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Air Force Security Assistance Center brings the new commander on-line: LOA-Peace Riemer. (Community).

Forrest "Ed" Smith

Brigadier General Jeffrey R. "Jeff" Riemer recently assumed duties as Commander, Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC), Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. As AFSAC/CC his organization develops and executes international agreements for foreign military sales programs with totals exceeding $90 billion that support more than ninety foreign countries and organizations.

To bring Brigadier General Riemer up to speed in the shortest time possible, AFSAC, in combination with a special tutorial at DISAM held earlier, used a unique training exercise. The general traveled the same route as a normal customer's Letter of Request (LOR). Brigadier General Riemer became LOR-Riemer, then LOA-Peace Riemer, and finally Requisition-Riemer all in a single day. In a matter of hours the AFSAC team simulated just about all transmissions, exchanges of information and numerous taskings that take place by walking BG Riemer from station to station within the AFSAC complex. Dr Ronald Reynolds, Commandant, Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM) and Mr. Ed Smith, Associate Professor, DISAM were on site to observe the exercise.

Initially Brigadier General Riemer was magically transformed into an LOR, and then into a request for Letter of Offer and Acceptance Data (LOAD), an LOA (Peace Riemer), and finally a requisition. People involved with the exercise prepared an executive description of what part they would play in the development, implementation, execution, and closure of LOA-Riemer. It must be noted that not every possible scenario associated with a case/line was presented, but enough scenarios were presented to give Brigadier General Riemer an appreciation of just how convoluted things might get in the LOA development process.

The actual exercise began early in the morning with Mr. Tom Caudill (Director, Case Operations), picking Brigadier General Riemer up at the "Bandarian Border" (i.e., just outside his office). At that point he was magically transformed (with a touch of the wand and some magic dust) into a Letter of Request (LOR) for F-16 support.

Mr. Caudill escorted LOR-Riemer to the Bandarian Command Country Manager (CCM), Mr. John Rodgers. Mr. Rodgers physically "shadowed" the general throughout the day along with the Ms. Bonnie Evans, Case Manager.

Mr. Rodgers began the day's activities by discussing what data was needed for a valid LOR. Unfortunately LOR-Riemer was invalid necessitating a message back to Bandana for clarification. Once the updated data was received, it was on to resolve any releasability issues. LOR-Riemer became LOA-Peace Riemer starting with the entry of the LOR information into the Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS). The Customer Request was created and the Case Manager (Bonnie Evans) was tasked to Initialize the Case.

The LOA Preparation Branch headed by Ms. Nancy Donnelly developed the LOA data in conjunction with numerous Air Force Materiel Commands organizations.

Then the final, fully coordinated, LOA-Peace Riemer was electronically transmitted to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) for countersignature. Once approval was granted, the LOA-Peace Riemer was mailed to Bandana for acceptance which they did!

Once the accepted LOA-Peace Riemer was returned to AFSAC (along with the check to DFAS-AY/DE, of course), Brigadier General Riemer was once again magically transformed into Requisition-Riemer. Once he became a requisition, Brigadier General Riemer was exposed to all the procedures that a requisition might be exposed to. This included interfacing with the various Air Logistics Centers (ALC), the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the Worldwide Warehouse Redistribution System (WWRS), and the Parts & Repair Ordering System II (PROS II).

Finally, with all the material delivered and all the services bargained for in LOA-Peace Riemer, all the supply discrepancies resolved, and the financial reconciliation completed, the LOA-Peace Riemer was successfully closed!

DISAM and AFSAC will be working together in the future to facilitate each others training attempting to piggyback on the AFSAC LOA walkthrough process for personnel for whom it would be beneficial, such as Air Force System Program Office (SPO) directors. Additionally, both organizations will collaborate to videotape the process for internal use by both organizations facilitating both newcomers to AFSAC, as well as DISAM instructors teaching subjects related to the FMS logistics process.

About the Author

Forrest "Ed" Smith is currently an Associate Professor of Security Assistance Management, Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. He has an extensive background in security assistance programs and training. He retired from the U.S. Air Force after nearly 38 years of active duty. His last position was Chief, Arabian Programs Branch, Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC) at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Upon transitioning from the USAF, he was a Logistics Analyst for the Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS) Training and Field Support Team with Information Spectrum, Inc. of Annandale, Virginia.
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Author:Smith, Forrest
Publication:DISAM Journal
Date:Jun 22, 2002
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