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Ahad Cheema's arrest not breach of human, constitutional rights.

ISLAMABAD -- The arrest of former Director General Lahore Development Authority Ahad Cheema was not the breach of his basic human or constitutional rights as the law authorizes National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to inquire, investigate and collect evidence of corruption charges against anyone without any discrimination.

The NAB is mandated to eradicate corruption from the country under NAO, a press release Thursday said.

A person enjoying whatever position could never impress upon the NAB and could not impede the course of justice.

NAB as an institution assures that the NAB would never deviate from the law, and always work under its mandate. The policy of NAB is based on non discrimination and upholding self respect of every accused.

Ahad Cheema has been apprehended as per law after showing arrest warrants that too with due respect and then he was shifted to NAB office.

Ahad Cheema has been provided medicine, food and other essential items as per law.

It may be kept in mind that the court can only judge the veracity of corruption accusations or a person is guilty or innocent. But apparently Ahad's arrest was required due to serious alleged allegations corruption against him and his role in the corrupt practices. Ahad Cheema is accused of corruption worth million of rupees.

NAB Ordinance 1999 authorizes it to inquire corruption charges and collect evidence as per law. The NAB reminded that the case of Ahad Cheema is also subjudice in the court of law. A writ petition has already been filed in Lahore High Court. So the merits or demerits of the case of Ahad Cheema could not be discussed or debated.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Feb 23, 2018
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