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Air Force Print News (Dec. 27, 2006): officials select civilians for leadership program.

WASHINGTON (AFPN) -- Sixty-nine Air Force civilians were selected recently for a new leadership development program that provides a total force development vision for Air Force civilians in the GS-15 grade, preparing them for senior roles in the Department of Defense.

The civilians were selected from 115 candidates by a board consisting of three general officers, including a three-star board president, and two Senior Executive Service members.

Because of the implementation of the National Security Personnel System, General Schedule grades are in the process of being converted to various pay schedules and pay bands. With NSPS on the horizon, the previously named GS-15 LD program will now be known as the Civilian Strategic Leader Program.

CSLP is based on the following five foundational principles:

* Integrate other senior leader deliberate development efforts

* Incorporate broader force development initiatives

* Advance career field management initiatives

* Create broad avenues to develop a cadre of GS-15s with multiple perspectives

* Enhance career management and development services for those who are committed to this vision.

Any Air Force civilian in a position with permanent grade of GS-15 or GS-15 equivalent was eligible to apply for the program, provided they have not declined a GS-15 LD position within the past two years. The selectees will now be considered first for premiere developmental assignments, as well as be given various educational and developmental opportunities.


The initiative was designed to help institutionalize the Total Force development vision for GS-15 and equivalent pay bands throughout the Air Force.

"Our mission is to identify, develop and support a leadership cadre that will successfully execute the evolving Air Force mission," said Lt. Gen. Roger Brady, chief of staff for manpower and personnel at the Pentagon, "and be prepared to successfully lead at the senior executive level."
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Title Annotation:Career Development
Publication:Defense AT & L
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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