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Aircraft News - Africa / Middle East.

Oct 2, 2006

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority will deregister 300 aircraft it has deemed unsafe to fly, according to the African Airlines Assn. The types affected include the BAC 1-11, 727 and F27. Sep 25, 2006

Boeing, TAAG Angola Airlines

Boeing said TAAG Angola Airlines signed up for its Component Services Program covering the carrier's 777-200ERs and 737-700s. According to Boeing, CSP is a materials management and supply-chain solution "designed to help airlines reduce costs, enhance efficiency and improve spares availability." It is offered in partnerships with Air France Industries (777) and KLM Engineering & Maintenance (737-700). Sep 28, 2006

KLM Engineering, Airbus, ACT Airlines

KLM Engineering & Maintenance will provide total support for eight CF6-50C2 engines powering A300B4 freighters operated by ACT Airlines of Turkey under an 18-month contract. Sep 28, 2006

Qatar Airways, GE, Boeing

Qatar Airways ordered 40 high-thrust GE90 engines to power 20 777s it has on order for delivery beginning next year. The engine order is valued at more than $750 million. The carrier ordered 14 777-300ERs, which will be powered by GE90-115Bs, and six 777-200LRs, which will be powered by GE90-110Bs. "There is a strong working relationship between" Qatar Airways and GE, CEO Akbar Al Baker said. "GE works well with our maintenance teams with a goal of maximizing the performance of our CF6 fleet. We look forward to operating the GE90 as well." Production of the GE90 family will more than double between 2005 and 2007, GE said. In total, 30 customers have ordered about 950 GE90s for the 777 family, including nearly 500 of the higher-thrust GE90-115Bs for 777-300ERs and dash 200LRs. Sep 26, 2006


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Sep 25, 2006
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Date:Oct 2, 2006
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