carrier headquartered in New Delhi, with ambitions to become India's largest domestic airline, has celebrated the delivery of its first A320 family aircraft, also becoming the newest Airbus operator. Indigo placed a firm order for 100 A320 family aircraft in June 2005. Services will begin in the autumn. Indigo will receive five more aircraft this year, followed by more in 2007. The airline will receive the delivery of all 100 A320 family aircraft by 2016. CEO is 44-year old Bruce Ashby, formerly with US Airways. It has no connection with Go Air, another Indian airline which started operations from Mumbai last November. Jul 29, 2006

Boeing, EVA Air

EVA Air took delivery of its third 777-300ER, which will seat 316 passengers. Jul 26, 2006


Honda to enter VLJ market. Honda says it will start building Very Light Jets. Honda officials estimate the VLJ market will total about 200 planes a year and plan for the HondaJet to capture a big share of those sales. The company will start taking orders in the fall. Jul 26, 2006

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines boosts Airbus, inks LOI for A350 XWBs, more A380s. Embattled Airbus ended the Farnborough Airshow on a high note, announcing Friday that Singapore Airlines signed a letter of intent for up to 40 A350-900 XWBs and up to 15 A380s, for which SIA is the launch customer.The LOI covers 20 firm plus 20 options for the A350 XWB and nine new orders for the A380 plus six new options. The A350s will be delivered in 2012 and as an interim measure SIA will lease 19 A330-300s for delivery in 2009-10. The first of the newly ordered A380s will be delivered in mid-2008. The commitment from SIA provided a big boost for Airbus, which spent the weeks before the show attempting to recover from delays to the A380 program and contending with airlines' concerns over the original A350 design as well as a political firestorm that led to the resignation of CEO Gustav Humbert. Singapore Airlines CEO Chew Choon Seng lauded the plane-builder for heeding airlines' concerns regarding the A350. "It is heartening that Airbus has listened to customer airlines and has come up with a totally new design," he said Friday at Farnborough. "The technical specifications and guaranteed performance will make it a very competitive aircraft in its class for the coming decades." Jul 24, 2006

Singapore Airlines, Airbus

Singapore Airlines is taking delivery of its nine new A380s from mid-2008 led analysts to speculate that some carriers have either cancelled delivery positions or let them slip. The latest production delays mean that Airbus likely will not catch up on deliveries until 2010, analysts said. No airlines have announced any cancellations formally, although industry speculation mounts on the exact status of orders by Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways. Jul 24, 2006

Singapore Airlines, Airbus, Boeing

Singapore Airlines has ordered Boeing planes worth USD$4.5 billion, and then followed up with a surprise USD$7.5 billion order for Airbus earlier this month. The airline learnt last month that deliveries of the new Airbus A380 superjumbo, which Singapore Air hopes to fly at the end of this year, will be at least six months late. Jul 28, 2006
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