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Aid to Women. (News in Brief: Canada).

Toronto--On February 6, 2003 two anti-Catholic organizations, the "Catholic Network for Women's Equality" and "Catholics for a Free Choice--Canada", sent a submission to the Toronto Catholic District School Board regarding Hallowe'en fund raising. They asked the Board to reverse the decision it took in 1998 and reinstate funding for UNICEF, or at least replace the group "Aid to Women" with another charity. The main thrust of this submission was a malicious and vicious attack on Aid to Women.

Aid to Women is very effective in helping young mothers keep their babies. Situated right next to an abortion "clinic" on Toronto's downtown Gerrard St., its tiny staff saves an average of one hundred babies a year by reaching out to the women looking for an abortion.

In May, the Toronto trustees decided to follow the recommendation of the Archdiocese of Toronto and support the Holy Childhood Association and Development and Peace in raising funds for the children of the world at Hallowe'en time.

Aid to Women was given an opportunity for a fund-raising campaign during Respect for Life Week.

For the true nature of UNICEF, see our article "UNICEF and Catholic Schools," C.I., April, 2003, pp. 36-37.
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Publication:Catholic Insight
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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