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Air Transport & Government News - North America.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Air Transport & Government News North America) Apr 1, 2012

FAA to implement NextGen prFederal Aviation Administrationocedures for planes landing in Houston The Federal Aviation Administration plans to implement new technology as part of NextGen for planes landing in Houston. "It's burning a lot less fuel, saving a lot of money and reducing its emissions, and it's also reducing noise because that descent and glide at idle is much quieter," said acting FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. Mar 29, 2012

IATA Data Shows February Improvement in Airline Passenger Demand The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said that February 2012 showed an 8.6 percent improvement in passenger demand over February 2011. Several factors inflated February 2012 results and distorted comparisons with the year-ago period. These included weaker traffic during the Arab Spring a year ago and the occurrence of Carnival in Brazil in February, a month earlier than in 2011. Cargo demand was also subject to positive distortion by the occurrence of Chinese New Year in January, which pushed some deliveries into February. When comparing to January 2012 levels, the picture becomes much more moderate, with passenger demand growing by 0.4 percent and cargo demand declining by 1.2 percent. Global passenger capacity expanded by 7.4 percent compared to previous-year levels, lagging behind the 8.6 percent increase in demand. This has had a positive impact on load factors, which airlines have maintained at 75.3 percentNbetter than the 74.4 percent recorded in February 2011. OThe outlook is fragile. Improvements in business confidence slowed in February,O said Tony Tyler, IATAOs director general and CEO. OWeak economic conditions and rising fuel costs are a double-whammy that an industry anticipating a 0.5 percent margin can ill afford.O Asia-Pacific carriers saw a 5.9 percent increase in demand with a 6.2 percent increase in capacity. Load factors stood at 75.4 percent. European carriers saw a 7.6 percent increase in international demand, well ahead of the 5 percent increase in capacity. North American carriers showed the weakest growth in demand at 4.9 percent, which was still ahead of 4.3 percent growth in capacity over the previous year. The average load factor was the lowest among the major regions at 72.1 percent. Middle East carriers posted 23.4 percent international growth, which is distorted by the poor performance in February 2011 owing to the impact of the Arab Spring. Capacity growth stood at 16.1 percent. Average load factors for the region showed the most dramatic improvement to 76.9 percent in February 2012 compared to 72.4 percent in the previous year. Stripping out the distortions, IATA estimates that the region has now fully recovered. African carriers also saw a positively distorted performance in February due to the Arab Spring with 24.7 percent growth in demand and 20.2 percent growth in capacity.EEEEEEEEEEE Latin American airlines posted a 13.3 percent increase in demand against a 10.8 percent increase in capacity. Load factors stood at 78.3 percent, the highest among the regions and well ahead of the 76.6 percent achieved for February 2011. Mar 27, 2012

Silver Airways Silver Airways has been granted FAA approval to operate Saab 340B plus aircraft. The Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based carrier has agreements with Saab Aircraft Leasing to purchase 12 34-seat Saab 340Bplus aircraft and has accepted delivery of the first three, with the remaining slated for delivery by September 2012. Mar 27, 2012

US Airways US Airways Awarded Coveted 2012 MRO of the Year Award for Airline Maintenance Excellence. US Airways was recognized by Aviation Week and Overhaul & Maintenance magazine for technical excellence during the publication's annual aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) awards held in Dallas.E This prestigious industry award is given to the world's top MRO and maintenance-related companies that demonstrate outstanding achievement and innovation in the area of technical operations. "This award is a testament to the 3,600 maintenance and engineering employees at US Airways [ETH] each of whom make it their daily mission to ensure our aircraft are ready for flight with minimal deferred items [ETH] and it is a privilege to accept it on their behalf," said Robert Isom, US Airways' executive vice president and chief operating officer.E "We are especially gratified by this prestigious recognition because this award specifically cites two elements paramount to our maintenance programs: Our acute focus on running a reliable airline for our customers and the Federal Aviation Administration's validation of our Safety Management System program." US Airways' maintenance program was recognized for lowering deferred maintenance items under the airline's FAA-approved minimum equipment list (MEL) and non-essential furnishing (NEF) programs, reducing the number of aircraft out of service due to maintenance-related items, and becoming the first airline to have its FAA-approved Safety Management System (SMS) program validated by the International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). "US Airways demonstrated several significant achievements, making them this year's 'Outstanding Airline Maintenance Group,'" said Lee Ann Tegtmeier, editor-in-chief of Aviation Week's Overhaul & Maintenance. E"One of the most notable was how it was able to defer fewer maintenance items and reduce how long deferred maintenance items stayed open by 19 percent. 2011 was US Airways' fourth consecutive year of improvement, and it is more than deserving of this MRO of the Year Award." The award was presented earlier today during Aviation Week's MRO Americas 2012 Conference & Exhibition at the Dallas Convention Center. Mar 27, 2012 AirGuideBusiness ISSN 1939-666X


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