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AirClic Inc. Acquires Beeline Shopper to Bring Mobile Services to Grocery Customers; Service Adds to Emerging Set of AirClic-Enabled Applications.

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BLUE BELL, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 7, 2001

AirClic Inc. announced today its acquisition of Beeline Shopper. Beeline Shopper manages one of the largest combined grocery databases comprising 7 million UPC codes and associated nutritional, health and wellness information for each product. Beeline Shopper has built a series of consumer related services around these databases, which, in combination with bar code scanners, help shoppers save time and money when shopping, and meet personal health, wellness and diet goals in the process. These services are supported by and provided to the customers of consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) and grocery store chains.

Beeline Shopper will use AirClic enabling technology for providing these services.

Utilizing Beeline's Shop Smart, Eat Right(TM) service, a shopper can scan a product bar code in their kitchen with a small, wireless scanning device (the AirClicker (TM)), or other scanning devices, creating a personalized shopping list. This shopping list provides shoppers with a number of benefits including:
-- Certified nutritional recommendations based on individual dietary
preferences. In enrolling in the service, shoppers can specify their dietary
requirements. If the supermarket of their choice has a substitute product that
meets their dietary needs better than the one they have scanned in the kitchen,
the substitute will be highlighted for them.

-- Promotional offers available to them for the products they have scanned and
plan to buy. The system allows the supermarket or CPG to target special offers
to the shopper, providing the shopper with easy ways to save.

-- A reminder to use any newspaper or magazine coupon they have scanned. This
saves time for the shopper and makes it easier to maximize coupon savings.

-- Sorting of the products by supermarket aisle, allowing the shopper to
further save time.

The shopper can produce the shopping list by simply connecting the scanner to their PC and printing out the list, or, where the grocery store provides it, connecting the scanner to a kiosk in the grocer, and printing out the list in the store.

The service provides real advantages to both grocers and CPG's. Grocers and CPG's can now create shopper loyalty and influence purchase behavior by targeting offers and coupons based on a consumer's purchase intentions (i.e., what a consumer scans to build their list) - a capability that traditional couponing approaches cannot deliver.

Beeline's initial research indicates that this type of "smart shopping" leads to a more satisfying shopping experience and a 14 percent increase in grocery sales at a consumer's primary store.

"Our studies show that a healthier food basket is a bigger food basket," said Leib Lurie, Beeline Shopper president, founder and a 20-year veteran of the bar code industry. "Consumers love our system because they save money and time, don't run out of items in their kitchens, and avoid `just in time' buying trips to higher priced convenience stores."

"Beeline provides us with a high value consumer offering in what is a natural market for scanning - groceries, " said Phillip Riese, chief executive officer of AirClic. "This is one of the many alliances that will make AirClic the global standard for Web based mobile applications. Consumers will see a growing suite of easy to use and valuable mobile applications developed and marketed by companies using AirClic's enabling technology globally."

The service is currently available in several cities, and will be rolling out with grocers in major North American markets this summer and introduced to European markets next year.

About AirClic Inc.

AirClic Inc. operates an open system that provides the technology and infrastructure that transforms any portable Web device - a cellular phone, personal digital assistant, or a two-way pager -- into a simple remote control for thousands of business and consumer applications. Using the device to scan a bar code or simply entering in the series of numbers associated with the bar code, the user goes directly to a relevant Web page, application or stores the bar code for later use - allowing the user easy access to information, to perform transactions, or to use a specific application. This is done through AirClic's ClicThru(TM) switch and bar code registry which connects a particular bar code to Web pages deep within sites that have the right information or transaction capability. AirClic performs this function for a number of bar codes - most importantly EAN/UPC/JAN and a proprietary small bar code, a Scanlet(TM), which, when leased from AirClic, allows businesses and individuals to fully control the specific Web page that particular users will be directed to in the registry. These codes can be printed on product packages, as they are today, as well as a full range of print media. AirClic provides tool kits and access to Scanlets(TM) to applications providers, corporations and individuals to allow them to develop a wide variety of consumer, business and proprietary applications globally --- for direct sales management, learning, purchasing, replenishment, bill paying and more. For more information, visit

About Beeline Shopper

Beeline is currently rolling out its home scanning and nutrition service nation-wide, and provides Web site packages to grocers interested in a way to complete their Internet strategy. The Beeline Shopper home scanning and nutrition program provides a simple bar code scanner families use to instantly create a personalized shopping list before going to the grocery store. The list offers healthier food suggestions matching each family's nutritional profile, offers special savings, and organizes the list so it is easy to use in the store. Web Grocers have started using Beeline scanners, automatic client software, substitution engine and nutritional recommendations to generate bigger baskets and more frequent orders. Supermarket News selected Beeline Shopper as a top 8 Innovative Technology Top Performer for the year 2000.For more information visit

Note to editors: A sample consumer grocery list is available at:

Note to editors: A descriptive Flash demo is available at:
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 7, 2001
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