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Aircraft News - Asia / Pacific.

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Airbus announces new A380 delivery delays; EIS put off until 2007. Airbus yesterday revealed that A380 launch customer Singapore Airlines will receive its first aircraft too late in the year to place it into service in 2006, as SIA had hoped. The airframer also said that the A380 delivery schedule will undergo a shift of "six to seven months" and that "production ramp-up issues" likely will limit 2007 deliveries to just nine aircraft rather than around 20 as previously planned. A further shortfall in deliveries of 5-9 aircraft is expected in 2008 and approximately five in 2009. A total of 15 aircraft have been assembled including the static and fatigue test airframes, but many are awaiting wiring. Customers for the A380-800F will not be affected by the delays. The manufacturer also said a review has indicated that "further actions are required to secure a ramp-up recovery" in 2008-09. Under the original program schedule, SIA expected to take its first A380 last month. In May 2005, however, Airbus said the program would slip several months. Tuesday's announcement is the first time it formally confirmed that SIA will not be able to place the A380 into service in 2006. The carrier is believed to be taking the first five, followed by four to Emirates and two to Qantas. Jun 14, 2006

Airbus, Air China

Air China will purchase 24 A320 family aircraft for $1.74 billion, Reuters reported. The order is part of the deal Airbus signed with Chinese Aviation Supplies Import and Export Group last year for 150 aircraft. Jun 16, 2006

Airbus, Singapore Airlines

A380 customers began to examine their options following Monday's announcement that deliveries will run 6-7 months behind and that just nine aircraft will arrive next year, down from the 20 Airbus had planned to deliver. Singapore Airlines spokesperson Stephen Forshaw told the Associated Press that SIA "was not happy with the delay," but that "the focus right now is working with Airbus to minimize it." Emirates, the largest customer for the A380, said it is "considering its position," according to Bloomberg News. Jun 15, 2006


Boeing continues with its rush into the 787 with Singapore Airlines the latest to order, with a commitment for 20 of the new wide body and 20 options. Singapore has had to take its place in the queue for the aircraft with deliveries scheduled between early 2011 and mid-2013, catering for growth as well as fleet renewal. SIA has gone for the Dash 9, the latest version on offer with the largest cabin and longest range. In a standard three-class configuration, it can carry between 250 and 290 passengers. It also has space for about 20 tons of cargo, and will have a range of 8,600 to 8,800 nautical miles (15,900 to 16,300 kilometers). Singapore Airlines plans to deploy the aircraft on routes to North Asia, the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. Jun 17, 2006

Boeing, Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines commits to 20 Dreamliners. Singapore Airlines kicked Airbus while it was down yesterday, announcing that it signed a letter of intent to purchase 20 787-9s plus 20 options.SIA stressed, however, that the A380 delay did not affect its selection. CEO Chew Choon Seng was among those who expressed displeasure with the A350, but the airline's reported concern over securing early Dreamliner delivery slots appeared to keep Airbus in the game. This did not matter in the end, and SIA opted not to wait for the redesigned A350 and instead will wait until 2011 to take its first 787. The order for the firm aircraft is worth $4.52 billion at list prices. Deliveries will occur through mid-2013. It did not announce an engine choice. The carrier said it will fund the purchase "by cash flow generated from airline operations" and that its selection of the dash 9 variant was due to the fact that it has "the largest cabin and longest range." A larger version, the dash 10, has yet to be formally launched. The dash 9 can carry 250-290 passengers in a standard three-class configuration depending on whether customers choose an eight-abreast or nine-abreast main cabin. Range is 8,600-8,800 nm. (15,900-16,300 km.). SIA will operate the aircraft on routes to northern Asia, the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. Jun 15, 2006

Boeing, Virgin Blue

Virgin Blue Airlines is the customer that exercised purchase rights for nine 737-800s last month, Boeing said yesterday. The aircraft had been listed on the airframer's orders and deliveries table as belonging to an unidentified customer. It is valued at $634.5 million at list prices and aircraft will begin delivering in 2008, replacing leased aircraft in Virgin Blue's fleet of 52 737NGs. Jun 13, 2006
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