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Air Transport & Government News Alert - North America.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Air Transport & Government News North America) Nov 18, 2012

ICAO secretary general backs suspension of EU emissions plan The European Union's decision to delay the extension of its emissions-trading scheme to aviation was welcomed by Raymond Benjamin, secretary general of the United Nations' International Civil Aviation Organization. The EU's emissions plan was "a source of concern for us," Benjamin said. Nov 16, 2012

Training issue could ground charters A change made last year to the Federal Aviation Administration Inspector's Handbook could ground pilots and fleets. The FAA had previously approved Part 142 instructors and check airmen who didn't fully meet the safety requirements, but that has now changed and some companies may not be able to find qualified airmen. Nov 16, 2012

DOT says airline workforce is bigger than last year A preliminary report from the Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows an overall increase in U.S. airlines' workforces in September over the same month last year. The overall workforce number was slightly lower than in August. Nov 16, 2012

L2 Consulting Services, Inc. Hires John Letlow as Engineering Manager L2 Consulting Services, Inc. (L2) announced the company has hired John Letlow as Engineering Manager. Mr. Letlow (age 49) brings over 22 years of avionics engineering and test experience to the company and has particular expertise with Flight Management Systems (FMS) and Flat Panel display integration. Prior to joining L2, Mr. Letlow worked as a Program Manager with Universal Avionics System Corporation where he was responsible for leading teams in all aspects of new product development and FAA certification efforts. Mr. Letlow holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Additionally, L2 has hired Michael Haffey (age 48) as Senior Avionics Engineer. Mr. Haffey brings to the company over 23 years of avionics integration and maintenance experience. L2 Vice President Operations, Dean Rudolph, said, "L2's avionics integration and engineering services are in high demand and as such we are continuously looking for qualified candidates to join our team." He added, "We are extremely pleased to have both John and Michael join L2." Nov 15, 2012

Congressman wants to close some air-traffic towers at night Rep. Tom Petri, R-Wis., chairman of the House aviation subcommittee, suggests closing some smaller air-traffic facilities at night to save money. "The numbers are not huge in the overall scheme of things, but they are significant in the FAA budget and small things do add up," Petri said. Nov 15, 2012

Smaller airports explore revenue guarantees for airline service Airports in smaller municipalities wanting to increase their traffic are offering revenue guarantees to major airlines in exchange for guaranteed service. These guarantee offers come with some risks, including competing airlines backing out of the market, but some regions choose to take the risk, this feature says. Nov 14, 2012

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration extends usage of Active Risk Manager Active Risk announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has purchased further licenses for its award winning Active Risk Manager (ARM) risk management software. After the initial purchase of ARM in late 2011, ARM has now been selected for risk management across the whole range of strategic programs supported by the FAA Project Management Office (PMO). Edgar Calderon, Manager, Risk Management, Security & Safety, AJM-1110, FAA said, "The PMO is responsible for the successful implementation of a range of strategic programs which support FAA's mission to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. There is an ongoing need to increase capacity and move to the latest technologies, while maintaining and enhancing safety. We are extending our use of ARM to help us manage risks on these vital program initiatives to ensure they are delivered on-time, on-budget." Loren Padelford, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Active Risk said, "The FAA has made a continuing commitment to improve the management and sharing of risks, issues and opportunities. Extending the use of ARM will enable better risk-based decision making earlier in the lifecycle of their strategic programs. As ARM is also used by organizations within the FAA's contractor community, there is the opportunity to improve information sharing on projects. The FAA's proactive risk management approach has the potential to reduce spending on mitigation actions and to ensure strategic program objectives are achieved at a time of tight budgetary constraints." The FAA is one of a growing number of US Government Agencies and their contractor community which have chosen ARM for project and enterprise risk management. Active Risk customers include United States Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Energy and NASA. Active Risk Manager makes risk management simple, valuable and personal to enable organizations to identify, communicate, analyze and mitigate risks and opportunities within a single, auditable web-based system. Nov 13, 2012

Budget pressure puts spotlight on control-tower regulations The Federal Aviation Administration may be able to trim spending by adjusting regulations regarding operations of flight towers, experts say. Advocates of reducing air-control staff suggest that as many as 102 air-traffic control towers don't receive enough traffic overnight to warrant remaining open all night every night. Other inefficiencies include overstaffing caused by laws requiring towers to have at least two controllers at all times. Bloomberg Nov 13, 2012

DOT study says air-travel experience isn't likely to change soon Measures taken by airlines to remain profitable amid economic volatility and high fuel prices will likely become the norm, the Transportation Department's Office of Inspector General says in its report, "Aviation Industry Performance: A Review of the Aviation Industry, 2008-2011." "Although the industry is still in transition, the data in this report suggest that some of the most significant trends of recent years -- including but not limited to a more consolidated industry with less competition, fewer flight options for small communities, and revenue-enhancing baggage and other fees -- may continue for the foreseeable future as airlines further improve their adaptability to changing market forces," the agency report says. Nov 12, 2012

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