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Air Force Personnel Center, Randolph AFB, Texas.

Air Force Personnel Center, Randolph AFB, Texas: Ensures the Air Force has skilled people in the proper grades and specialties to complete its mission. The 2,200 personnel and functional representatives ensure integration and execution of personnel operations to meet field commanders' requirements. It operates the Air Force Contact Center where personnel experts provide high-quality customer service around the clock. The center improves personnel services by developing programs that allow individuals to perform personnel actions, anytime, anywhere, through Web-based, self-service applications. Plans and schedules the Air Force's air and space expeditionary force, guides deployment and re-deployment planning, monitors readiness and provides continuity. Manages assignments and facilitates the professional development of all enlisted members and officers below the grade of colonel, with the exception of chief master sergeants and members of the staff judge advocate. Plays an integral rote in civilian force shaping and force development initiatives, providing personnel management advisory service, recruitment and placement support, and leadership and management training and education. Is the Air Force office of primary responsibility for worldwide casualty reporting, notification of family members and assistance to families and field commanders on benefits and entitlements. Is also the service's focal point for Missing in Action/ Prisoner of War programs, members reported missing. captured or imprisoned and members placed in an absent without leave/deserter status. The Air Force Contact Center s accessible on the Web site or by calling 800-616-3775.

Source: Field Operating Agencies

by Tech. Sgt. Cecilio M. Ricardo Jr.
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Author:Ricardo, Cecilio M., Jr.
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Date:Feb 1, 2008
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