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Air Education and Training Command.

Commander: Gen. Stephen R. Lorenz

Headquarters: Randolph AFB, Texas

Command Chief Master Sgt.: Chief Master Sgt. Robert Tappana

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Develops America's Airmen today, for tomorrow. With a vision to deliver unrivaled air and space education and training, the command recruits Airmen and provides basic military training, initial and advanced technical training, flying training, medical training and professional military and degree-granting professional education. The command also conducts joint, readiness and Air Force security assistance training.


Sustains the combat capability of the operational Air Force with highly trained and motivated Airmen; recalls individual ready Reservists and manages mobility and contingency tasking support for combatant commanders.
Active duty                                                      36,764
  Officers                                               8,013
  Enlisted                                              28,751
AFRC                                                              4,219
ANG                                                               4,048
Civilians                                                        11,159
Contracted workers                                               11,552
NAF Civilians                                                     4,231

Total                                                            71,973

Student Education Graduates
Officer accessions                                                3,719
  Basic Officer Training                                   528
  Commissioned Officer Training                            998
  Reserve Commissioned Officer Training                    158
  Reserve Officer Training Corps                         1,989
  Airman Education and Commissioning
  Program                                                   46
Professional Military Education                                  53,782
  Enlisted PME                                          20,727
  Officer PME                                            6,593
  Air Force Institute fat Advanced Distributed
  Learning (PME)                                        19,280
  Air War College nonresident                            3,406
  Air Command and Staff College nonresident              3,776

Professional continuing education                                22,298
  Air Force Institute of Technology                     16,648
  Air University                                         5,108
  Air Force Institute for Advanced
  Distributed Learning (Special)                           542
Academic education                                               19,029
  Air Force institute of Technology                      1,515
  School of Advanced Air
  and Space Studies                                         42
  Advanced Studies Group
  (SAMS, SAW JAWS)                                          16
  Community College of the Air Force                    17,456
Other educational activities                                      2,783
Technical training                                               71,728
Air University resident                                  2,136
Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning
(Career Development Courses-TT)                         69,592

Total                                                           173,339

Student Training Graduates
Basic Military Training                                          31,098
Technical Training                                              146,758
Field Training                                                   38,931
Distance Learning                                                10,521
Joint Sourcing Solution Graduates                                 7,109

Total                                                           234,417

Officer accessions                                                1,799
  Health professionals                                   1,239
  Chaptair                                                  25
  Line                                                     535
Enlisted accessions                                              31,980
  Non prior service                                     31,780
  Prior service                                            200

Total                                                            33,779


Air University, Maxwell AFB, Ala.

* Carl A. Spaatz Center for officer education

* Ira C. Eaker College for professional development

* Jeanne M. Holm Center for officer accessions and citizen development

* Thomas N. Barnes Center for enlisted education

* Air Force institute of Technology

* Air Force Research Institute

* Curtis E. LeMay Center for doctrine development and education

* Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center

* Air University Television

* Air University Press

* Civil Air Patrol U.S. Air Force

* 42nd Air Base Wing

2nd Air Force (technical training), Keesler AFB, Miss.

* 17th Training Wing, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

* 37th Training Wing, Lackland AFB, Texas

* 81st Training Wing, Keesler AFB, Miss.

* 82nd Training Wing, Sheppard AFB, Texas

* 381st Training Group, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

19th Air Force (flying training), Randolph AFB, Texas

* 12th Flying Training Wing, Randolph AFB, Texas (T-1A, T-6A, T-38C, T-43A)

* 14th Flying Training Wing, Columbus AFB, Miss. (T-1A, T-6, T-37B, T-38C)

* 23rd Flying Training Squadron, Fort Rucker, Ala. (UH-1H)

* 47th Flying Training Wing, Laughlin AFB, Texas (T-1A, T-6, T-38C)

* 56th Fighter Wing, Luke AFB, Ariz. (F-16C/D)

* 58th Special Operations Wing, Kirtland AFB, N.M. (HC-130P/N, HH-60G, MC-130H/P, UH-1N, CV-22)

* 71st Flying Training Wing, Vance AFB, Okla. (T-6A, T-1A, T-38C)

* 80th Flying Training Wing, Sheppard AFB, Texas (T-37B, T-38C)

* 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB, Okla. (C-17, KC-135, T-6A)

* 306th Flying Training Group, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo. (TC-51/C-150. TG-10B/C, TG-15A/B, T-41D (C-172) TACAV, UV-18B)

* 314th Airlift Wing, Little Rock AFB, Ark (C-130 E/J)

* 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall AFB, Fla. (F-15C/D, F-22, Undergraduate Controller and Air Battle Manager training, Weapons Director training)

* 336th Training Group, Fairchild AFB, Wash, (UH-1N, Aircrew Survival training)

* 45th Airlift Flight, Keesler AFB, Miss. (C-21)

Air Force Recruiting Service, Randolph AFB, Texas

* 360th Recruiting Group, Hanscom AFB, Mass,

* 369th Recruiting Group, Lackland AFB, Texas

* 372nd Recruiting Group, Hill AFB, Utah


* 59th Medical Wing, (San Antonio Military Medical Center--South) or Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB, Texas

* Air Force Occupational Measurement Squadron, Randolph AFB, Texas

* Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron, Randolph AFB, Texas
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