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Air Mobility Command.

Lt Gen John R. Baker, USAF, Vice Commander

CMSgt Michael Kerver, USAF, Command Chief Master Sergeant

Col Edward Breen, USAF, Director of Staff

Lt Gen William Welser, III, USAF, Commander, 18th Air Force

Maj Gen Quentin L. Peterson, USAF, Vice Commander, 18th Air Force

CMSgt Kenneth McQuiston, USAF, Command Chief

Maj Gen Mark A. Volcheff, USAF, A-3 Operations

Maj Gen Loren M. Reno, USAF, A-4 Logistics

Maj Gen Paul W. Essex, USAF, A-5 Plans and Programs

Maj Gen Scott R. Nichols, USAF, Mobilization Assistant to the Commander

Brig Gen Ken Clark, USAF, Air National Guard Assistant

Brig Gen (select) Brooks Bash, USAF, Commander 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force

Brig Gen Bobby J. Wilkes, USAF, Commander 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force

Maj Gen James A. Hawkins, USAF, Commander Tanker Airlift Control Center

Maj Gen Christopher A. Kelly, USAF, Commander Air Mobility Warfare Center (Fort Dix, NJ)

AMC's mission is to provide airlift, air refueling, special air mission, and aeromedical evacuation for US forces. AMC also supplies forces to theater commands to support wartime tasking. As the Air Force component of the USTRANSCOM, AMC is the single manager for air mobility. AMC has one numbered air force, the 18th Air Force headquartered at Scott AFB, Ill.; two expeditionary mobility task forces, the 15th EMTF at Travis AFB, CA., and the 21st EMTF at McGuire AFB, NJ.; twelve active duty wings; and three active duty groups. Other units assigned within AMC are the Tanker Airlift Control Center and the Air Mobility Warfare Center.


Airlift aircraft provide the capability to deploy our armed forces anywhere in the world and help sustain them in a conflict. Air refueling aircraft increase range, payloads and flexibility. Because Air Force tankers can also refuel Navy, Marine and many allied aircraft, they leverage all service capabilities on land, sea and in the air. Refuelers also have an inherent cargo-carrying capability.

AMC has been called upon by the National Command Authorities to support major contingencies and humanitarian operations around the world. At home, the command has provided air refueling support to fighters protecting our cities, and airlift for other Homeland Defense operations. In addition, AMC has aided disaster victims from New York to California.

As the Air Force transitions to an expeditionary mindset, AMC will continue to play a crucial role under the Expeditionary Aerospace Force as both a force enabler and force provider.

The driving force is the expanding need for centralized command and control of a highly expeditionary force. The reactivation of the 18th AF and the creation of the Expeditionary Mobility Task Forces (EMTF) are the fulfillment of a vision that began with the creation of AMC. Under the new structure there is a cleaner reporting chain that puts the 18th AF in operational control of the Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC), two EMTFs and their subordinate air mobility operations groups, 12 wings, three groups and the global en route air mobility system. The 18th AF is responsible for the presentation of forces to the warfighters. The realignment also makes clear the delineation of mission execution through the 18th AF, responsible for war fighting and mission execution, and the AMC staff which is responsible for the functions of organizing, training and equipping mobility forces, as well as creating policy for the command.

The new organization will help refocus the command on the expeditionary nature of the Air Force mission by creating standing mobility task forces that can pare and tailor their resources to better support combatant commanders during contingencies and for humanitarian relief during civil disasters. The EMTF commanders will play a vital role as deployable Directors of Mobility Forces during contingency operations. As the DIRMOBFOR, the EMTF commander serves as the designated agent for all air mobility issues in the Area of Responsibility or Joint Operations Area, and for other duties as directed. They also exercise coordinating authority between the theater command and control nodes, the TACC, and DoD's Joint Movement Center in order to expedite the resolution of air mobility issues.

Gen John W. Handy, USAF

Commander, Air Mobility Command
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