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Aircraft Infused ScentSticks are an innovative.

* Aircraft Infused ScentSticks are an innovative new home fragrance system that brings an entirely new level of customization to the home, according to the company. Rather than diffusing a single oil, eco-friendly SccntSlicks are infused with pure fragrance, which enables consumers to combine various fragrances to create their own unique and personalized home fragrance. Consumers can make more than 1,000 unique fragrance com binations with the Aircraft fragrance palette of 12 scents.

According to Aircraft, the SKUs require no flames, electricity or messy oils that spill, and they're made of natural, biodegradable fibers from sustainable resources, making them a safe child and pet-friendly home fragrance option. Meanwhile, the Aircraft vase, a contemporary while ceramic vessel, looks more like an objet d'art than the typical home fragrance container.

A five-pack of slicks retails for $9.99 in True Vanilla, Crisp Apple, French Linen, Forest Berries, Sunrise Citrus, Summer Rain, Sheer Lavender, Water Clover, White Petals, Night Orchid, Amber Spice and Deep Wood at select Bed, Bath & Bevond stores and online.

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Title Annotation:New Products
Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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