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Ahmeti continues to deny president Ivanov's legitimacy three days prior to his inauguration.

BDI's leadership will have to decide Friday at the latest whether to recognize the legitimacy of President Gjorge Ivanov and continue negotiations over striking their third governing coalition with VMRO-DPMNE or cease talks altogether. Recognizing the president's legitimacy is the condition that VMRO-DPMNE set to BDI for entering a new ruling partnership with them.

High-ranking BDI officials say that the final decision of BDI's central presidency will be communicated to VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski by BDI leader Ahmeti in person. They doubt however the party would eventually recognize the legitimacy of the head of state.

"The central presidency is going to analyze the pros and cons and everything that the party could gain and lose from a decision to recognize Ivanov's legitimacy. We are going to table the issue yet judging from the general mood in the party, recognizing Ivanov's legitimacy is hardly likely. We believe we are the absolute winners in these elections and we should therefore not feel alarmed. Whatever our decision, Ahmeti is going to communicate it to Gruevski in person," a BDI official told Dnevnik.

BDI however believe that their exclusion from the new government negotiations is just as unlikely considering such a decision would aggravate the political crisis created by SDSM's decision not to recognize the election results and boycott institutions and would definitely result in new elections.

They are also said to be willing to recognize the legitimacy of the president and "forget" about their campaign of a consensual president on condition they are granted the Parliament Speaker's office and are given guarantees that Macedonia would join NATO in September.

According to BDI officials, who are part of the team conducting negotiations, if these main obstacles are overcome, the division of power would then be much easier to make.

VMRO-DPMNE told BDI as early as their first meeting to find a way to recognize Ivanov's legitimacy, explicitly or not, and attend Ivanov's inauguration if they wish to stay in the talks for the new government.

BDI said Thursday that all information recently reported about in the media concerning the division of ministries and offices between the winning parties were ill-intended and untenable speculations.

"Talks are still in their initial stage when the two political parties are aligning their election platforms for a possible joint rule and this stage precedes the other two--establishing the principles of the joint rule and the distribution of offices and departments," BDI said in their official announcement.

The parliamentary service is ready for the meeting at which the terms of the new MPs will be verified, Zarko Denkoski, the Parliament's Secretary General, said Thursday.

Parliament authorities say that the session at which the new Parliament will be constituted will most probably be held on Saturday and that President Ivanov's inauguration will be held on Monday. The meetings however have not yet been scheduled since BDI have not yet aired their position of whether they would recognize the president's legitimacy, while BDI and VMRO-DPMNE have not yet reached an agreement over what party should fill the Parliament Speaker's office.
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Title Annotation:MIC NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:May 9, 2014
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