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Ahead of the game. (View Point).

As the new owner of a not-so-new condominium, I find myself faced with a variety of improvement projects. Some I can tackle myself; others will have to be done by a professional. But the array of products available and all the possibilities they offer have my head swimming with questions.

Should I opt for, a sleek pedestal sink to replace the bulky vanity in my master bath? Should I go hog-wild and replace my shower stall with a nice deep tub? What kind of tile would be best for the walls and floors? Which brands offer the best value for the money? Where do I find what I want? And then there's the kitchen.

All of you have heard questions like these from your clients, but the tables are turning now. Today's consumers are more knowledgeable than ever about what's available to them, and they frequently take the initiative by researching the products they're interested in and finding out where they can be purchased. To keep ahead of your clients, you need to expand beyond the product types and manufacturers you're familiar with, but where do you go?

You can start right here. What you hold in your hands is the most comprehensive listing of building product manufacturers available. More than 14,000 product listings, all broken down by handy categories, will help you find manufacturers that make just what you and your customers are looking for, whether it's Western red cedar or steam rooms, cork flooring or quartz surfacing. When the job calls for linear molding, flip to page 148. Need to choose composite decking, one of the fastest-growing product categories? Listings start on page 74.

When it comes to making product selections for my condo, my job gives me the inside scoop on the newest, neatest products from many different makers. With this guide, you, too, will have the inside scoop, not only on the well-established companies and product lines, but also on emerging product categories and the newest players. Use it to keep ahead of the game--and your clients.

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Author:Miller, Stephani L.
Date:Aug 1, 2003
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