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Articles from Agronomy (October 1, 2020)

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10-Years Studies of the Soil Physical Condition after One-Time Biochar Application. Pranagal, Jacek; Kraska, Piotr 10774
A Concept of a Compact and Inexpensive Device for Controlling Weeds with Laser Beams. Rakhmatulin, Ildar; Andreasen, Christian 6543
A Novel Graft between Pac Choi (Brassica rapa var. chinensis) and Daikon Radish (Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus). Gong, Tian; Ray, Zachary T.; Butcher, Kylee E.; Black, Zachary E.; Zhao, Xin; Brecht, Jeffrey K. 10800
A Review for Southern Highbush Blueberry Alternative Production Systems. Fang, Yang; Nunez, Gerardo H.; da Silva, Mariana Neves; Phillips, Douglas A.; Munoz, Patricio R. 7328
A Simple Light-Use-Efficiency Model to Estimate Wheat Yield in the Semi-Arid Areas. Khabba, Said; Er-Raki, Salah; Toumi, Jihad; Ezzahar, Jamal; Hssaine, Bouchra Ait; Le Page, Michel; C 11257
Achievements and Challenges towards a Sustainable Conservation and Use of 'Galega vulgar' Olea europaea Variety. Sales, Helia; Nunes, Joao; Vaz Patto, Maria Carlota 15133
Aegilops tauschii Introgressions Improve Physio-Biochemical Traits and Metabolite Plasticity in Bread Wheat under Drought Stress. Itam, Michael; Abdelrahman, Mostafa; Yamasaki, Yuji; Mega, Ryosuke; Gorafi, Yasir; Akashi, Kinya; Ts 8012
Agricultural Uses of Juglone: Opportunities and Challenges. Islam, A. K. M. Mominul; Widhalm, Joshua R. 11810
Agronomic and Environmental Implications of Substituting Pig Slurry for Synthetic Nitrogen in Mediterranean Wheat Systems. Mateo-Marin, Noemi; Isla, Ramon; Guillen, Monica; Quilez, Dolores 9976
Alleviation of Salt Stress by Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria in Hydroponic Leaf Lettuce. Moncada, Alessandra; Vetrano, Filippo; Miceli, Alessandro 12496
An Arable Field for Benchmarking of Metaheuristic Algorithms for Capacitated Coverage Path Planning Problems. Moghadam, Erfan Khosravani; Vahdanjoo, Mahdi; Jensen, Allan Leck; Sharifi, Mohammad; Sorensen, Claus 7814
Bacterial Community in Soils Following Century-Long Application of Organic or Inorganic Fertilizers under Continuous Winter Wheat Cultivation. Li, Xiufen; Deng, Shiping; Raun, William R.; Wang, Yan; Teng, Ying 7919
Balancing Forage Production, Seed Yield, and Pest Management in the Perennial Sunflower Silphiutn integrifoliutn (Asteraceae). Vilela, Alejandra E.; Gonzalez-Paleo, Luciana; Ravetta, Damian A.; Murrell, Ebony G.; Van Tassel, Da 8625
Benchmarking the Agronomic Performance of Biodegradable Mulches against Polyethylene Mulch Film: A Meta-Analysis. Tofanelli, Mauro B.D.; Wortman, Sam E. 5997
Beneficial Effects of Biochar-Based Organic Fertilizer on Nitrogen Assimilation, Antioxidant Capacities, and Photosynthesis of Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) under Saline-Alkaline Stress. Zhang, Pengfei; Yang, Fangfang; Zhang, He; Liu, Lei; Liu, Xinyu; Chen, Jingting; Wang, Xin; Wang, Yu 9045
Beyond Beer: Hop Shoot Production and Nutritional Composition under Mediterranean Climatic Conditions. Rossini, Francesco; Virga, Giuseppe; Loreti, Paolo; Provenzano, Maria Elena; Danieli, Pier Paolo; Ru 6128
Biomass, Seed and Energy Yield of Cynara cardunculus L. as Affected by Environment and Season. Ierna, Anita; Sortino, Orazio; Mauromicale, Giovanni 9108
Cadmium Uptake in Native Cacao Trees in Agricultural Lands of Bagua, Peru. Oliva, Manuel; Rubio, Karol; Epquin, Melissa; Marlo, Gladys; Leiva, Santos 5519
Can Control of Glyphosate Susceptible and Resistant Conyza sumatrensis Populations Be Dependent on the Herbicide Formulation or Adjuvants? Palma-Bautista, Candelario; Tataridas, Alexandras; Kanatas, Panagiotis; Travlos, Ilias S.; Bastida, 6214
Changes in Pisum sativum L. Plants and in Soil as a Result of Application of Selected Foliar Fertilizers and Biostimulators. Sulewska, Hanna; Niewiadomska, Alicja; Ratajczak, Karolina; Budka, Anna; Panasiewicz, Katarzyna; Fal 15402
Chemical and Biological Properties of Sandy Loam Soil in Response to Long-Term Organic-Mineral Fertilisation in a Warm-Summer Humid Continental Climate. Jaskulska, Iwona; Lemanowicz, Joanna; Boruta, Barbara Breza; Ziomek, Anetta Siwik; Radziemska, Maja; 10213
Chili Pepper Landrace Survival and Family Farmers in Central Chile. Munoz-Concha, Diego; Quinones, Ximena; Hernandez, Juan Pablo; Romero, Sebastian 8846
Chlorophyll-a Fluorescence Analysis Reveals Differential Response of Photosynthetic Machinery in Melatonin-Treated Oat Plants Exposed to Osmotic Stress. Alyammahi, Onoud; Gururani, Mayank Anand 7847
Climate Change May Imperil Tea Production in the Four Major Tea Producers According to Climate Prediction Models. Jayasinghe, Sadeeka Layomi; Kumar, Lalit Report 11761
Climate Change: A New Challenge for the Winemaking Sector. Fraga, Helder 1719
Combined Linkage Mapping and Genome-Wide Association Study Identified QTLs Associated with Grain Shape and Weight in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). Kang, Ju-Won; Kabange, Nkulu Rolly; Phyo, Zarchi; Park, So-Yeon; Lee, So-Myeong; Lee, Ji-Yun; Shin, 11104
Combining Ability of Early-Maturing Yellow Maize Inbreds under Combined Drought and Heat Stress and Well-Watered Environments. Nasser, Laouali M.; Badu-Apraku, Baffour; Gracen, Vernon E.; Mafouasson, Hortense N.A. 13354
Comparative Performance of Integrated Nutrient Management between Composted Agricultural Wastes, Chemical Fertilizers, and Biofertilizers in Improving Soil Quantitative and Qualitative Properties and Crop Yields under Arid Conditions. Al-Suhaibani, Nasser; Selim, Mostafa; Alderfasi, Ali; El-Hendawy, Salah 16059
Comparison of Flavonoid Profiles in Sprouts of Radiation Breeding Wheat Lines (Triticum aestivum L.). Han, Ah-Reum; Hong, Min Jeong; Nam, Bomi; Kim, Bo-Ram; Park, Hyeon Hwa; Baek, Inwoo; Kil, Yun-Seo; N 6320
Comprehensive In Silico Characterization and Expression Profiling of Nine Gene Families Associated with Calcium Transport in Soybean. Zeng, Houqing; Zhao, Bingqian; Wu, Haicheng; Zhu, Yiyong; Chen, Huatao Report 10352
Confirmation and Characterization of the First Case of Acetolactate Synthase (ALS)-Inhibitor--Resistant Wild Buckwheat (Polygonum convolvulus L.) in the United States. Pandian, Balaji Aravindhan; Friesen, Abigail; Laforest, Martin; Peterson, Dallas E.; Prasad, P. V. V 4463
Congruity of the Polymorphisms in the Expressed and Noncoding Parts of the Gli-B1 Locus in Common Wheat. Popovych, Yulia; Chebotar, Sabina; Melnik, Viktor; Rodriguez-Quijano, Marta; Pascual, Laura; Rogers, 7217
Contrasting Growth, Photosynthesis, Antioxidant Responses and Water Use Efficiency in Two Medicago sativa L. Genotypes under Different Phosphorus and Soil Water Conditions. Fan, Jing-Wei; Yang, Xiao-Wei; Wang, Tao; Li, Yuan; Zhao, Hong; Du, Yan-Lei 9897
Crocus sativus L. Cultivation in Alpine Environments: Stigmas and Tepals as Source of Bioactive Compounds. Caser, Matteo; Demasi, Sonia; Stelluti, Stefania; Donno, Dario; Scariot, Valentina 13587
Crop Modeling Application to Improve Irrigation Efficiency in Year-Round Vegetable Production in the Texas Winter Garden Region. Kim, Sumin; Meki, Manyowa N.; Kim, Sojung; Kiniry, James R. 5877
Data Mining Nitrogen-Responsive Gene Expression for Source-Sink Relations and Indicators of N Status in Potato. Parenteau, Mia T.; Gu, Hong; Zebarth, Bernie J.; Cambouris, Athyna N.; Lafond, Jean; Nelson, Alison; 10849
Deacclimation of Winter Oilseed Rape--Insight into Physiological Changes. Rys, Magdalena; Pociecha, Ewa; Oliwa, Jakub; Ostrowska, Agnieszka; Jurczyk, Barbara; Saja, Diana; Ja 13136
Dependence of Fresh Grapes and Wine Taste Scores on the Origin of Varieties and Weather Conditions of the Harvest Year in the Northern Zone of Industrial Viticulture in Russia. Novikova, Liubov Yu.; Naumova, Lyudmila G. 7485
Development of Pretreatment Strategies for the Fractionation of Hazelnut Shells in the Scope of Biorefinery. Lopez, Laura; Rivas, Sandra; Moure, Andres; Vila, Carlos; Parajo, Juan Carlos Report 7282
Distribution of Pigeon Pea Cyst Nematode and Root-Knot Nematodes in Major Sesame Growing Areas in Myanmar. Min, Yu Yu; Naing, Thu Htet; Htun, Nwe Nwe; Myint, Aung Kyaw; Ichinose, Yuri; Perry, Roland N.; Yosh 5020
Economic Sustainability of Small-Scale Aquaponic Systems for Food Self-Production. Lobillo-Eguibar, Jose; Fernandez-Cabanas, Victor M.; Bermejo, Luis Alberto; Perez-Urrestarazu, Luis 10523
Effect of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid (ALA) on the Biochemical and Physiological Parameters of Postharvest Quality of Polygonatum multiflorum L. All. 'Variegatum' Cut Foliage. Rubinowska, Katarzyna; Pogroszewska, Elzbieta; Szot, Pawel 7344
Effect of Bacterial Inoculum and Fertigation Management on Nursery and Field Production of Lettuce Plants. Vetrano, Filippo; Miceli, Claudia; Angileri, Vincenzo; Frangipane, Benedetto; Moncada, Alessandra; M 10868
Effect of Some Citrus Essential Oils on Post-Harvest Shelf Life and Physicochemical Quality of Strawberries during Cold Storage. Shehata, Said A.; Abdeldaym, Emad A.; Ali, Marwa R.; Mohamed, Reda M.; Bob, Rwotonen I.; Abdelgawad, 11761
Effectiveness of Humic Substances and Phenolic Compounds in Regulating Plant-Biological Functionality. Muscolo, Adele; Pizzeghello, Diego; Francioso, Ornella; Cortes, Santiago Sanchez; Nardi, Serenella 7082
Effects of Foliar Application of Urea and Urea-Formaldehyde/Triazone on Soybean and Corn Crops. Cassim, Bruno Maia Abdo Rahmen; Machado, Antonio Pedro Martins; Fortune, Daniel; Moreira, Fernando R 7281
Effects of Fruit and Vegetable Wastes and Biodegradable Municipal Wastes Co-Mixed Composts on Nitrogen Dynamics in an Oxisol. Musa, Aishatu Mala; Ishak, Che Fauziah; Karam, Daljit Singh 7659
Effects of Salt Stress on Fruit Antioxidant Capacity of Wild (Solanum chilense) and Domesticated (Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme) Tomatoes. Martinez, Juan Pablo; Fuentes, Raul; Farias, Karen; Lizana, Carolina; Alfaro, Juan Felipe; Fuentes, 8569
Effects of the Extraction Technology on Pomegranate Juice Quality. Catania, Pietro; Comparetti, Antonio; De Pasqual, Claudio; Morello, Giuseppe; Vallone, Mariangela 7420
End-Of-Day LED Lightings Influence the Leaf Color, Growth and Phytochemicals in Two Cultivars of Lettuce. Li, Yamin; Shi, Rui; Jiang, Haozhao; Wu, Linyuan; Zhang, Yiting; Song, Shiwei; Su, Wei; Liu, Houchen 8711
Estimating Organ Contribution to Grain Filling and Potential for Source Upregulation in Wheat Cultivars with a Contrasting Source-Sink Balance. Amado, Carolina Rivera; Molero, Gemma; Trujillo-Negrellos, Eliseo; Reynolds, Matthew; Foulkes, John 11484
Evaluation and Development of Pedotransfer Functions for Predicting Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity for Mexican Soils. Trejo-Alonso, Josue; Quevedo, Antonio; Fuentes, Carlos; Chavez, Carlos 3894
Evaluation of Water Stress Coefficient Ks in Different Olive Orchards. Kokkotos, Efthimios; Zotos, Anastasios; Patakas, Angelos 4137
Farmers' Attitudes towards Risk--An Empirical Study from Poland. Sulewski, Piotr; Was, Adam; Kobus, Pawel; Pogodzinska, Kinga; Szymanska, Magdalena; Sosulski, Tomasz 11942
Fertigation Management and Growth-Promoting Treatments Affect Tomato Transplant Production and Plant Growth after Transplant. Moncada, Alessandra; Vetrano, Filippo; Esposito, Alessandro; Miceli, Alessandro 14171
Fertigation of Maize with Digestate Using Drip Irrigation and Pivot Systems. Guido, Viviana; Finzi, Alberto; Ferrari, Omar; Riva, Elisabetta; Quilez, Dolores; Herrero, Eva; Prov 8070
Fertility Impact of Separate and Combined Treatments with Biochar, Sewage Sludge Compost and Bacterial Inocula on Acidic Sandy Soil. Uzinger, Nikolett; Takacs, Tunde; Szili-Kovacs, Tibor; Radimszky, Laszlo; Fuzy, Anna; Draskovits, Es 10195
Foliar Application of Zn Alleviates Salt Stress Symptoms of Pak Choi Plants by Activating Water Relations and Glucosinolate Synthesis. Fatemi, Hamideh; Carvajal, Micaela; Rios, Juan Jose 9740
From Dimness to Glossiness--Characteristics of the Spring Rapeseed Mutant Form without Glaucous Bloom (Brassica napus L.). Shirokova, Anna V.; Volovik, Valentina T.; Zagoskina, Natalia V.; Zaitsev, Georgiy P.; Khudyakova, H 9294
Functional Response of Chrysoperla carnea (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) Larvae on Saissetia oleae (Olivier) (Hemiptera: Coccidae): Implications for Biological Control. Mahzoum, Abdelkader Meni; Villa, Maria; Benhadi-Marin, Jacinto; Pereira, Jose Alberto 4681
Genetic Diversity and Inter-Trait Relationships among Maize Inbreds Containing Genes from Zea diploperennis and Hybrid Performance under Contrasting Environments. Akaogu, Ijeoma Chinyere; Badu-Apraku, Baffour; Gracen, Vernon; Tongoona, Pangirayi; Gedil, Melaku; U 14971
Genome-Wide Association Study for Plant Architecture and Bioenergy Traits in Diverse Sorghum and Sudangrass Germplasm. Luo, Feng; Pei, Zhongyou; Zhao, Xiongwei; Liu, Huifen; Jiang, Yiwei; Sun, Shoujun Report 10632
Get Together: The Interaction between Melatonin and Salicylic Acid as a Strategy to Improve Plant Stress Tolerance. Albacete, Alfonso 1250
Grafting onto an Appropriate Rootstock Reduces the Impact on Yield and Quality of Controlled Deficit Irrigated Pepper Crops. Gisbert-Mullor, Ramon; Pascual-Seva, Nuria; Martinez-Gimeno, Maria Amparo; Lopez-Serrano, Lidia; Mar 8405
Grain Yield and Beef Cow-Calf Growth Performance in Dual-Purpose and Conventional Grain Wheat Production Systems and Stockpiled Tall Fescue Pasturing. Netthisinghe, Annesly; Galloway, Hunter; Degraves, Fred; Agga, Getahun E.; Sistani, Karamat 8079
Growth Promotion, Nutrition Levels, and Antioxidant Activity in Peucedanum japonicum Thunb. under Various Plant Extracts. Jang, Se Ji; Park, Hyun Hwa; Kuk, Yong In 7170
Growth, Yield and Quality of Sweet Pepper Fruits Fertilized with Polyphosphates in Hydroponic Cultivation with LED Lighting. Sobczak, Anna; Kowalczyk, Katarzyna; Gajc-Wolska, Janina; Kowalczyk, Waldemar; Niedzinska, Monika 6741
Herbicide Spray Deposition in Wheat Stubble as Affected by Nozzle Type and Application Direction. Simao, Luana M.; Easterly, Amanda C.; Kruger, Greg R.; Creech, Cody F. 5153
How Consumers Perceive Water Sustainability (HydroSOStainable) in Food Products and How to Identify It by a Logo. Bravo, Paola Sanchez; Chambers, Edgar; Noguera-Artiaga, Luis; Sendra, Esther; Carbonell-Barrachina, 7502
Identification of Opportunities for Applying the Circular Economy to Intensive Agriculture in Almeria (South-East Spain). Sanchez, Jose A. Aznar; Velasco-Munoz, Juan F.; Garcia-Arca, Daniel; Lopez-Felices, Belen 13778
Impact of Agronomic Biofortification with Zinc on the Nutrient Content, Bioactive Compounds, and Antioxidant Capacity of Cowpea Bean (Vigna unguiculata L. Walpers). Morales, David Lopez; Cruz-Lazaro, Efrain De La; Chavez, Esteban Sanchez; Preciado-Rangel, Pablo; Ma 12708
Impact of Drought Exerted during Spike Development on Tillering, Yield Parameters and Grain Chemical Composition in Semi-Dwarf Barley Mutants Deficient in the Brassinosteroid Metabolism. Gruszka, Damian; Janeczko, Anna; Pula, Joanna; Lepiarczyk, Andrzej; Pociecha, Ewa 8687
Impact of Maize-Mushroom Intercropping on the Soil Bacterial Community Composition in Northeast China. Yang, Xiaoqin; Wang, Yang; Sun, Luying; Qi, Xiaoning; Song, Fengbin; Zhu, Xiancan 7072
Implementation of Sustainable Practices to Ornamental Plant Cultivation Worldwide: A Critical Review. Darras, Anastasios I. 9742
In-Soil Application of NP Mineral Fertilizer as a Method of Improving Nitrogen Yielding Efficiency. Szulc, Piotr; Barlog, Przemyslaw; Ambrozy-Deregowska, Katarzyna; Mejza, Iwona; Kobus-Cisowska, Joann 7855
Induced Methylation in Plants as a Crop Improvement Tool: Progress and Perspectives. Merce, Clementine; Bayer, Philipp E.; Fernandez, Cassandria Tay; Batley, Jacqueline; Edwards, David 7789
Influence of Cutting Date on Phenotypic Variation in Fatty Acid Concentrations of Perennial Ryegrass Genotypes from a Breeding Population. Morgan, Sarah A.; Huws, Sharon A.; Scollan, Nigel D. 8640
Influence of Microbial Inoculation of Igneous Rock Phosphate-Amended Cow and Pig Manures on Vermidegradation and Nutrient Release. Ajibade, Sinazo; Mupambwa, Hupenyu Allan; Manyevere, Alen; Mnkeni, Pearson Nyari Stephano 9767
Integrated Management of Weeds in Direct-Seeded Rice in Cambodia. Martin, Robert; Som, Bunna; Janiya, Joel; Rien, Ratha; Yous, Sophea; Chhun, Sokunroth; Korn, Chariya 6940
Integrated Weed Management in High Density Fruit Orchards. Mia, Md Jebu; Massetani, Francesca; Murri, Giorgio; Facchi, Jacopo; Monaci, Elga; Amadio, Luca; Neri 6780
Integrating Cover Crops as a Source of Carbon for Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation. Vecchia, Luca; Gioia, Francesco Di; Ferrante, Antonio; Hong, Jason C.; White, Charles; Rosskopf, Eri 15130
Interactions of JAZ Repressors with Anthocyanin Biosynthesis-Related Transcription Factors of Fragaria X ananassa. Garrido-Bigotes, Adrian; Torrejon, Marcela; Solano, Roberto; Figueroa, Carlos R. 8454
Interpretation and Evaluation of Electrical Lighting in Plant Factories with Ray-Tracing Simulation and 3D Plant Modeling. Kim, Jaewoo; Kang, Woo Hyun; Son, Jung Eek 6260
Introgression of the Afila Gene into Climbing Garden Pea (Pisum sativum L.). Checa, Oscar Eduardo; Rodriguez, Marino; Wu, Xingbo; Blair, Matthew Wohlgemuth 8939
Iodine Biofortification of Vegetables Could Improve Iodine Supplementation Status. Duborska, Eva; Urik, Martin; Seda, Martin 6314
Jerusalem Artichoke: Quality Response to Potassium Fertilization and Irrigation in Poland. Bogucka, Bozena; Jankowski, Krzysztof Report 7000
Large Scale Screening of Rhizospheric Allelopathic Bacteria and Their Potential for the Biocontrol of Wheat-Associated Weeds. Abbas, Tasawar; Zahir, Zahir Ahmad; Naveed, Muhammad; Abbas, Sana; Alwahibi, Mona S.; Elshikh, Moham 11091
Light Intensity Effects on the Growth, Physiological and Nutritional Parameters of Tropical Perennial Legume Cover Crops. Baligar, V.C.; Elson, M.K.; He, Z.; Li, Y.; de Q. Paiva, A.; Almeida, A.A.F.; Ahnert, D. 9653
Linseed Oil Affects Aggregation Behaviour in the Desert Locust Schistocerca gregaria--A Potential Swarm Disruptive Agent. Abdelatti, Zainab Ali Saad; Hartbauer, Manfred 7221
Long Term Effects of Ploughing and Conservation Tillage Methods on Earthworm Abundance and Crumb Ratio. Dekemati, Igor; Simon, Barbara; Bogunovic, Igor; Kisic, Ivica; Kassai, Katalin; Kende, Zoltan; Birka 7325
Long-Term Correlation between Water Deficit and Quality Markers in HydroSOStainable Almonds. Lipan, Leontina; Cano-Lamadrid, Marina; Hernandez, Francisca; Sendra, Esther; Corell, Mireia; Vazque 11537
Long-Term Effects of the Application of Urban Waste Compost and Other Organic Amendments on Solatium tuberosum L. Escobedo-Monge, Maria Antonieta; Aparicio, Santiago; Escobedo-Monge, Marlene Fabiola; Marugan-Miguel 12375
Management of Abiotic Stress in Horticultural Crops: Spotlight on Biostimulants. Andreotti, Carlo 1338
Mapping of the Waxy Bloom Gene in 'Black Jewel' in a Parental Linkage Map of 'Black Jewel' X 'Glen Ample' (Rubus) Interspecific Population. Pinczinger, Dora; von Reth, Marcel; Keilwagen, Jens; Berner, Thomas; Peil, Andreas; Flachowsky, Henr 8308
Melon Genetic Resources Characterization for Rind Volatile Profile. Esteras, Cristina; Rambla, Jose Luis; Sanchez, Gerardo; Granell, Antonio; Pico, Maria Belen 10564
Micro-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture in Palestine. Ibrik, Imad 6850
Microbe-Plant Growing Media Interactions Modulate the Effectiveness of Bacterial Amendments on Lettuce Performance Inside a Plant Factory with Artificial Lighting. Van Gerrewey, Thijs; Vandecruys, Maarten; Ameloot, Nele; Perneel, Maaike; Van Labeke, Marie-Christin 13750
Mixed Cropping as Affected by Phosphorus and Water Supply. Eichler-Lobermann, Bettina; Busch, Stefanie; Jablonowski, Nicolai David; Kavka, Mareike; Brandt, Chr 9190
Modeling of Stochastic Temperature and Heat Stress Directly Underneath Agrivoltaic Conditions with Orthosiphon Statnineus Crop Cultivation. Othman, Noor Fadzlinda; Yaacob, Mohammad Effendy; Su, Ahmad Suhaizi Mat; Jaafar, Juju Nakasha; Hizam 6549
Modeling the Effects of Irrigation Water Salinity on Growth, Yield and Water Productivity of Barley in Three Contrasted Environments. Hammami, Zied; Qureshi, Asad S.; Sahli, Ali; Gauffreteau, Arnaud; Chamekh, Zoubeir; Azaiez, Fatma Ez Report 9067
Modelling and Prediction of Organic Carbon Dynamics in Arable Soils Based on a 62-Year Field Experiment in the Voronezh Region, European Russia. Husniev, Ilshat; Romanenkov, Vladimir; Minakova, Olga; Krasilnikov, Pavel 7040
Molecular Marker Technology for Crop Improvement. Soriano, Jose Miguel 2412
Morpho-Physiology and Antioxidant Enzyme Activities of Transgenic Rice Plant Overexpressing ABP57 under Reproductive Stage Drought Condition. Kamarudin, Zarifth Shafika; Shamsudin, Noraziyah Abd Aziz; Othman, Muhamad Hafiz Che; Shakri, Tasnee Report 7673
Morphological and Biochemical Characterization of Diverse Strawberry Tree (Arbutus unedo L.) Genotypes from Northern Turkey. Sagbas, Halil Ibrahim; Ilhan, Gulce; Zitouni, Hafida; Anjum, Muhammad Akbar; Hanine, Hafida; Necas, 9253
Multi-Year Dynamics of Single-Step Genomic Prediction in an Applied Wheat Breeding Program. Michel, Sebastian; Loschenberger, Franziska; Sparry, Ellen; Ametz, Christian; Burstmayr, Hermann 8484
Mutualistic Fungal Endophyte Colletotrichum tofieldiae Ct0861 Colonizes and Increases Growth and Yield of Maize and Tomato Plants. Gonzalez, Sandra Diaz; Marin, Patricia; Sanchez, Roberto; Arribas, Cristina; Kruse, John; Gonzalez-M 11238
New Approach to the Assessment of Insecticide Losses from Paddy Fields Based on Frequent Sampling Post Application. Chen, Cheng; Luo, Wan; Zou, Jiarong; Jia, Zhonghua 7477
Nutritional and Visual Diagnosis in Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica L.) Plants: Disorders in Physiological Activity, Nutritional Efficiency and Metabolism of Carbohydrates. Almeida, Hilario Junior De; Carmona, Victor Manuel Vergara; Cavalcante, Valeria Santos; Filho, Arthu 11583
Nutritional Relationships in Bitter Pit-Affected Fruit and the Feasibility of Vis-NIR Models to Determine Calcium Concentration in 'Fuji' Apples. Bonomelli, Claudia; Mogollon, Rene; Freitas, Sergio Tonetto De; Zoffoli, Juan Pablo; Contreras, Caro Report 6510
Optimized Nitrogen Application Increases Soil Water Extraction by Changing in-Season Maize Root Morphology and Distribution in Rainfed Farmland. Tang, Liang; Sun, Haoran; Sun, Ruxiao; Niu, Yinan; Song, Jingrong; Li, Shiqing; Shen, Yufang 7507
Osmo-Priming with Seaweed Extracts Enhances Yield of Salt-Stressed Tomato Plants. Stasio, Emilio Di; Cirillo, Valerio; Raimondi, Giampaolo; Giordano, Maria; Esposito, Marco; Maggio, 6369
Oviposition and Development of Tribolium castaneum Herbst (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) on Different Types of Flour. Gerken, Alison R.; Campbell, James F. 10352
Parameter Selection for the Evaluation of Compost Quality. Pena, Haydee; Mendoza, Heysa; Dianez, Fernando; Santos, Mila 8974
Phosphorus Uptake and Growth of Wild-Type Barley and Its Root-Hairless Mutant Cultured in Buffered-and Non-Buffered-P Solutions. Xie, Yucong; Rathinasabapathi, Bala; Schaffer, Bruce; Mylavarapu, Rao; Liu, Guodong 7972
Phytoextraction with Maize of Soil Contaminated with Copper after Application of Mineral and Organic Amendments. Wyszkowski, Miroslaw; Brodowska, Marzena S. 8928
Plant Sex Prediction Using Genetic Markers in Cultivated Yams (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) in Benin. Denadi, Narcisse; Gandonou, Christophe; Missihoun, Antoine Abel; Zoundjihekpon, Jeanne; Quinet, Muri 6113
Portfolios of Climate Smart Agriculture Practices in Smallholder Rice-Wheat System of Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains--Crop Productivity, Resource Use Efficiency and Environmental Foot Prints. Bijarniya, Deepak; Parihar, C.M.; Jat, R.K.; Kalvania, Kailash; Kakraliya, S.K.; Jat, M.L. Report 14130
Postharvest Treatments Improve Quality of Cut Peony Flowers. Rabiza-Swider, Julita; Skutnik, Ewa; Jedrzejuk, Agata; Lukaszewska, Aleksandra 9253
Potato Yield Gaps in North Korea and Strategies to Close the Gaps. Kim, Yean-Uk; Lee, Byun-Woo; Heu, Sunggi; Shim, Kang-Bo; Kim, Do-Soon 5575
Practical Applications of Plant Biostimulants in Greenhouse Vegetable Crop Production. Petropoulos, Spyridon A. 1990
Preharvest Application of Oxalic Acid Improved Pomegranate Fruit Yield, Quality, and Bioactive Compounds at Harvest in a Concentration-Dependent Manner. Garcia-Pastor, Maria E.; Gimenez, Maria J.; Valverde, Juan M.; Guillen, Fabian; Castillo, Salvador; 9997
Promising Composts as Growing Media for the Production of Baby Leaf Lettuce in a Floating System. Gimenez, Almudena; Fernandez, Juan A.; Pascual, Jose A.; Ros, Margarita; Saez-Tovar, Jose; Martinez- 11830
Proposal of a Bioregional Strategic Framework for a Sustainable Food System in Sicily. Guarnaccia, Paolo; Zingale, Silvia; Scuderi, Alessandro; Gori, Ezio; Santiglia, Vincenzo; Timpanaro, 15683
Protection of Highbush Blueberry Plants against Phytophthora cinnamomi Using Serendipita indica. Trzewik, Aleksandra; Marasek-Ciolakowska, Agnieszka; Orlikowska, Teresa 4967
Pyrolysis Improves the Effect of Straw Amendment on the Productivity of Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). Glab, Tomasz; Gondek, Krzysztof; Mierzwa-Hersztek, Monika 9314
Raising Beet Tolerance to Salinity through Bioaugmentation with Halotolerant Endophytes. Szymanska, Sonia; Tyburski, Jaroslaw; Piernik, Agnieszka; Sikora, Marcin; Mazur, Justyna; Katarzyna, 8394
Rate of Nitrogen Rather Than Timing of Application Influence Yield and NUE of Canola in South Australian Mediterranean Environments. Riar, Amritbir; Gill, Gurjeet; Mcdonald, Glenn K. 12861
Recovery from Grapevine Flavescence Doree in Areas of High Infection Pressure. Ripamonti, Matteo; Pacifico, Davide; Roggia, Chiara; Palmano, Sabrina; Rossi, Marika; Bodino, Nicola 7506
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