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Ahsan Iqbal's assassination attempt.

In his first media interaction, post the failed assassination attempt of Ahsan Iqbal, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has vowed to not let general elections be delayed in the country at any cost.Referring to the huge gatherings across the country, Nawaz pointed out that everyone can witness the enthusiasm of the people of Pakistan, prior to elections.

If anyone tries to postpone the elections, the 200 million people of this country will stand-up against such elements, he added. He used this opportunity to play upon the peoples enthusiasm and expressed a desire to amend the laws for the appointment of judges, in which the Parliament should play an active part.

The PML-N leader wants to change the standard operating procedure of the Supreme Judicial Council.He went on to confess that journalists are more aware of the prevailing mood of the nation.

He enquired from the journalists, have you ever seen such mood of the nation in the 70-year history of the nation? At a time when people have understood the slogan enforcing sanctity to votes and its upheaval, with passion and fervor, in each house and street, who can postpone the elections? He asked.To strengthen his words, while interacting with reporters informally outside the accountability court, after attending the 62nd hearing of a corruption case against him and his family, Nawaz ensured his followers that the National Accountability Bureau had no evidence against him in the on-going cases.

If they had anything legitimate against me, then, the cases would have reached their conclusionsm_4641088443541278436gmail-aBnm_4641088443541278436gmail-aQJin eight weeks, not eight months he claimed.Apparently, Nawazs counsel, Khawaja Harris is playing delaying tactics.

Nawaz wants a situation where the court, prosecution or the political environment is acquiescent to their needs and wants. Nawaz wants a respite, and the house of Nawaz and his close aides are building a case in public which appears as if they are targeted at someones behest, and prosecution is taking place in undue haste.

Almost similar sentiments were shared by the Federal Minister for Interior, Talal Chaudhary who also ensured that elections will take place on time and not a minute of delay will be allowed. PML-N is ready to sacrifice anything to hold elections on time, he said.

Chaudhary lamented the forces behind the attack on Iqbal, but rather than pointing fingers on the failure of Punjab and the Federal Government to provide foolproof security to politicians,he passionately asked what message are we sending to the world by disqualifying the sitting premier and attacking the interior minister? Rather than making futile allegations against the culprit, the minister should question his own partys policies for failing to take actions against religious fundamentalists and bowing down to their pressure after sit-ins in Islamabad and Lahore.Nawaz has presented a narrative where, using the slogan of sanctity of vote, he wants to make a comeback to power after winning the majority in next elections.

While addressingm_4641088443541278436gmail-aBnm_4641088443541278436gmail-aQJSundays[May 06] jalsa in Mansehra, the ousted premier expressed a desire to use the Parliament to overturn the apex courts decision to disqualify him for life.Therefore, sensing the mood of the nation, who is favoring him in this crisis, he wants to revoke them_4641088443541278436gmail-aBnm_4641088443541278436gmail-aQJJuly 28disqualification verdict by changing the law in Parliament.

In a bid to bring back his authority, Nawaz is adamant that he was being targeted to throw him out of politics. He is contemplating to introduce a new system after winning the upcoming elections.

Moreover, PML-N hawks on social media are raising fingers on PTI and the security establishment for an attack on Iqbal, which is a very dangerous trend. Despite, the admission of the attacker and his political and religious affiliations being known, PML-N is trying to take a political mileage over the assassination attempt.

The PML-Ns leadership will never let the elections delay. The politically astute Nawaz knows that the only way to avert pressure, intense scrutiny and accountability is to regain the power in the center, to make amendments in the NAB ordinance and legislate parliament to revoke Nawazs disqualification.
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Publication:The Balochistan Express (Quetta, Pakistan)
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Date:May 9, 2018
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