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Articles from Air Force Journal of Logistics (June 22, 2009)

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2008 annual awards. List 341
A brief history of wargames. Baird, George P., III; Wolff, Jason; Watkins, Dale; Krat, Laine; Perkins, Charles 2422
AFLMA facts at a glance: quick summary of AFLMA activities and results. List 785
AFLMA in the fight: supporting transformation, analysis, and deployments. Crow, Shirley 1677
Air Force munitions ISO management: logistics enterprise for containers. Bennett, Edward O., Jr. 2755
Analysis connection. Gage, Thomas 1318
Analytical support: supporting EXWAREX: a win-win strategy. Walston, Jennifer G.; Iubelt, Frank A. 1615
Answers: what you need: when you need it. 1331
Becoming a combat analyst. Flory, John Essay 2173
Building 205 history. Brief article 303
Business acumen: what it means to logisticians. O'Brien, Kristina M.; Ferris, Stephen P. Essay 5405
Calibrate yourself: once calibrated you become a changed person: playing this trivia game will calibrate you for real. Getting better at estimating your uncertainty with these trivia questions, and pretending that you are betting on your answers, will calibrate you--that is, make you better at estimating your uncertainty in real-life situations. This is borne out by his experience. Gage, Thomas 2602
Challenges 21st century logistics. 350
Contemporary issues. 363
Continuing the tradition. Patterson, Kirk 322
Deployable distribution center. Weir, Donald G.; Skipper, Ben; Wolff, Jason; Watkins, Dale 1278
Effect of enterprise resource planning implementation on organizational productivity. Newlin, Julie S. 2469
Effects-based performance: bridging the gap between fighter operations and maintenance. Mann, Shamsher S. Company overview 8099
Engine safety stock: an opportunity to avoid over-sparing engines. Anderson, Duane 1776
Enterprise architecture: origins, tools, and insights. Long, Alice Marie 5491
Evolution of a handbook: contingency contracting: a joint handbook for the 21st Century: the development of a handbook benefits not only the Air Force, but the entire Department of Defense contracting community by synchronizing and accelerating contingency contracting transformation efforts of all four Services. Young, Amy 2016
Future modeling and simulation. Wolff, Jason; Watkins, Dale 1777
Good Sam-helping others. Brief article 192
Heart of Alabama. Brief article 102
Improving Air Force enterprise logistics management tools. Tosh, Gerald R.; Briggs, Antoinette Y.; Ohnemus, Robert K.; Wilson, Angelo I.; Pratt, Allen G.; Tala Essay 4243
Inventories for NWRM: how we spent our spring vacation. Bowman, Gale J.; Blazer, Douglas J.; Benton, Ricky D. 1517
Knowledge, technology, innovation! Our continuing commitment. 485
Logistics support analysis: business acumen involves the ability for logisticians to understand how strategies, decisions, and actions interact to impact the overall organization. Business acumen allows one to think about these interactions using the principles and tools developed for use in modern corporate practices. Brief article 268
Meals on wheels. Brief article 123
Newest products with style and impact: relevant, informative, and insightful. 477
Our joint connection. Crow, Shirley 1040
Partnerships the right team: partnering, partnerships, strategic partnerships--those are some interesting words. You've probably heard them bantered about frequently during the last few years. Likewise, you've probably seen a variety of briefs, books, pamphlets, or handouts where organizations told you about their partnerships. 330
Products with style and impact: relevant, informative, and insightful. 403
Products with style and impact: when critical thinking really matters. Brief article 250
Sea basing: logistical implications for the US Army. Morrow, Michael G. Company overview 7701
The impact of OPTEMPO on intentions to depart the air force: does the increase of OPTEMPO cause action? Olsen, Nathan P.; Heilmann, Sharon Gibson Essay 7530
The results. Golden, R. Dean 2509
Transforming logistics: Logistics Enterprise Architecture (LogEA). Antoline, Anthony 639
Wargames, modeling, and simulation. Wolff, Jason 507
Who are we? 1332

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