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Ahmeti gives Prishtina list of 50 fighters, urges Kosovo to arrest them.

During his visit to Prishtina on Monday, BDI leader Ali Ahmeti is said to have provided a list of 50 persons that reportedly took part in the attack on the Gosince border post or operated as logistics, and urged the Kosovo authorities to find them and arrest them, Vecer reports.

On Monday he met Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and Parliament Speaker Kadri Veseli, at which, at least according to official reports, bilateral relations, security and Albanian minority rights were discussed, as there was no mention of the Gosince border post attack.

Kosovo media reported though that some of Ahmeti's talks with his hosts were held behind closed doors and that Ahmeti provided on that occasion a list of some 50 people whom he suspected took part in or were otherwise related to the border post incident. The threats against Lipkovo Mayor Sadulla Duraku were also tabled. Duraku, according to Vecer's information, went to Prishtina of his own decision to seek guarantees for his safety.

"Our sources confirmed that Ahmeti brought a list of 50 people suspected of involvement in the Gosince incident that he gave to the Kosovo authorities. Ahmeti told the Kosovo officials that Commander Hoxha was behind the attack even though Hoxha earlier said he had nothing to do with it,' Bota Sot of Prihstina reports.

Ahmeti's Chief of Staff Artan Grubi denied this information on Wednesday via Facebook. He dismissed Bota Sot's reports as speculations, libel and amateurism.

"No such list was provided at the meeting. We are a political party, not police,' Grubi told Vecer.

The paper says that leaders of the group that carried out the Gosince attack were Mirsad Ndrecaj, who has already taken responsibility, and Muhamed Krasniqi, known as commander Malisheva. During the armed conflict of 2001, they were both members of UCK's 113th brigade. These two are also said to have threatened Duraku, who collaborated with them in 2001.

Vecer's sources say that the reason why Ahmeti met only Thaci and Veseli and not Prime Minister Isa Mustafa and President Jatifete Jahjaga is because he believes Thaci and Veseli still have some influence over UCK's veterans.

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Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Apr 30, 2015
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