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Air Cargo News.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Air Cargo News) Jul 11, 2010

Freight forwarders say they are ready for cargo screening deadline.

TSA officials in Los Angeles showed off a $200,000 X-ray machine on Thursday, demonstrating how the cargo industry is mobilizing to meet an Aug. 1 deadline for screening 100% of shipments aboard commercial aircraft. Thursday's demonstration took place at an independent cargo screening warehouse near LAX -- one of 810 such facilities certified by the TSA to help airlines meet the screening requirement. Jul 9, 2010

Boeing Boeing has a long-term aim to adapt its Boeing 747 Dreamlifters as a "combi" to allow them to transport small groups of personnel in the nose section. This would enable the outsize freighter to carry up to 16 passengers on flights operating between the 787 production plants in support of the subassembly transport process. The airframer's fleet of four 747-400 Large Cargo Freighters does not have approval to fly with any supernumerary crew, meaning that it can only operate with aircrew (up to four) on board. A revision to the LCF's certification to allow non-aircrew to be carried is planned as the first stage of a process that could eventually lead to a small passenger cabin being installed at the front of the main deck, which is currently empty, says Boeing's vice-president supplier management Bob Noble. "With 16 seats in the nose, we'd have our own daily direct flight to Nagoya - on the airlines you have to go through Tokyo." Jul 7, 2010

Emirates SkyCargo Emirates SkyCargo reported that its shipments of e-freight, paperless cargo consignments, reached the 1 million kg. per month milestone. It also passed the 16 million kg. mark in total e-freight shipments this week. The carrier, which long has been an advocate of the IATA e-freight initiative, reported that it achieved the landmark in just 19 months and now is handling around 12% of its shipments from e-freight compliant airports on a paperless basis. In November 2008, Emirates started transporting e-freight shipments to/from five airports. It said 38 airports in SkyCargo's network are now e-freight compliant. It estimates that more than 50 of its airports will be handling e-freight by year end. Jul 7, 2010

FedEx FedEx says unionization push could restrict rural deliveries. Small contractors in at least 19 states say they could be forced to cut the least profitable rural delivery coverage if Congress passes a bill designed to encourage unionization at FedEx. If a unionized workforce results in higher costs, experts say FedEx could be forced to cut deliveries in remote areas, squeezing contractors out of business. Jul 6, 2010

Qantas Airways, Lockheed Martin Australia's Qantas Airways has renewed a contract with the country's Defence Materiel Organisation for the maintenance and support of the air force's fleet of 12 Lockheed Martin C-130H tactical transports. Australia's Qantas Airways has renewed a contract with the country's Defence Materiel Organisation for the maintenance and support of the air force's fleet of 12 Lockheed Martin C-130H tactical transports. The three-year extension, which is worth A$136 million ($118 million), will cover a range of maintenance, engineering and logistics support activities for the Royal Australian Air Force's air lift system program office. Jul 9, 2010

TNT Airways TNT Airways added another 747-400ERF to its European air hub in Liege to meet growing demand for airfreight capacity between China and Europe. It increased its service frequency to six flights per week to/from Shanghai and five flights per week to/from Hong Kong. TNT is based in Belgium and has a fleet of Boeing 737-300, Boeing 747-400, BAe146-110/200 and BAeAvro RJ70 cargo aircraft according to AirGuideAircraft Fleets. Jul 8, 2010

UPS UPS launches international green-shipping program. UPS is rolling out its carbon-neutral shipping program to 35 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas following the program's positive reception in the U.S. Shippers will be able to pay a small fee -- about 75 cents for an international package -- to offset their shipment's carbon emissions. UPS will match up to $1 million in offset payments through the end of this year. Jul 6, 2010

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