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Air Cargo News.

Apr 30, 2007

China's airlines maintained their rapid growth rate in the first quarter, enjoying a 15.9% year-over-year rise in passengers to 40.9 million and a 13.3% gain in freight to 858,000 tonnes, according to CAAC statistics released yesterday. International numbers lifted significantly. International passengers climbed 23.9% to 3.8 million and freight rose 25.1% to 238,000 tonnes. CAAC attributed the improvement to growth in both imports and exports as well as airlines' capacity increases. Apr 25, 2007

In 2005, international cargo and passenger traffic rose 13.7% and 9.5% respectively, which compared to 19.5% cargo and 23.7% passenger growth for foreign carriers operating in China. Last year the scenario reversed as China's airlines grew 15.5% and 19.5% respectively, outpacing foreign airline cargo growth of 13.1% and a passenger increase of 7.8%. Apr 25, 2007

Air Cargo Management Group released its latest 20-year freighter aircraft forecast last week, projecting that the global fleet will more than double in size from 1,801 units currently to 3,883 by 2026. "In addition to freighter fleet expansion. . .more than 1,100 existing freighters will be retired over the next 20 years," ACMG Project Director Robert Dahl said. "Taking both growth and replacement into account, ACMG predicts the need for more than 3,200 new and converted freighters through 2026, an average of 160 units added per year." Widebodies, which now make up just over half of the world's freighters, will comprise a 64% share by 2026, Dahl said. Apr 23, 2007

Airbus, EADS, United Aircraft Building

EADS and United Aircraft Building Corp. will operate a joint venture to convert A320s and A321s to freighters for entry into service beginning in 2011. Speaking yesterday at Airbus's annual Technical Press Briefing in Toulouse, COO-Customers John Leahy said the conversions will take place a t facilities in Dresden and north of Moscow. The cost for an A320P2F will be $4.5 million, rising to $5 million for an A321P2F. The converted A320 freighter will carry a payload of 23 tons while the A321 will carry up 27 tons. Apr 26, 2007

LAN Airlines, Airbus, Boeing

LAN Airlines announced it likely will lease up to four Airbus A340s next year and add four Boeing 777 freighters in 2009-11. Apr 26, 2007


UPS predicts growth in Europe, China United Parcel Service expects export volume growth of 25% in 2007 in China. The company also predicts "double-digit" growth in European markets. "We see no reason why the growth trends in these regions should slow down in the short term," Chief Financial Officer Scott Davis said Wednesday. Apr 26, 2007


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Apr 23, 2007
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