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Air Liquide America Creates Single Electronics Business Organization.

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6,1998--Air Liquide America announced today it is combining its Electronics division and ALChem organization to create one single business unit to be headquartered in Dallas, Texas, according to Kent Tayler, vice president of the new group.

"Previously, our gas operations were located on the West Coast and our wet chemicals in Dallas. Separately, we served highly technical customers on a global basis," said Tayler.

"However, Air Liquide America is sensitive to the dynamic nature of the electronics industry, which is consolidating suppliers and combining on-site gas and chemical management. The new combined organization is designed to address these issues by providing a complete and reliable network of total gas and chemical management, gas products, on-site chemicals, analytical services, and utility and service needs, from a single source."

This information comes after a recent announcement by the company that it is combining its on-site chemical generation and purification equipment engineering and manufacturing facilities in Fallbrook, California, with its existing Fremont, California operation.

"We joined these facilities to provide enhanced engineering and manufacturing flexibility to our customers as they transition to combined gas and chemical management services," said Tayler.

"With our new combined organization, we stand positioned to support our customers in the semiconductor industry as the worldwide leader in total gas and chemical management," Tayler concluded.

Air Liquide Electronics supplies a full range of products and services around the world, including total gas and chemical management, UHP gases, on-site chemicals, utilities, gas and chemical distribution equipment, control and monitoring systems, analytical services and project engineering, piping and tool hook-up. The Air Liquide Group is the world's largest industrial gas organization, with 27,000 employees in more than 60 countries. In 1997, it posted sales of $6.6 billion (US dollars). Air Liquide provides creative solutions to improve the performance of its customers and help protect the environment.

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