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Ain't no mountain high enough.

Having redefined winter excitement with its radical and innovative SnowBoogie and sled designs the last couple of years, Wham-O, Inc., Emeryville, Calif., has taken the "downhill" industry a step further with its "Human Factors" methodology--combining performance, ergonomics, and rider skill level to create a new line of sleds that are especially tailored to accommodate riders of all sizes and abilities. Each of three levels is determined by measuring a combination of the rider's human factors (skill level as it relates to speed, maneuverability, distance, and ease of use), coupled with the most common rider dimensions.

For advanced riders, it's about getting airborne. The SnowBoogie line makes that possible with the Super G, Air Luge, and Air Thunder models. The Super G ($29.99) scoffs at gravity as it takes riders on a journey of epic speeds thanks to its parabolic bottom rails and unique twin-tip. The Air Luge ($39.99) is a durable and sleek two-person sled that moves at high speeds but affords stability and control. Finally, advanced riders quickly will learn that thunder and lightening go hand in hand as they "bolt" down the slopes at electrifying speeds aboard Air Thunder, causing a "storm" of excitement. This double-handled supercharged foam beauty is the ultimate. Riders, turn on your after burners!

For the intermediate sledder, there also is a bevy of choices, but we especially like the Sno Raptor ($25). Its bottom tracking "fangs" and sleek aerodynamic feel give this sled superior steering and increased maneuverability.

Future Olympians, meanwhile, can start training now with the SnowBoogie Luge ($29.99). This hard, durable plastic sled has tracking rails along the bottom that rival the handling and performance of a real luge.

For the true treat of the season, though, there is Snow Hog ($49.99). According to Wham-O, it's the newest, coolest, hippest, and 'badlest' winter sled to date." We agree--unless, of course, you have something against riding a Big Wheel--sans the wheels--down a mountain.

For more information on Wham-O sleds, visit, as his space has barely scratched the surface.
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Title Annotation:What's New?; sleds from Wham-O Inc.
Publication:USA Today (Magazine)
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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