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Air Force leadership. (Organization).

Each of you should be extremely proud of your service in the war against terrorism, from expeditionary operations to your daily efforts that deliver readiness, health, security and morale to our force.

As we move forward, we must remain focused on warfighting. We must refine joint strategies for air and space power, deliver effects-based capabilities, improve leader development, eliminate inefficiencies in how we do business and transform our acquisition processes. Most importantly, we must care for our people and their families through these challenging times. Engaged leadership and a genuine concern for them are vital to sustaining a motivated fighting team.

In my travels around our Air Force -- active duty, Guard, Reserve and civilian -- I've witnessed firsthand your ingenuity, dedication and willingness to serve. I salute you and thank you.

-- Hon. James G. Roche

The United States Air Force is contributing to the war on global terrorism, daily and decisively. Our Total Force stands ready to meet the challenges of today's dynamic global security environment ... and tomorrow's.

Future success requires our continued transformation to an effects-focused expeditionary air and space force. Airmen must understand their roles in supporting the Air Force's capabilities-based Task Forces. Our operations tempo has certainly increased in the past year, and what was a surge has become a new, higher steady state of operations. Ensuring America's security requires each of us to fully embrace a joint, expeditionary mindset. The nature of our expeditionary "business" is deployed operations supporting the Joint Forces Commander.

Your dedication, commitment and sacrifice serve as symbols of strength and courage to a grateful nation.

-- Gen. John P. Jumper

Our Air Force's rich history of aviation achievement continues today through the support of a professional enlisted force -- the men and women on our total Air Force team.

Your contributions prove key to America's leadership in air and space. Each of you should be extremely proud of the role you play in the defense of our great nation. Our expeditionary service faces great challenges as we join with our sister services and nations from around the world to eliminate the threat of global terrorism.

As we transform our Total Force to effectively meet the challenges ahead, I am confident the commitment, dedication and professionalism of the enlisted corps will continue to make our Air Force the best in the world.

-- Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force

Gerald Murray
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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