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Flying Into Intelligent Search. Ojala, Marydee Jul 1, 2019 990
Keeping his memories alive. Jun 1, 2019 1028
The ATP Rating: Expensive Training: Getting the multi-engine airplane ATP is a complex, dollar-intensive process. Go into it with open eyes and serious determination. Durden, Rick May 1, 2019 2511
Texas Pilot Who Crashed Plane for Insurance Sentenced to Prison. Nov 5, 2018 608
Texas Pilot Who Crashed Plane for Insurance Sentenced to Prison for Fraud Scheme. Oct 17, 2018 666
CAN I LOG MY TIME IN THE SIM? Jun 1, 2018 868
FLYING HIGH: A familiarization flight out of this world for 40 Air Cadets of Montreal's 690 Lakeshore Squadron. Grafton, Richard Jun 1, 2018 612
LSA Float Rating: A Flight Review Excuse: Under the sport pilot rule, seaplane training can net a single-engine sea class add-on or seaplane privileges for light sport airplanes. Bertorelli, Paul Apr 1, 2018 1309
The FAA 709 Checkride: Protecting Yourself: Don't Panic. If the FAA demands that you take a 709 re-examination checkride, some flying and evaluation time with a CFI should pay big dividends. Durden, Rick Apr 1, 2018 2013
COMMERCIAL PILOT. Reese, Susan Occupation overview Jan 1, 2018 965
Insurance for seniors: loyalty, currency matter. Doolittle, Jon Mar 1, 2017 2392
Instrument test prep: Sporty's, King tops: there is intense competition in the internet-based, instrument test prep world, which is reflected in the high quality and reasonable prices of the courses. Durden, Rick Jul 1, 2016 2358
Training Air Wing 5 receives final T-6B. Watters, Andrea; Newman, Jeff Jun 22, 2016 104
Teamsters seek management accountability at Flexjet, Flight Options. Brief article Apr 19, 2016 140
Game of drones: how to stay safe. Longwell, Todd Apr 19, 2016 632
Teamsters launch bargaining at Flight Options, Flexjet. Brief article Feb 26, 2016 209
Your flight review: maximizing value: keeping the cost down and getting the most out of your flight review means good communication with your CFI and doing your homework ahead of time. Durden, Rick Jan 1, 2016 2784
The Solar Plane's Epic Journey. Nandini Jul 19, 2015 673
Around The World On A Solar Plane. Mar 14, 2015 552
Hypoxic in IMC. Ridley, Logan Jan 1, 2015 741
Tingling sensations. Boyer, Daniel Jan 1, 2015 1029
Gramps from yesteryear. Wilbur, Ted Editorial Sep 22, 2014 492
Coming up. Cully, George W. Calendar Jun 22, 2014 821
FAA Files Appeal Brief In Closely-Watched Drone Pilot Case. Apr 14, 2014 891
FBI says there were 99 laser incidents at New York area airports in 2013. Jan 20, 2014 377
Pilot lands on highway. Jan 17, 2014 471
Life insurance for pilots: available, affordable: a pilot certificate does not automatically mean high prices or limited coverage for life insurance--if you do your homework and see a specialist broker. Durden, Rick Jan 1, 2014 2310
The effects of flight on the electrocardiogram/Ucusun elektrokardiyogram uzerindeki etkileri. Gul, Mehmet; Uyarel, Huseyin; Salmanoglu, Musa; Ugur, Murat; Aksu, Huseyin Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2013 1272
Paper VFR charts: good options and prices: a subscription means always having a current chart. Sky Sectionals provides printable charts, and Tri-Nav sells easy-to-use books of sectionals with updates. Durden, Rick Apr 1, 2013 1234
Disoriented: a newly minted instrument rating couldn't keep this pilot out of the weeds. Did a medical condition contribute? Burnside, Joseph E. Apr 1, 2013 1241
One trip, two surprises. Apr 1, 2013 483
Fasten your seat belts. Peters, Charles Brief article Mar 1, 2013 182
Psychological resources air force pilots use for self-regulation. Dolgova, Olena; Ivaniuk, Maryna; Tukayev, Serhiy Report Mar 1, 2013 1682
Relationship between type of airline and wage of pilots in Europe. Ginieis, Matias; Sanchez-Rebull, M. Victoria; Campa-Planas, Fernando Report Mar 1, 2013 7907
Pilot's Bill o Rights? Feb 1, 2013 315
Tough it out. Shelly, Tom Jan 1, 2013 936
Stupid pilot tricks: pilots don't normally try to be amusing. But when it comes to providing fodder for the NTSB reports, well, sometimes we're downright hilarious. Berge, Paul Jan 1, 2013 2137
Good habits gone bad: there's no dispute: good pilots have good habits and good habits help make good pilots. But, good habits performed at the wrong time or without thinking can have bad results. Shelton, Joe Jan 1, 2013 1280
Notams. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 173
Deadly disorientation: we make a lot of noise about pilots busting minimums or botching departures, but the two heavy-hitting IMC killers we found were failure to climb and simply losing control. Report Nov 1, 2012 2939
Threats and errors: pilots find creative ways to die, while human-factors geeks look for creative ways to stop us. Airlines use "Threat and Error Management." Could it work for GA? Bowlin, Frank Oct 1, 2012 1263
Keep those NASA forms handy. Van West, Jeff Jul 1, 2012 621
The bird ventilator. Westhorpe, R.N.; Ball, C. Jul 1, 2012 1350
Later life flight: part two. Van West, Jeff Jun 1, 2012 634
Tally two ... stars. Gastrell, Andrew May 1, 2012 660
Bravo Zulu. May 1, 2012 320
Proficiency in pieces 2.0: it's easy to lull yourself into believing you're IFR proficient just because you've logged cloud time recently set up a real proficiency program and you'll never fool yourself again. Robinson, Frank Apr 1, 2012 1797
Binge training vs. a proficiency diet. Apr 1, 2012 386
Smooth talker: like bad breath at a cocktail party, no one tells you you've got a problem; they just won't want anything to do with you. follow these tips and you'll never be "that guy" on the radio. Cushing, Evan Apr 1, 2012 1702
Bravo Zulu. Mar 1, 2012 611
Getting disoriented. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 164
Some long haul Iberia flights cancelled due to pilot strikes. Brief article Jan 3, 2012 130
Some long haul Iberia flights cancelled due to pilot strikes. Brief article Jan 3, 2012 140
Too much of a good thing. Van West, Jeff Dec 1, 2011 653
Obstacles on the visual: the most common approach at the end of an IFR flight pulls the plug on automatic obstacle clearance. You might be surprised how little stands between you and eternity. Van West, Jeff Dec 1, 2011 1785
On the air. Dec 1, 2011 475
CAA announces pre-flight briefing on File a Flight Plan Day. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 174
It's about engagement. Van West, Jeff Nov 1, 2011 628
Weekend WX warrior: a two-day workshop on weather will primarily teach you how much you don't know. The unanimous opinion is that it's still worth it however. Van West, Jeff Nov 1, 2011 1455
Aircraft cheat sheets: if you fly irregularly, in more than one type of aircraft, or are just learning to fly on instruments, cheat sheets go a long way towards confidence in IMC. Coyne, Michael Nov 1, 2011 1573
Piper PA 31-310 Navajo. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 110
El Al Pilots and Stewards Launch Pro-Israel Mission. Sep 19, 2011 103
Hitting the slopes. West, Jeff Van Sep 1, 2011 587
How not to file a pop-up: converting from VFR to IFR in the air is usually a simple matter of asking the nearest controller. There are times when other strategies are better bets, or your only option. West, Jeff Van Sep 1, 2011 1533
What makes you so special? Sep 1, 2011 455
Planned abort points: some critical decisions must be made before you have time to think them through. Preload your actions so you don't get caught wondering, "Is this going to work out?". Sep 1, 2011 2525
Published missed missteps: we brief the missed approach procedure knowing full well we won't fly all, or even any, of it. But flying it will at least keep you out of harm's way, right? Maybe not. Adelizzi, Bob Sep 1, 2011 2337
The perfect paperless IFR bag: we used to haul around a binder that skewed aircraft weight and balance. Now it's a headset, an iPad and a flashlight to carry the dead batteries. What's the right bag for today's IFR? West, Jeff Van Sep 1, 2011 1189
ON the air. Sep 1, 2011 589
Replica of Ely's 1910 aircraft gets 21st-century analysis. Babb, Colin E. Jun 22, 2011 338
On the air. May 1, 2011 649
Avgas survey: owners want 100 octane: but mogas as a second option has strong support, too. Owners show little interest in 94UL or the engine modifications necessary to burn it. Bertorelli, Paul Apr 1, 2011 1873
Picking progressives: the right lens is key: and plan on a frame with an adjustable nose pad. How these things fit is critical. For sunglasses, polarized are recommended for use with acrylic windshields. Class, Bob Apr 1, 2011 2318
Piper PA-30. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 162
Eagle of the Yi people: the story of PLAAF Pilot Yang Guoxiang. Bergin, Bob Biography Dec 22, 2010 5952
Love and 10,000 hours. Van West, Jeff Oct 1, 2010 535
Survival Systems: unforgettable training: call it the ultimate in scenario-based training, Survival Systems teaches you to exit a ditched aircraft by strapping you in and dunking you underwater. Van West, Jeff Sep 1, 2010 1688
A fellowship of the craft. West, Jeff Van In memoriam Sep 1, 2010 563
Notams. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 140
IFR training gone bad: the real world of IFR flying is out of sync with the way many instrument pilots are being trained and kept current. Here are three areas for improvement. West, Jeff Van Sep 1, 2010 2052
Who's your dispatcher? Emulating airline procedures is generally good and often feasible, especially when it comes to dispatch. So what's stopping us from doing just that? Robinson, Frank Sep 1, 2010 1958
Breath-taking flight: cruising the flight levels improves performance and the view, but it's deadly if you only inhale the thin air. Here's how to keep from getting winded while running up high. Pestal, Mark Jul 1, 2010 2027
Video: IAF Pilots Soar From North to South on Independence Day. Brief article Apr 20, 2010 86
What it takes to type: ever wonder if you have what it takes to earn a type rating for a small jet? Success comes from preparation--something that helps with learning any new aircraft. Singer, Neil Apr 1, 2010 2035
27 minutes in hell. Lenhart, Brandon Mar 1, 2010 848
Reset from the top: how do you train yourself to make better judgment calls? We haven't the foggiest. But this three-step plan may keep you dear of some bad-judgment traps. Shelton, Joe Mar 1, 2010 1932
Playing mental defense. Pestal, Mark Mar 1, 2010 2195
Night school: many night-flying accidents result from both a failure to plan and a failure to see. The human eye makes it hard to do one, but we're in charge of the other. Leis, Ray Jan 1, 2010 2401
Failure to multitask? Pilots have to be able to do more than one thing at a time, without thinking or becoming complacent. Burnside, Joseph "Jeb" E. Jan 1, 2010 1273
Ticket for the hot seat: Cape Air turns green pilots into air jocks who shoot RVR 1800 without breaking a sweat. Several ingredients of their secret sauce could crank up your IFR flying, too. Van West, Jeff Cover story Jan 1, 2010 2439
Stupid pilot tricks: everyone needs someone to look down on, but each year some of our fellow aviators make this need just too easy to fill. Perhaps it's a bit too easy to get and keep o pilot certificate. Garvey, Jane Jan 1, 2010 1842
New options for currency: once in a while, the FAA decides to update those pesky regs. For IFR fliers with access to an ATD, there are some new rules in house. Commercial candidates should also take note. McNamee, Jeff Jan 1, 2010 1269
On the air. Jan 1, 2010 731
Over the line with eAPIS: international flying means making sure all the papers and pixels are in the right places. Here's a quick guide to crossing the border. Smith, Lee Dec 1, 2009 1674
Case studies in flying IFR: same aircraft and mission. Four different approaches to getting the job done. Do you see yourself anywhere in these pictures? Van West, Jeff Dec 1, 2009 1655
On the air. Solomon, Digby; Doe, Kent; Wilder, John; Walton, Wade B.; Garrison, Dave; Curry, Sean; Burns, Shane Dec 1, 2009 527
... and miles to go before you sleep: fatigue in the cockpit is one of the more insidious challenges pilots face, and one of the hardest to identify after an accident or incident. Check our next podcast to learn about the warning signs and what to do about them. Dec 1, 2009 537
Free flight planners:, FreeFlight: there's no soup-to-nuts free solution, but and FreeFlight offer the most bang. Almost anything they lack can be found just a couple of clicks away. van West, Jeff Nov 1, 2009 1569
The spin on spins: we're taught to avoid spins, and that's good, but lack of knowledge can be dangerous. Some things you may not know might save your life someday. Bowlin, Frank Nov 1, 2009 2693
HMLA-367 brings new Huey to the fight. Crilly, Benjamin Nov 1, 2009 599
People planes places. Biddlecomb, Alfred M.; Rubin, Diane Calendar Nov 1, 2009 1628
Inadvertent IFR: without an IFR ticket, avoiding IMC requires proper preflight planning. Since merely wishing you were back in VMC won't work, what comes next is crucial. Leis, Ray Oct 1, 2009 2468
Can't see nuthin': the zero-zero takeoff is much discussed, but would you ever attempt one? If you're brave enough, how would you go about it? Bowlin, Frank Oct 1, 2009 2491
Managing stability: most of the airplanes wetly are stable, well-balanced machines when properly managed and flown. Changing that balance can be upsetting. Higdon, Dave Oct 1, 2009 2098
EFIS evaluated: glass cockpits are standard these days, but what do pilots like and dislike about them? And are they safer? We asked pilots to rate the systems. Oct 1, 2009 2735
Flight following: it's neither IFR, nor VFR. Getting it, keeping it and making it work requires some planning and patience. Burnside, Joseph "Jeb" E. Oct 1, 2009 1288
Recruiting for 2030: is the US Air Force getting the recruits it needs for the future? Marsman, Steven C. Sep 22, 2009 5003
Video: F-16 Pilot Lands with Engine Off. Brief article Sep 3, 2009 81
Preparing for Iran: US Trains Oil-Rich Arab F-16 Pilots. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 86
This is going to hurt. Gavieres, Christopher Essay Sep 1, 2009 428
Training aviators of the highest qualification in independent Lithuania (1990-2009)/ Auksciausios kvalifikacijos aviacijos specialistu rengimas nepriklausomoje Lietuvoje (1990-2009 M.). Liekis, Algimantas Report Sep 1, 2009 8509
Standards of separation: while you're IFR, controllers guarantee certain distances from stationary objects or other flying machines--unless you step in. Kramer, Tarrance Sep 1, 2009 1672
Add-on. Burnside, Jeb Editorial Sep 1, 2009 926
Oxygen options: even if you don't routinely go to the teens or above, having some 02 available is a good idea, especially at night. Some newer, trick products make it painless. Sep 1, 2009 1695
Get-there-itis. Sherman, Len Sep 1, 2009 510
Taking it one leg too far: most accidents require multiple factors coming into alignment. But breaking the chain takes a pilot alert enough to see the storm brewing. Compton, Bill Aug 1, 2009 1459
Stay IFR legal and able: the FAA asks little in the way of legality and almost nothing on being safe. A little self discipline goes a long way toward doing both. Loeffler, Frank Jul 1, 2009 1073
Lost in translation: an NDB approach with a charted visual segment into a foreign country requires skills we may have forgotten--plus a few new ones. Smith, Lee Jul 1, 2009 1027
Got any HF? Lessard, Jeff Essay Jul 1, 2009 788
Max-range flying: sure, carry enough fuel and watch the weather. But fatigue and nutrition can play major roles, also. Turner, Thomas P. Cover story Jul 1, 2009 2943
Cleared for the visual: simplicity can be deceiving. calling the airport in sight is one of many requirements for ATC to issue a visual approach. Krammer, Tarrence Jul 1, 2009 2056
On the air. May 1, 2009 626
Instrument rating: the first 100 hours: you'll never be more current than the day of your checkride, but getting and staying proficient requires developing a plan and sticking with it. Turner, Thomas P. May 1, 2009 2381
Emirates Doubles Number of UAE National. Apr 16, 2009 544
Perfect proficiency flight: when time and gas are dear, it's tempting to let proficiency wallow. Fight it by cranking up the sweat level of your next practice session. Singer, Neil Apr 1, 2009 2083
A new pop-up trick: file the right plan for a VFR run and you can turn it into an IFR clearance in seconds. The key is entering the right numbers. Nicholson, Kent D. Report Apr 1, 2009 1188
GPS for the heel-dragger: so you haven't flown a WAAS approach yet? No big deal. Getting on board with RNAV is less complicated than you may think. Holston, Ken Report Apr 1, 2009 1814
Spring-loaded to miss: the time that a missed counts most is when you're hoping you won't have to do it. Here's a simple system to handle the paradox. Bowlin, Frank Mar 1, 2009 1906
Using en route alternates: making good continue/don't-continue decisions would be a lot easier if you weren't flying at the time. So, just stop flying. Van West, Jeff Mar 1, 2009 923
The towers of Catalina: even with rough terrain around the field, the approach can look quite mundane. But watch out for lurking NOTAMs. McNamee, Jeff Mar 1, 2009 736
You're feeling sleepy ...: fatigue in the cockpit likely is something you brought with you. Learn to recognize when you might be too tired to fly and what you can do about it. Higdon, Dave Mar 1, 2009 2365
Heroics behind the Miracle on the Hudson. Stanley, Liana Feb 16, 2009 1369
Civil disobedience, pilot style. Van West, Jeff Feb 1, 2009 542
Wanna tie down spot? Let's see those fingerprints. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 107
Busted on the altitude: only 300 feet high may get your ticket suspended. Tips from the pros can keep you off the enforcement radar screen. Pestal, Mark Feb 1, 2009 2506
Cataract options: LASIK Plus Intraocular: cataracts dim the vision and age ruins your close-in focus. But these two procedures combined can bring back both without objections from the FAA. Siepser, Steven Feb 1, 2009 608
UK CAA offers one-day service for airworthiness certificates. Brief article Jan 20, 2009 160
Helo and the hut. Wilbur, Ted Jan 1, 2009 453
New school at Biggin Hill. Jan 1, 2009 385
Near miss on Pennsylvania runway with two trainees in the tower. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 150
Declaring the emergency: you still have to fly the airplane, but what happens next isn't something to fear. Durden, Rick Jan 1, 2009 2208
Glass cockpit partial panel: sophisticated panels in otherwise simple airplanes have unique failure modes not all pilots are trained to handle. What you should look for in your training. Turner, Thomas P. Jan 1, 2009 2692
Fly like a freight dog: you don't have to stay up all night to find out how cargo pilots get the job done year-round. Here are five easy steps. Smith, Lee Dec 1, 2008 1712
Flat light flying: when mother nature plays illusionist, knowing her tricks in advance may prevent you from being duped. Holston, Ken Dec 1, 2008 1962
Mission mind: stop thinking go/no-go and start thinking "How am I going to make this work?" When you do, new options appear. Van West, Jeff Dec 1, 2008 1628
Not on my frequency: don't think you need that ADF anymore? It might still be useful for getting the right altimeter setting out in the hinterlands. Dec 1, 2008 408
Busting the control zone: you know the ceiling and vis requirements for Class E to the surface, right? Don't forget them when you're scud running at 180 knots. Parnau, Jeff Dec 1, 2008 1324
On the air. Dec 1, 2008 591
Top five IFR rust spots: atrophied skills that'll kill you don't involve forgetting your five Ts. Here are five aspects of your instrument flying to keep razor sharp. Singer, Neil Report Nov 1, 2008 2305
ATC makes a deal: pilots follow controllers' requests to stay clear of each other and terrain. But sometimes those requests do exactly the opposite. Berge, Paul Nov 1, 2008 2637
Restricted-area ILS: don't let all the special-use airspace and procedural notes scare you away. still, this chart bears close reading. McNamee, Jeff Report Nov 1, 2008 962
On the air. Nov 1, 2008 672
Montauk lighthouse landing. Tobias, Jim Nov 1, 2008 1150
Panels of the past: after nearly 80 years of keeping the dirty side down using round gauges, the age of attitude-instrument flying may be on its way out. Rozendaal, Doug Oct 1, 2008 1190
Cataract surgery: success for many pilots: it's considered one of the safest surgeries out there and it should let you keep, or regain, your flying privileges. Emberson, Cory Oct 1, 2008 2410
The right airplane? As your mission changes, maybe your airplane should, too. But stay well aware of your new bird's training requirements and its limitations. Emberson, Cory Sep 1, 2008 2468
Leading the turns: lead radials are a thing of mystery to the new instrument pilot, but a pro can get nearly perfect leads every time. Here's how. Brenneman, Dog Aug 1, 2008 2658
Old-school storm flying: satellite-smart avionics are great, but storm savvy and level-headed resolve are equally important tools for the T-storm season. Rozendaal, Doug Aug 1, 2008 2161
Don't sound like a rube: becoming a radio pro is just as much about what you say as how you say it. Don't insert your foot into these common traps. Russo, J. Ross Aug 1, 2008 1246
On the air. Aug 1, 2008 613
Bad-weather departure: think before taking off into approaching bad weather. Waiting a few minutes can make all the difference. Burnside, Joseph E. (Jeb) Jul 1, 2008 1254
Ebony on the scence. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 184
Complacency. May 1, 2008 401
Complacency--symptoms and cure. Brief article May 1, 2008 186
The magical rubber stamp. Leslie, Magnus Personal account May 1, 2008 963
Biopic aims to ace test: German film is latest to play on war themes. Meza, Ed Apr 14, 2008 607
Top gun, chemically enhanced. Napoli, Denise Brief article Mar 15, 2008 172
How not to get experience: for the new private pilot wanting to use an airplane for personal transportation, getting experience is critical. How to get it is even more important. Turner, Thomas P. Cover story Mar 1, 2008 2319
Complacency is a dangerous thing--it's a killer! Stocker, John Mar 1, 2008 584
Another day on the flight line. Fout, Theodore D. Mar 1, 2008 635
Pilot Safety Award of Distinction. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 284
Unit Safety Award of Distinction. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 256
Where's all that smoke coming from? Michel, Mike Mar 1, 2008 1687
Aircraft makes emergency landing in Panama. Feb 28, 2008 91
Watch your feet and hands. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 148
Safe LSA transitions: a rated pilot transitioning to a light sport aircraft needs to understand the rules and limitations, get some training and consider their capabilities. Higdon, Dave Cover story Feb 1, 2008 1919
Stressing out. Gonzalez, Ben Jan 1, 2008 1504
My Payne Stewart moment: or how even a hip-to-hypoxia and highly trained aviation journalist can succumb to the thinner air of high altitude. Bertorelli, Paul Dec 1, 2007 1656
Dirty-side down: force and fate don't care if your aircraft is certified for aerobatics. Are you ready to put gravity back where it belongs? Shelton, Joe Oct 1, 2007 2153
A legacy of Wingmanship. Keys, Ronald E. Sep 1, 2007 522
Good Wingman = good friend. Robinson, Brad Sep 1, 2007 1228
New AINA Fellow. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 195
IFR into VMC: pilots who regularly file and fly IFR can find themselves with some very rusty VFR skills right when they might need them the most. Pardo, Jeff Sep 1, 2007 2516
Can I land on that? Suburban areas present open areas for emergency landings when we need them. Do mall parking lots and warehouse rooftops offer safe alternatives? Saini, Meredith Sep 1, 2007 2599
Why it went wrong: why do pilots come to make blatantly bad decisions? Can we catch those bad choices before it's too late? Turner, Thomas P. Sep 1, 2007 3210
Beech E90. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 176
Cessna 177RG. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 147
North American F-51D. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 131
Proficiency in pieces: it's a recipe for disaster when pilots who fly the most train the most and pilots who fly the least train the least. Robinson, Frank Jul 1, 2007 1515
Habits, not checklists: get your act together by taking a fresh look at how you tackle the tasks of flight. The less you think about it, the better off you'll be. Bowlin, Frank Jul 1, 2007 1967
Sky-high careers: jobs related to airlines. Dillon, Tamara Jun 22, 2007 5276
Getting into trouble. Van West, Jeff Jun 1, 2007 520
FAA revamping Wings program. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 155
What ATC wants from you: controllers do their best for us, but sometimes pilots don't make it easy. We found out what ATC wishes we did better. Shelton, Joe Jun 1, 2007 2003
ADM for get-there-itis: the best cure for mounting pressure to go just might be a check of the big picture. Harrold, Kevin Jun 1, 2007 1020
The CFI-I's top ten: if you gather a bunch of pilots and ask 'em what makes a good pilot, you can anticipate an earful. Here's the best of the chatter. Holston, Ken May 1, 2007 1696
Charting Capt. Jepp: book celebrates life and times of barnstorming innovator. Caley, Nora May 1, 2007 722
Takeoff expectations: apply full power at one end of the runway and the airplane should be airborne before the other. But do you have a plan for when the engine coughs? Pardo, Jeff Apr 1, 2007 2612
That stupid MFD. Van West, Jeff Apr 1, 2007 549
Devil on the backside: you'll need several cold ones from Yakima's famous Grant's Brewery after this experience. As they say, "The devil is in the details.". Holston, Ken; McCloy, John Apr 1, 2007 1718
American Eagle to pre-screen pilot applicants in Chicago. Brief article Mar 8, 2007 81
Crew chief safety: award of distinction. Lohman, Matthew Mar 1, 2007 282
Flight line safety: award of distinction. Franquemont, Ross; Schweitz, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2007 261
Aircrew safety: award of distinction. Baugh, Matt L.; Heidt, Ahren D. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 333
Pilot safety: award of distinction. Tompkins, Daniel F. Mar 1, 2007 318
Flight line safety: award of distinction. MacDonald, Joel; Neagle, Dale; Balthrop, Robert; Shoemaker, Daniel Mar 1, 2007 342
Crew chief safety: award of distinction. Roberts, Jeffery Brief article Mar 1, 2007 127
ACC safety salutes: superior performance. List Mar 1, 2007 350
New-school IFR: the big aviation universities are changing the way they teach IFR and the results of their studies may change the way we all train. McNamee, Jeff Mar 1, 2007 2411
Cirrus training: many Cirrus crashes involve pilots lacking Cirrus Owner and Pilots Association (COPA) training. What does COPA teach, and is it related to accident causes? Turner, Thomas P. Table Mar 1, 2007 2644
Close encounter. Feb 1, 2007 464
Continental pilot dies in cockpit. Brief article Jan 22, 2007 114
Daredevils in the northern skies: have you ever heard of Canada's historic Arctic Eagles? They weren't really birds at all. "Arctic Eagles" was the nickname that people gave to our pioneer bush pilots. Jan 1, 2007 374
Bravo zulu. Jan 1, 2007 791
Spatial D in to goo. Anderson, Geoff Jan 1, 2007 1324
You never forget your first ... Martin, Ron Jan 1, 2007 1543
A good-deal flight. Van Allen, Warren Jan 1, 2007 787
Developing judgment: making the go/no-go decision can demand more experience than the low-time pilot has. Decide when to call it a day or to take a look, but with a solid alternative. Turner, Thomas P. Dec 1, 2006 2267
Situational awareness: constantly evaluating our progress means more than glancing at the moving map. We also need to expect the unexpected and be prepared to change our plans. Kern, Tim Dec 1, 2006 2735
Cessna 340a: October 1, 2006, Kalispell, Mon. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 134
PILOTS' CONVENTION. Brief article Nov 13, 2006 102
Perception vs. reality. Van West, Jeff Nov 1, 2006 529
Personal Minimums? Whether to use the FAA's minimum standards depends on you, the airplane and the weather. Sometimes, you just have to say "No.". Burnside, Joseph E. Nov 1, 2006 2903
New to the flight levels? The high teens and low twenties are popular altitudes to fly but come with their own challenges. It's just enough different that you may need this refresher. Turner, Thomas P. Nov 1, 2006 2933
God's co-pilot: Captain Louis Bisson logged 10,000 air miles in 138 Atlantic crossings with Ferry Command and years later became a bishop. Shannon, Norm; Lang, Louis Era overview Nov 1, 2006 1944
Passports of Legacy jet pilots seized pending investigation in Brazil crash. Brief article Oct 4, 2006 271
Surviving Comair co-pilot leaves hospital. Brief article Oct 4, 2006 120
Juiced! Success comes when you're excited about what you're doing. Wiesner, Pat Oct 1, 2006 619
Can you handle a VLJ? There may be a very light jet in your future as piston and turboprop drivers step up. What will it take for you to become proficient in a jet? Burnside, Joseph E. Oct 1, 2006 2411
Commercial maneuvers: what exactly is the point of Chandelles and Lazy-8s, anyway? If you're paying attention, they teach aircraft control and precision beyond the dull normal of straight-and-level flying. Turner, Thomas P. Oct 1, 2006 2860
A new favorite charity. Van West, Jeff Oct 1, 2006 571
The four horsemen: rarely is it a single, catastrophic event that causes a wreck. But how do you decide when enough little things are enough? Oct 1, 2006 664
China Eastern Airlines pilot seeks asylum in the US. Brief article Aug 14, 2006 134
Rethinking risk management: experience isn't just what you've done or what happens to you; it's what you think about what you've done or what has happened to you. A good pilot is also always thinking ahead--and back. Pardo, Jeff Aug 1, 2006 2363
CAA reminds pilots of GPS trial. Brief article Jul 26, 2006 163
BALPA ballots bmibaby pilots for strike. Brief article Jul 26, 2006 128
Continental Airlines dismisses pilot for intoxication. Brief article Jul 26, 2006 118
Japan Airlines receives warning over pilot medication. Brief article Jul 24, 2006 96
AD3 Jacoby and AD2 Jarvis HSC-2. Brief article Jun 22, 2006 118
Delta plans to terminate pilots' pension plan - claim. Brief article Jun 5, 2006 100
Tanks for the memories. Jun 1, 2006 468
Sean Tucker's (almost) last ride. Jun 1, 2006 146
Seeing it all wrong: when it comes to playing tricks on a busy brain, your eyes don't check the book to see how much time you've logged. Holston, Ken May 1, 2006 1464
A quick change of fortune. Martin, Ted May 1, 2006 978
Bumper cars. Strawn, Jeffrey Cover story May 1, 2006 687
Recall of union chairman dropped by Northwest pilots. Brief article Apr 26, 2006 111
Air Deccan suspends pilot for being drunk. Brief article Apr 12, 2006 137
Allison Moore fought for her dream and ended up a captain at Lynden Air Cargo: this female pilot lands in populous and remote corners of the world, including Bush Alaska. West, Gail Apr 1, 2006 959
Spoonfeeding the final: getting a vector to the final approach course is the norm at most airports, not the exception. But there are still a few things you need to know. Pardo, Jeff Apr 1, 2006 1752
When engines fail: why engines fail is easy to understand. Getting more pilots to do their part in preventing failures is the hard part. Turner, Thomas P. Apr 1, 2006 2940
The right time and place to rest. Hays, Sheena Personal account Mar 22, 2006 611
In memoriam. Sherwood, John Darrell Obituary Mar 1, 2006 781
Plenty of flying jobs available. Brief article Mar 1, 2006 119
World Airways locks out pilots and leaves four pilots on their own in Angola - claim. Brief Article Feb 2, 2006 207
Pilots and management of World Airways return to talks. Brief Article Jan 26, 2006 103
SAS cancels Copenhagen flights until Thursday - report. Brief Article Jan 25, 2006 129
SAS files lawsuit against pilots. Brief Article Jan 25, 2006 177
SAS pilots end strike. Brief Article Jan 25, 2006 126
Career fields. Illustration Jan 1, 2006 1375
Grampaw Pettibone. Jan 1, 2006 1028
Pilots in India must be trained to operate during fog. Brief Article Dec 30, 2005 127
Indian court seeks to restrain pilot from joining competing airline. Brief Article Oct 24, 2005 119
Air Canada offer to mediate in seniority dispute rejected. Brief Article Oct 13, 2005 132
Aircrew safety: award of distinction. Schreiner, Jeffery; Williams, Michael (Canadian Writer) Oct 1, 2005 352
Flight safety: award of the quarter. Zahnley, Robert W. Oct 1, 2005 324
Admiral's corner. Mayer, George Column Sep 1, 2005 485
Work zone. Sep 1, 2005 503
Aircraft fly into restricted zone protecting US President. Brief Article Aug 24, 2005 96
Government orders Asiana Airlines pilots to stop strike. Brief Article Aug 11, 2005 227
Persistent pilots. Crase, Cliff Column Aug 1, 2005 662
China wants to recruit foreign pilots. Brief Article Jul 28, 2005 134
Mountain Mentor. Wilbur, Ted Jul 1, 2005 469
Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 21. Carlson, Ted Jul 1, 2005 609
Who's got the jet? Jul 1, 2005 2326
Around the fleet. Jun 1, 2005 421
Airmen supporting airmen. Motley, Cliff May 1, 2005 619
The ORM and fundamentals campaign: get a triangulation fix. Owens, Buc; Barrickman, Darryl; Harvey, Scott May 1, 2005 1250
My decision matrix. Gilroy, Brad Column May 1, 2005 859
Oxygen para-what? The oxygen paradox phenomenon. Ostrander, Greg May 1, 2005 381
Hypoxia training for jet refreshers: why are my fingertips blue? Artino, Anthony; O'Brien, Stephanie May 1, 2005 612
Feeling drunk on thanksgiving. Hooker, Matt Column May 1, 2005 1036
What is he doing? Fitzpatrick, Mike Column May 1, 2005 539
The night shift: can we completely adapt and how? (Circadian Rhythms & Coast Guard Flight Operations. Staier, Mike May 1, 2005 1662
"Ozark lead is out of the aircraft". Plunkett, W. Howard Mar 22, 2005 9210
Norwegian Air Shuttle pilot grounded pending reports. Brief Article Mar 17, 2005 271
Gun certification programme for pilots going slowly - claim. Brief Article Mar 15, 2005 196
Norwegian aircraft evacuated after pilot refuses to go through security. Brief Article Mar 15, 2005 181
Man jailed for axe attack on Norwegian aircraft. Brief Article Mar 11, 2005 121
Man jailed for axe attack on Norwegian aircraft. Brief Article Mar 11, 2005 134
Comair pilots agree to freeze pay. Brief Article Mar 2, 2005 142
Eyes in the sky. Frantom, Todd Mar 1, 2005 1475
NORAD trials lasers to warn pilots of restricted airspace. Brief Article Feb 18, 2005 113
PIA pilot arrested after failing alcohol breath test. Brief Article Feb 8, 2005 137
Tower dedication honors two Airmen killed in combat. Knudson, Andrea Feb 1, 2005 472
Aircrew safety: award of distinction. Smith, Hunter; Keen, Carlton Feb 1, 2005 305
AirTran pilot charged with being intoxicated. Brief Article Jan 17, 2005 102
AirTran dismisses "intoxicated" pilot. Brief Article Jan 17, 2005 158
Court allows charges against "drunk" pilots. Brief Article Jan 11, 2005 147
UAL to focus on new deal with pilots - claim. Brief Article Jan 11, 2005 231
Best practices: information for continual improvement. Jan 1, 2005 595

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