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Air Education And Training Command.


Develop America's Airmen today ... for tomorrow With a vision to deliver unrivaled air and space education and training. AETC recruits professional Airmen and provides basic military training, initial and advanced technical training flying training. medical training and professional military and degree granting professional education. AETC also conducts joint, readiness and Air Force security assistance training.


Sustains the combat capability of the operational Air Force with highly trained and motivated Airmen. Recall of individual ready reservists. Mobility and contingency tasking support to combatant commanders.

Active duty 41,371
 Officers 9,073
 Enlisted 32,298
AFRC 2,572
ANG 4,735
Civilians 15,315
Contracted workers 10,422

Total 74,415

Student Education Graduates

Officer accessions 4,335
 Basic Officer Training 750
 Commissioned Officer Training 944
 Reserve Commissioned Officer Training 190
 Reserve Officer Training Corps 2,405
 Airman Education and Commissioning Program 46
Professional Military Education 44,420
 Enlisted PME 11,323
 Officer PME 8,108
 Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed
 Learning (PME) 23,440
 Air War College nonresident 1,549
Professional continuing education 24,151
 Air Force Institute of Technology 15,505
 Air University 7,816
 Air Force Institute for Advanced
 Distributed Learning (Special) 830
Academic education 18,345
 Air Force Institute of Technology 1,320
 School of Advanced Air and Space Studies 38
 Advanced Studies Group (SAMS, SAW, JAWS) 19
 Community College of the Air Force 16,968
Other educational activities 5,531
Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed
Learning (Career Development Courses-TT) 86,586

Total 183,368

Student Training Graduates
Aircrew 10,939
Survival training 9,193
Basic Military Training 21,786
Technical training (includes nonresidents) 142,964
Field training 27,617
Distance learning 15,447

Total 227,946


Officer accessions 1,837
 Health professionals 1,321
 Chaplain 31
 Line 485
Enlisted accessions 30,750
 Non-prior service 30,710
 Prior service 40
Total 32,587


Air University, Maxwell AFB, Ala.

* Air Force officer accession and training schools--Reserve Officer Training Corps, Junior ROTC, Officer Training School (Basic Officer Training, Commissioned Officer Training)

* Professional Military Education--Squadron Officer College (Air and Space Basic Course, Squadron Officer School), Air Command and Staff College, Air War College, School for Advanced Air and Space Studies, College for Enlisted PME (Senior NCO Academy and CONUS NCO Academies, Air Force Enlisted Heritage Institute) and the Chief Master Sergeant Leadership Course

* Undergraduate and graduate degree programs--Community College of the Air Force, Air Force Institute of Technology (Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio), School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Air Command and Staff College, Air War College

* Professional continuing education--Air Force Institute of Technology (Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio), Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development (USAF Chaplain Service Institute, Air Force Judge Advocate General School, Air Force Human Resource Management School, Commander's Professional Development School, USAF First Sergeant Academy, Professional Military Comptroller School, USAF Historian Development School, International Officer School), College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education (Air Force Wargaming Institute, Airpower Research Institute, Public Affairs Center of Excellence, Warfare Studies Institute)

* Headquarters Air University Academic Office--Academic Affairs Division, Registrar Division, Center for Teaching Excellence (Faculty Development Division, Academic Instructor School)

* Air Force Institute for Advance Distributed Learning (Extension Course Program, Air Technology Network, Air Force ADL Focal Point)

* Air University Library--Air University Press

* Communications & Information Office--Air University Television

* Civil Air Patrol--USAF

* 42nd Air Base Wing

2nd Air Force (technical training) Keesler AFB, Miss.

* 17th Training Wing, Goodfellow AFB, Texas

* 37th Training Wing, Lackland AFB, Texas

* 81st Training Wing, Keesler AFB, Miss.

* 82nd Training Wing, Sheppard AFB, Texas

* 381st Training Group, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

19th Air Force (flying training), Randolph AFB, Texas

* 12th Flying Training Wing, Randolph AFB, Texas (T-1A, T-6A, T-37B, T-38C, T-43A)

* 14th Flying Training Wing, Columbus AFB, Miss. (T-1A, T-37B, T-38C)

* 23rd Flying Training Squadron, Fort Rucker, Ala. (UH-1H)

* 47th Flying Training Wing, Laughlin AFB, Texas (T-1A, T-6, T-38C)

* 56th Fighter Wing, Luke AFB, Ariz. (F-16C/D)

* 58th Special Operations Wing, Kirtland AFB, N.M. (HC-130P/N, HH-60G, MC-130H/P, MH-53J, UH-1N)

* 71st Flying Training Wing, Vance AFB, Okla. (T-6A, T-1A, T-37B, T-38C)

* 80th Flying Training Wing, Sheppard AFB, Texas (T-37B, T-38A, AT-38B)

* 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB, Okla. (C-51, C-17, KC-135)

* 306th Flying Training Group, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo. (TG-10B/C/D, TG-14, TG-15A/B, UV-18, T-41D, C-150, DA-20-C1)

* 314th Airlift Wing, Little Rock AFB, Ark. (C-130E/J)

* 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall AFB, Fla. (F-15C/D, F/A-22A, Undergraduate Controller and Air Battle Manager Training, Weapons Director Training)

* 336th Training Group, Fairchild AFB, Wash. (UH-1N, Aircrew Survival Training)

* 45th Airlift Flight, Keesler AFB, Miss. (C-21)

* 479th Flying Training Group, Moody AFB, Ga. (T-6A, T-38C)

Air Force Recruiting Service, Randolph AFB, Texas

* 360th Recruiting Group, Hanscom AFB, Mass.

* 367th Recruiting Group, Robins AFB, Ga.

* 369th Recruiting Group, Lackland AFB, Texas

* 372nd Recruiting Group, Hill AFB, Utah


* 59th Medical Wing, Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB, Texas

* Air Force Occupational Measurement Squadron, Randolph AFB, Texas

* Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron, Randolph AFB, Texas

Commander: Gen. William R. Looney III

Headquarters: Randolph AFB, Texas

Command Chief Master Sgt.: Chief Master Sgt. Rodney E. Ellison

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