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Aidmatrix Announces Major Milestones, Touches Millions of Lives in First Year; Sun Microsystems and EDS Lead Impressive List of Technology Partners and Major Donors.

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New Disaster Relief Exchange Announced

After its first year of inception, i2 Foundation's Aidmatrix program, a not-for-profit online network, today announced that it has helped meet the basic needs of over 3.6 million people since the organization began deploying solutions in mid-2001. Through its humanitarian aid management systems, Aidmatrix has supported the delivery of more than 29 million meals, and 36 million pounds of food. Aidmatrix also continues to build out its strong network of partners and major donors with Sun Microsystems and EDS leading the way. Aidmatrix also announced the development of an Internet-based solution that will aid disaster response organizations - the Aidmatrix Relief Exchange.

Aidmatrix offers solutions to the challenges involved in the delivery of humanitarian aid. Its mission is to reduce waste, increase efficiency and increase capacity so that more people can be served. The Aidmatrix goal is to touch 50 million lives by the year 2005.

The Aidmatrix partner and donor network continues to grow with technology partners Sun and EDS being recently joined by major technical donors including Oracle, webMethods and BEA Systems. Partners and donors of Aidmatrix provide a variety of technical and business products and services, which assist not-for-profit organizations in meeting the challenges they face in helping serve those in need.

"Our work with non-profit groups such as America's Second Harvest, Counterpart International, the North Texas Food Bank, Civicus and Share our Strength would not be possible without the ongoing support and commitment of our growing partner network," said Lekha Singh, CEO for Aidmatrix. "The participation of Sun Microsystems and EDS as key partners helps Aidmatrix continue to improve the quality of life and survival rates of people in need. We are energized by their spirit and pleased that they are offering their products, services and time to help us as we continue to make the connection between where aid items are and where they need to be."

Sun and Aidmatrix have forged a strategic alliance to combine their complementary strengths to create innovative and effective technology solutions to drive significant value for the humanitarian aid delivery system. Together, Sun and Aidmatrix intend to work on a Center of Excellence, built to aid in the development of the Global Aidmatrix Portal on SunONE portal server technology. "Aidmatrix has changed the way people in need are helped throughout the world by leveraging technologies that are typically used within the corporate arena," said Julius Lukacs, Global Alliances for Sun Microsystems. "We are especially pleased to offer Sun Microsystems' leading-edge server technology as the hardware backbone for this solution. We are committed to helping Aidmatrix achieve its goal of touching 50 million lives by 2005."

EDS is a leading global information technology (IT) services company. The company provides hosting services for Aidmatrix partners and intends to provide hosting for the new Relief Exchange. "One of the most effective ways to assist non-profit organizations in accomplishing their goals is to provide tools that allow them to work more efficiently," said Tish Atchison, EDS Client Executive. "Our relationship with Aidmatrix is helping to link the non-profit world together to work more efficiently. EDS's portfolio of services is helping these organizations embrace speed in order to respond quickly to people in need."

Reaching out to Disaster Relief Organizations

In addition to hunger relief programs, Aidmatrix also has a vision of helping disaster response organizations. Today, Aidmatrix announced with the development of the Aidmatrix Relief Exchange, with the input of National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD), a group of disaster relief organizations including the Salvation Army, Red Cross and America's Second Harvest, to coordinate donation management at disaster sites. The Sun-i2 stack is slated to power the internet-based Relief Exchange, with EDS planning to provide hosting and services.

The web-based relief exchange system aims to allow disaster response organizations to add their immediate needs to an online site that can be accessed by donors who wish to meet specific requests for aid. Aidmatrix intends to minimize the excess stock of donations that are sent in times of disaster, making it possible for disaster response organizations to focus on their most critical work.

Aidmatrix also has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Japanese equivalent of VOAD. After laying a foundation of operational solutions in the U.S., Aidmatrix is branching out across the globe with partnerships in Canada and Europe, as well as Japan.

"Recent natural disasters around the globe have made our goal of connecting with disaster relief organizations more of an imperative," added Singh. "Our work on the Relief Exchange is a significant step in helping close the gap between donors and response agencies, as well as reducing waste so that more people in need can be served. We believe the Aidmatrix technology will be an effective tool in providing timely knowledge that gives response units the necessary intelligence for better planning in times of disaster."

Aidmatrix, launched by the i2 Foundation, is a not-for-profit online network with a mission to help streamline the delivery of humanitarian aid. With world-class technology, Aidmatrix will provide the information, decision support, and collaboration environment for partners to more effectively provide food, clothing, building supplies and other aid items to people in need. Partner organizations include the world's leading suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of food and aid items, major non-profit organizations, independent transportation providers and freight e-marketplaces, technology providers, and other industry leaders and organizations. Aidmatrix has set a goal to touch 50 million lives by 2005. Based in Dallas, Aidmatrix is supported by donations of cash and in-kind services. Visit Aidmatrix at

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