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Air link subsidy benefits the few; LETTERS.

JUST reading in your letters page today (January 8) and comments from Trefor Lloyd Hughes on the benefits of the air link, while just a couple of pages before in the same paper reading about the cost to our less able families to have to start paying some council tax, the difficulties that will entail and the service cuts across all local authorities throughout Wales.

There are benefits for the few who are able and willing to use the northsouth air link, but benefits to all of North Wales? Perhaps not.

The million pounds plus that it costs to continue this service for a select few is a bit rich to say the least, when rural bus services and toilet facilities are being cut.

And perhaps if this service is of the great benefit to all across North Wales then the few who do use it won't mind picking up a bit more of the slack.

Regarding the comments "if this service was based at Broughton" well there are proposals afoot to establish a north /south link from there, and if there is a million plus cost to the tax payer for that service, my comment would be exactly the same.

The Welsh Government does have difficult choices to make regarding its budget, but perhaps we should remember that since it came into being, its block grant has more than doubled.

Gareth Williams, Mold
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
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Date:Jan 9, 2013
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