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Air Force Security Assistance Center to host Security Cooperation Conference.

The Air Force Security Assistance Center will host the Security Cooperation Conference November 3 to 4, 2009 in the Marriott RiverCenter in Covington, Kentucky. The conference will bring together security assistance practitioners from across the Department of Defense to meet with representatives from industry and from international partner nations to build on the conference theme "Transforming the Enterprise to meet the needs of our Global Partners."
 We're very excited to host this conference on behalf of the Air
 Force, said Brigadier General Joseph Lanni, AFSAC commander. It
 promises to be an open and frank interchange of ideas that we
 expect will help improve the security assistance process for
 everyone involved.

The agenda was prepared with "jointness" in mind, according to Nancy Hudson, AFSAC's Conference Planning lead.
 We selected topics that reach across service boundaries to share
 process improvement efforts, crosstalk on best practices and
 enhance mission effectiveness, Ms. Hudson said. We've also set side
 time for service-specific breakout sessions to address unique

This will be the second Tri-Service Security Cooperation Conference, The Army hosted the inaugural conference in 2007. The event is expected to draw more than 200 people and 30 vendors.

Coinciding with the conference will be a Foreign Disclosure conference designed to address the many similarities between the services in this area.

Any questions can be forwarded to AFSAC/XP at (937) 257-1132.

Time Main Conference Room

Monday 2 Nov

1700 - 2000 Registration

1730 - 1830 Icebeaker (Hors d'oeures in the Gazebo Lounge)

Tuesday 3 Nov

0630 - 0730 Registration

0700 - 0730 Continental Breakfast

0730 - 0740 Administrative/Opening Remarks and Introductions
 of Divisions
 --AFSAC/CA--Mr. Michael Brock

0740 - 0745 Conference Opening Remarks
 --AFSAC/CC--Brigadier General Joseph Lanni, USAF

0745 - 0845 DSCA Presentation and Q&A
 --Introduction Video from VADM Jeffrey Wieringa

0845 - 0930 Department of the Air Force Presentation
 --SAF/IA (Global Partnership Strategy)--Briefer TBD

0930 - 1000 BREAK (Videos on Main Room Screen During Breaks)

1000 - 1045 Department of Navy Presentation
 --Navy IPO--Briefer TBD

1045 - 1130 Department of the Army Presentation
 --USASAC (Materiel Enterprise)--Mr. Richard Alpaugh

1130 - 1300 Lunch (On Your Own) Visit Displays

1300 - 1345 Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP)
 --DSCA--(Briefer TBD--Tentative: Mr. Thomas Sipel)

1345 - 1430 Security Cooperation Enterprise Solution (SCES)
 --DSCA--Briefer TBD (Tentative: Ms. Claire Evans
 and Ms. Anita Eggleston)

1430 - 1445 Break

1445 - 1515 Networking--Team Project

1515 - 1600 Transformation in the Services--Panel + Q&A--Army,
 Navy, Air Force (AFSAC)
 --Senior Briefers TBD (AFSAC/CC--Brigadier General

1600 - 1615 Day 1 Remarks/Announcements--Mr. Michael Brock

1830 - 2130 Evening Social--B&B Riverboat Dinner Cruise


Time Main Conference Room

Wednesday 04 Nov

0700 - 0730 Continental Breakfast

0730 - 0745 Administrative/Opening Remarks
 --AFSAC/CV--Mr. Brock

0745 - 0845 Training Panel + Q&A--DSCA, USASAC, Navy IPO,
 --Briefers TBD

0845 - 0930 Transportation Panel (CAA, EFTS, ISPM-15,
 Hazardous Materials)--DSCA, Navy, AFSAC
 --Briefers TBD

0930 - 0945 Break

0945 - 1015 SAO Perspective
 --DISAM/DI--Lieutenant Colonel Mark Karas, USA,
 Former Azebaijan SAO

1015 - 1115 Voice of the Customer--FPG/ICUG and FLO Panel
 --4 Briefers--Major Bart Eissing, ICUG Chair

1115 - 1245 Lunch

1245 - 1315 Letter of Request Development
 --DISAM/DM--Mr. Frank Campanell

1315 - 1400 LOA Quality Panel Discussion--Army, Navy,
 Air Force
 --DSCA--Mr. Steve Harris and DSCA/CWD--
 Mr. Mike Blatti

1400 - 1415 Break

1415 - 1445 Army Case Analyzer Tool
 --USASAC--Mr. John Neil

1445 - 1515 Navy Repair and Return Pilot Project
 --NAVICP--(Tentative: Mr. Richard Bennis,
 Navy ICP)

1515 - 1600 LSS Tri-Service Working Group Panel--Best
 Practices--Speakers TBD--(Tentative: Army,
 Mr. John Neil, Navy, Mr. Jeffrey Brewer,
 Air Force, Mr. Glenn Anderson)

1600 - 1615 Closing Remarks--The Next Steps for the Security
 Cooperation Community
 --AFSAC/CV--Brigadier General Lanni and Mr. Brock

Thursday 5 Nov 09

0800 - 1130 Break Out Sessions (Army and Navy)

Daryl Mayer

88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
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