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Air and Space Power Journal's "creative destruction".

The term creative destruction appears frequently in current publishing circles. Normally used by economists, it describes the constant evolution of capitalist markets and the processes within organizations. Creative destruction affects systems that require innovation in order to stay competitive and survive. Specifically, it entails the constant introduction of new variables into and upon those systems, making current, possibly successful, processes obsolete or inefficient. Similarly, the publishing world is experiencing such a phenomenon as technology continues its exponential advances.

The staff of Air and Space Power Journal (ASPJ) has eagerly entered this evolutionary process, starting from a clean slate with our new online format. Not simply an updated design, our website reflects significant changes to article categories and types of content. However, we have not completed the deconstruction and reinvention of ASPJ. We will continue to make the Journal a true multimedia experience by incorporating innovations into future editions.

You, our readers, are a vital component in our transformation. We would like to know what you want to see in ASPJ and whether or not you have any concerns about navigating our website. Please take a moment to send us your ideas and comments so we can better serve the professional needs of the United States Air Force and continue the long-standing tradition handed down from previous generations of Airmen.

Lt Col Michael Tate, USAF, Chief, Professional Journals
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Title Annotation:From the Editor
Author:Tate, Michael
Publication:Air & Space Power Journal
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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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