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Articles from Agronomy (March 1, 2020)

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"Are They Aware, and Why?" Bayesian Analysis of Predictors of Smallholder Farmers' Awareness of Climate Change and Its Risks to Agriculture. Ngombe, John N.; Tembo, Moses C.; Masasi, Blessing 13076
A Review of Modeled Water Use Efficiency of Highly Productive Perennial Grasses Useful for Bioenergy. Kiniry, James R.; Kim, Sumin 7028
Aboveground Carbon Storage in Coffee Agroecosystems: The Case of the Central Region of the State of Veracruz in Mexico. Ortiz-Ceballos, Gustavo Celestino; Vargas-Mendoza, Monica; Ortiz-Ceballos, Angel Isauro; Briseno, Ma 7344
Accumulation and Distribution of Fertilizer Nitrogen and Nodule-Fixed Nitrogen in Soybeans with Dual Root Systems. Zhang, Rui; Wang, Cong; Teng, Wenzhi; Wang, Jing; Lyu, Xiaochen; Dong, Shoukun; Kang, Shuang; Gong, 12866
Adaptation of One-Flowered Vetch (Vicia articulata Hornem.) to Mediterranean Rain Fed Conditions. Rubiales, Diego; Flores, Fernando 4205
Adaptation to Early-Season Soil Waterlogging Using Different Nitrogen Fertilizer Practices and Corn Hybrids. Kaur, Gurpreet; Nelson, Kelly A.; Motavalli, Peter P.; Singh, Gurbir 7547
Adaptive Grain Yield Patterns of Triticale (xTriticosecale Wittmack) Cultivars in Six Regions of Poland. Derejko, Adriana; Studnicki, Marcin; Wojcik-Gront, Elzbieta; Gacek, Edward 6671
An Innovative Land Suitability Method to Assess the Potential for the Introduction of a New Crop at a Regional Level. Marraccini, Elisa; Gotor, Alicia Ayerdi; Scheurer, Olivier; Leclercq, Christine 11321
An Overview of the Oil Palm Industry: Challenges and Some Emerging Opportunities for Nanotechnology Development. Maluin, Farhatun Najat; Hussein, Mohd Zobir; Idris, Abu Seman 11365
Application of Anti-Transpirant to Control Sugar Accumulation in Grape Berries and Alcohol Degree in Wines Obtained from Thinned and Unthinned Vines of cv. Falanghina (Vitis vinifera L.). Vaio, Claudio Di; Villano, Clizia; Lisanti, Maria Tiziana; Marallo, Nadia; Cirillo, Aurora; Lorenzo, 5892
Application of Directly Brewed Compost Extract Improves Yield and Quality in Baby Leaf Lettuce Grown Hydroponically. Gimenez, Almudena; Fernandez, Juan A.; Pascual, Jose A.; Ros, Margarita; Egea-Gilabert, Catalina 9879
Appraisal of Biodegradable Mulching Films and Vegetal-Derived Biostimulant Application as Eco-Sustainable Practices for Enhancing Lettuce Crop Performance and Nutritive Value. Cozzolino, Eugenio; Giordano, Maria; Fiorentino, Nunzio; El-Nakhel, Christophe; Pannico, Antonio; Mo 10768
Assessing the Origin of Phosphonic Acid Residues in Organic Vegetable and Fruit Crops: The Biof osf Project Multi-Actor Approach. Trinchera, Alessandra; Parisi, Bruno; Baratella, Valentina; Roccuzzo, Giancarlo; Soave, Ivano; Bazzo 11439
Assessing the Potential of Extra-Early Maturing Landraces for Improving Tolerance to Drought, Heat, and Both Combined Stresses in Maize. Nelimor, Charles; Badu-Apraku, Baffour; Tetteh, Antonia Yarney; Garcia-Oliveira, Ana Luisa; N'guetta 11755
Association of Morphological, Ecological, and Genetic Diversity oi Aerva javanica Populations Growing in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. El-Tayeh, Noha A.; Galal, Hanaa K.; Soliman, Magda I.; Zaki, Hoida 7985
Biochar, Vermicompost, and Compost as Soil Organic Amendments: Influence on Growth Parameters, Nitrate and Chlorophyll Content of Swiss Chard (Beta vulgaris L. var. cycla). Libutti, Angela; Trotta, Vincenzo; Rivelli, Anna Rita 10495
Biofumigation for Fighting Replant Disease-A Review. Hanschen, Franziska S.; Winkelmann, Traud 9983
Biomorphological Characterization of Brazilian Capsicum Chinense Jacq. Germplasm. Bianchi, Paola Alvares; Silva, Ligia Renata Almeida da; Alencar, Antonio Andre da Silva; Santos, Ped 8748
Carbon and Metal(loid)s in Parkland and Road Verge Surface Soils in the City of Liverpool, UK. Beesley, Luke; Moreno-Jimenez, Eduardo; Jenn, Phil; Lepp, Nicholas W. 3982
Changes and Interactions between Grassland Ecosystem Soil and Plant Properties under Long-Term Mineral Fertilization. Vargova, Vladimira; Kanianska, Radoslava; Kizekova, Miriam; Siska, Bernard; Kovacikova, Zuzana; Mich 9543
Changes in Assimilation Area and Chlorophyll Content of Very Early Potato (Solatium tuberosum L.) Cultivars as Influenced by Biostimulants. Wadas, Wanda; Dziugiel, Tomasz 6476
Changes in Soil Physicochemical Properties and Maize Production Following Improvement of Salt-Affected Soils Using Coal Bio-Briquette Ash in Northeast China. Sakai, Yuji; Shimizu, Chie; Murata, Hironori; Seto, Hitomi; Fukushima, Ryosuke; Koga, Takashi; Wang, 9183
Chilling and Heat Requirements of Temperate Stone Fruit Trees (Prunus sp.). Fadon, Erica; Herrera, Sara; Guerrero, Brenda I.; Guerra, M. Engracia; Rodrigo, Javier 14163
Combined Use of Multi-Temporal Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Images for Wheat Yield Estimates at the Intra-Plot Spatial Scale. Fieuzal, Remy; Bustillo, Vincent; Collado, David; Dedieu, Gerard 7283
Comparing a Random Forest Based Prediction of Winter Wheat Yield to Historical Yield Potential. Roell, Yannik E.; Beucher, Amelie; Mailer, Per G.; Greve, Mette B.; Greve, Mogens H. 7656
Comparison of Greenhouse Energy Requirements for Rose Cultivation in Europe and North Africa. Cola, Gabriele; Mariani, Luigi; Toscano, Stefania; Romano, Daniela; Ferrante, Antonio Report 5480
Comparison of Soil Bacterial Communities from Juvenile Maize Plants of a Long-Term Monoculture and a Natural Grassland. Ujvari, Gergely; Borsodi, Andrea K.; Megyes, Melinda; Mucsi, Marton; Szili-Kovacs, Tibor; Szabo, Att 7109
Comparisons of Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Physiological Characteristics of Wheat Seedlings Influenced by Iso-Osmotic Stresses from Polyethylene Glycol and Sodium Chloride. Lan, Chiu-Yueh; Lin, Kuan-Hung; Chen, Chun-Liang; Huang, Wen-Dar; Chen, Chang-Chang 6557
Correction: Plant Biostimulants: Importance of the Quality and Yield of Horticultural Crops--A Review: Agronomy 2019, 9, 335. Drobek, Magdalena; Frac, Magdalena; Cybulska, Justyna Correction notice 173
Crop Yield, Ferritin and Fe(II) boosted by Azospirillum brasilense (HM053) in Corn. Scott, Stephanie; Housh, Alexandra; Powell, Garren; Anstaett, Ashley; Gerheart, Amber; Benoit, Mary; 5149
Determination of Adequate Substrate Water Content for Mass Production of a High Value-Added Medicinal Plant, Crepidiastrum denticulatum (Houtt.) Pak & Kawano. Park, Song-Yi; Kim, Jongyun; Oh, Myung-Min 4780
Determining Irrigation Depths for Soybean Using a Simulation Model of Water Flow and Plant Growth and Weather Forecasts. Baki, Hassan M. Abd El; Raoof, Majid; Fujimaki, Haruyuki 4838
Development of Peach Flower Buds under Low Winter Chilling Conditions. Penso, Gener A.; Citadin, Idemir; Scariotto, Silvia; Santos, Carlos E. Magalhaes dos; Junior, Americ 11790
Differential Aquaporin Response to Distinct Effects of Two Zn Concentrations after Foliar Application in Pak Choi (Brassica rapa L.) Plants. Fatemi, Hamideh; Zaghdoud, Chokri; Nortes, Pedro A.; Carvajal, Micaela; Martinez-Ballesta, Maria del 9185
Divergent Genomic Selection for Herbage Accumulation and Days-To-Heading in Perennial Ryegrass. Faville, Marty J.; Cao, Mingshu; Schmidt, Jana; Ryan, Douglas L.; Ganesh, Siva; Jahufer, M.Z. Zulfi; 7934
Durum Wheat Breeding in the Mediterranean Region: Current Status and Future Prospects. Xynias, Ioannis N.; Mylonas, Ioannis; Korpetis, Evangelos G.; Ninou, Elissavet; Tsaballa, Aphrodite; 17472
Effect of Co-Use of Fly Ash and Granular Polyacrylamide on Infiltration, Runoff, and Sediment Yield from Sandy Soil under Simulated Rainfall. Yang, Kai; Tang, Zejun; Feng, Jianzhang 6349
Effect of Digestate on Soil Organic Carbon and Plant-Available Nutrient Content Compared to Cattle Slurry and Mineral Fertilization. Barlog, Przemyslaw; Hlisnikovsky, Lukas; Kunzova, Eva 10985
Effect of Exopolysaccharide-Producing Bacteria and Melatonin on Faba Bean Production in Saline and Non-Saline Soil. El-Ghany, Mona F. Abd; Attia, Magdy 9452
Effect of Greenhouse C[O.sub.2] Supplementation on Yield and Mineral Element Concentrations of Leafy Greens Grown Using Nutrient Film Technique. Singh, Hardeep; Poudel, Megha R.; Dunn, Bruce L.; Fontanier, Charles; Kakani, Gopal 6929
Effect of Magnesium Supply and Storage Time on Anti-Nutritive Compounds in Potato Tubers. Wszelaczyriska, Elzbieta; Poberezny, Jaroslaw; Kozera, Wojciech; Knapowski, Tomasz; Pawelzik, Elke; 7994
Effect of Manure and Urea Fertilization on Yield, Carbon Speciation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vegetable Production Systems of Nigeria and Republic of Benin: A Phytotron Study. Olaleye, Abimfoluwa; Peak, Derek; Shorunke, Akeem; Dhillon, Gurbir; Oyedele, Durodoluwa; Adebooye, O Report 9221
Effect of Natural Aging of Biochar on Soil Enzymatic Activity and Physicochemical Properties in Long-Term Field Experiment. Futa, Barbara; Oleszczuk, Patryk; Andruszczak, Sylwia; Kwiecinska-Poppe, Ewa; Kraska, Piotr 6357
Effect of Rice Residue Retention and Foliar Application of K on Water Productivity and Profitability of Wheat in North West India. Meena, Raj Pal; Venkatesh, Karnam; Khobra, Rinki; S.Tripathi, C.; Prajapat, Kailash; R.Sharma, K.; G 7454
Effect of Salinity Stress on Phenylpropanoid Genes Expression and Related Gene Expression in Wheat Sprout. Cuong, Do Manh; Kwon, Soon-Jae; Nguyen, Bao Van; Chun, Se Won; Kim, Jae Kwang; Park, Sang Un 5935
Effect of Supplementary Lighting Duration on Growth and Activity of Antioxidant Enzymes in Grafted Watermelon Seedlings. Wei, Hao; Wang, Mengzhao; Jeong, Byoung Ryong 9310
Effect of Winter Oilseed Rape Cropping on the Development of the Sugar Beet Cyst Nematode, Heterodera schachtii, and Control of Volunteer Plants as a Trap Crop Method. Matthias, Daub 6356
Effective Amendments on Cadmium, Arsenic, Chromium and Lead Contaminated Paddy Soil for Rice Safety. Ullah, Aman; Ma, Yibing; Li, Jumei; Tahir, Nazia; Hussain, Babar 11557
Effects of Management Practices on Quinoa Growth, Seed Yield, and Quality. Wang, Ning; Wang, Fengxin; Shock, Clinton C.; Meng, Chaobiao; Qiao, Lifang 9210
Effects of the Application of Biochar in Four Typical Agricultural Soils in China. Wang, Huanhuan; Ren, Tianbao; Feng, Yuqing; Liu, Kouzhu; Feng, Huilin; Liu, Guoshun; Shi, Hongzhi 8440
Efficiency of Marine Bacteria and Yeasts on the Biocontrol Activity of Pythium ultimum in Ancho-Type Pepper Seedlings. Lara-Capistran, Liliana; Zulueta-Rodriguez, Ramon; Castellanos-Cervantes, Thelma; Reyes-Perez, Juan 5876
Elevated Root-Zone Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Alters Plant Nutrition of Lettuce and Pepper Grown Hydroponically and Aeroponically. Leibar-Porcel, Estibaliz; McAinsh, Martin R.; Dodd, Ian C. 9194
Environmental Impact Assessment of Organic vs. Integrated Olive-Oil Systems in Mediterranean Context. Maffia, Angela; Pergola, Maria; Palese, Assunta Maria; Celano, Giuseppe 11480
Establishment and Application of Critical Nitrogen Dilution Curve for Rice Based on Leaf Dry Matter. Song, Lijuan; Wang, Shu; Ye, Wanjun 5729
Estimating the Protein Concentration in Rice Grain Using UAV Imagery Together with Agroclimatic Data. Hama, Akira; Tanaka, Kei; Mochizuki, Atsushi; Tsuruoka, Yasuo; Kondoh, Akihiko 6913
Evaluating Dry Matter Production and Grain Yield of Dual-Purpose Winter Wheat Using Field Experiment and Modelling. Zeleke, Ketema Tilahun 8900
EVASOR, an Integrated Model to Manage Complex Irrigation Systems Energized by Photovoltaic Generators. Cervera-Gasco, Jorge; Montero, Jesus; Castillo, Amaro del; Tarjuelo, Jose M.; Moreno, Miguel A. 9039
Evolution of Hay Meadows between 1956,1986, and 2016 and Its Relation to the Characteristics and Location of the Parcels in the Valley of the River Esera (Pyrenees, Spain). Ascaso, Joaquin; Reine, Ramon; Barrantes, Olivia 8860
Exploratory Study on the Foliar Incorporation and Stability of Isotopically Labeled Amino Acids Applied to Turfgrass. McCoy, Rachel M.; Meyer, George W.; Rhodes, David; Murray, George C.; Sors, Thomas G.; Widhalm, Josh Report 3625
Extraction of Anthocyanins and Total Phenolic Compounds from Acai (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) Using an Experimental Design Methodology. Part 2: Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction. Aliano-Gonzalez, Maria Jose; Espada-Bellido, Estrella; Ferreiro-Gonzalez, Marta; Carrera, Ceferino; 7112
Farmers' Preferences for Genetic Resources of Kersting's Groundnut [Macrotyloma geocarpum (Harms) Marechal and Baudet] in the Production Systems of Burkina Faso and Ghana. Coulibaly, Mariam; Agossou, Chaldia O.A.; Akohoue, Felicien; Sawadogo, Mahamadou; Achigan-Dako, Enoc 10194
Fidelity of Sugarcane Crosses Assessed with SSR Markers. Todd, James; Pan, Yong-Bao; Boykin, Deborah 6888
Field Inoculation of Bread Wheat with Rhizophagus irregularis under Organic Farming: Variability in Growth Response and Nutritional Uptake of Eleven Old Genotypes and A Modern Variety. Pellegrino, Elisa; Piazza, Gaia; Ercoli, Laura 9849
Fine Mapping of a Grain Shape Gene from a Rice Landrace Longliheinuo-Dwarf (Oryza sativa L. ssp. japonica). Shang, Fei; Chao, Xu; Meng, Kaiwen; Meng, Xianghe; Li, Qin; Chen, Lifang; Wang, Jianfei 6773
Forage Legume Establishment under Exposure to Progressive Declines in Aminocyclopyrachlor and Aminopyralid in Temperate Pastures. Miller, Amanda J.; Leite, Vagner M.; Hall, Linda M.; Bork, Edward W. 6117
Gene Expression and Metabolite Profiling of Thirteen Nigerian Cassava Landraces to Elucidate Starch and Carotenoid Composition. Olayide, Priscilla; Large, Annabel; Stridh, Linnea; Rabbi, Ismail; Baldermann, Susanne; Stavolone, L 6818
Genetic and Environmental Predictors for Determining Optimal Seeding Rates of Diverse Wheat Cultivars. Mehring, Grant H.; Wiersma, Jochum J.; Stanley, Jordan D.; Ransom, Joel K. 6953
Genetic Basis Dissection for Eating and Cooking Qualities of Japonica Rice in Northeast China. Yang, Yaolong; Xu, Xin; Zhang, Mengchen; Xu, Qun; Feng, Yue; Yuan, Xiaoping; Yu, Hanyong; Wang, Yipi 6025
Genetic Variability of Eggplant Germplasm Evaluated under Open Field and Glasshouse Cropping Conditions. Sulaiman, Nur Nadzirah Mat; Rafii, Mohd Y.; Duangjit, Janejira; Ramlee, Shairul Izan; Phumichai, Cha 11353
Genotype by Location Effects on Yield and Seed Nutrient Composition of Common Bean. Bulyaba, Rosemary; Winham, Donna M.; Lenssen, Andrew W.; Moore, Kenneth J.; Kelly, James D.; Brick, 8337
Grazing and Cutting under Different Nitrogen Rates, Application Methods and Planting Density Strongly Influence Qualitative Traits and Yield of Canola Crop. Zaheer, Sajjad; Arif, Muhammad; Akhtar, Kashif; Khan, Ahmad; Khan, Aziz; Bibi, Shahida; Aslam, Mehta 8862
Growth Response of Cassava to Deficit Irrigation and Potassium Fertigation during the Early Growth Phase. Wasonga, Daniel O.; Kleemola, Jouko; Alakukku, Laura; Makela, Pirjo S.A. 7823
High Sowing Densities in Rainfed Common Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Mexican Semi-Arid Highlands under Future Climate Change. Baez-Gonzalez, Alma Delia; Fajardo-Diaz, Ricardo; Garcia-Romero, Giovanni; Osuna-Ceja, Esteban; Kini 8262
Identification and Validation a Major QTL from "Sea Rice 86" Seedlings Conferred Salt Tolerance. Wu, Fengling; Yang, Jun; Yu, Diqiu; Xu, Peng 6680
Identification of Wheat Cultivars for Low Nitrogen Tolerance Using Multivariable Screening Approaches. Tyagi, Bhudeva S.; Foulkes, John; Singh, Gyanendra; Sareen, Sindhu; Kumar, Pradeep; Broadley, Martin 9043
Impact Analysis of the Young Farmers' Support Program on Slovenian Dairy Sector Development Using Econometric Modeling Approach. Pavic, Lazar; Turk, Jernej; Grgic, Ivo; Prisenk, Jernej 5244
Impact of Growth Stage and Biomass Fractions on Cannabinoid Content and Yield of Different Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Genotypes. Burgel, Lisa; Hartung, Jens; Pflugfelder, Annegret; Graeff-Honninger, Simone 8743
Impacts of Recent Climate Change on Potato Yields at a Provincial Scale in Northwest China. Li, Qiang; Zhang, Suiqi 7999
Influence of Burner Position on Temperature Distribution in Soybean Flaming. Rajkovic, Milos; Malidza, Goran; Stepanovic, Strahinja; Kostic, Marko; Petrovic, Kristina; Urosevic, 6268
Influence of Tillage Systems, and Forms and Rates of Nitrogen Fertilizers on C[O.sub.2] and [N.sub.2]O Fluxes from Winter Wheat Cultivation in Oklahoma. Kandel, Tanka P.; Gowda, Prasanna H.; Northup, Brian K. 7115
Influence of Tobacco Plant on Macronutrient Levels in Sandy Soils. Lisuma, Jacob; Mbega, Ernest; Ndakidemi, Patrick 7314
Insights into the Genetic Architecture of Phenotypic Stability Traits in Winter Wheat. Lozada, Dennis N.; Carter, Arron H. 8556
Legume Biofortification and the Role of Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria in a Sustainable Agricultural Era. Roriz, Mariana; Carvalho, Susana M.P.; Castro, Paula M.L.; Vasconcelos, Marta W. 7662
Long-Term Effects of Different Nitrogen Levels on Growth, Yield, and Quality in Sugarcane. Zeng, Xu-Peng; Zhu, Kai; Lu, Jian-Ming; Jiang, Yuan; Yang, Li-Tao; Xing, Yong-Xiu; Li, Yang-Rui 11404
Mechanized Technology Research and Equipment Application of Banana Post-Harvesting: A Review. Guo, Jie; Duan, Jieli; Li, Jun; Yang, Zhou 8086
Mentha and Oregano Soil Amendment Induces Enhancement of Tomato Tolerance against Soilborne Diseases, Yield and Quality. Kadoglidou, Kalliopi; Chatzopoulou, Paschalina; Maloupa, Eleni; Kalaitzidis, Argyrios; Ghoghoberidze 12255
Model Application for Sustainable Agricultural Water Use. Jeong, Jaehak; Zhang, Xuesong 1465
Molecular Genetics, Genomics, and Biotechnology in Crop Plant Breeding. Rasmussen, Soren K. 2766
Morpho-Physiological Responses of Pisum sativum L. to Different Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Light Spectra in Combination with Biochar Amendment. Polzella, Antonella; Terzaghi, Mattia; Trupiano, Dalila; Baronti, Silvia; Scippa, Gabriella Stefania 10084
Morphological Features and Biomass Partitioning of Lucerne Plants (Medicago sativa L.) Subjected to Water Stress. Luo, Yong-Zhong; Li, Guang; Yan, Guijun; Liu, Hui; Turner, Neil C. 5046
New Approaches for the Assimilation of LAI Measurements into a Crop Model Ensemble to Improve Wheat Biomass Estimations. Tewes, Andreas; Hoffmann, Holger; Krauss, Gunther; Schafer, Fabian; Kerkhoff, Christian; Gaiser, Tho Report 10721
New Case of False-Star-Grass (Chloris distichophylla) Population Evolving Glyphosate Resistance. Vazquez-Garcia, Jose G.; Golmohammadzadeh, Sajedeh; Palma-Bautista, Candelario; Rojano-Delgado, Anto 7513
New Eco-Friendly Polymeric-Coated Urea Fertilizers Enhanced Crop Yield in Wheat. Gil-Ortiz, Ricardo; Naranjo, Miguel Angel; Ruiz-Navarro, Antonio; Caballero-Molada, Marcos; Atares, 9151
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Absorption and Yield of Tomato Increased by Regulating the Bacterial Community under Greenhouse Conditions via the Alternate Drip Irrigation Method. Wang, Jingwei; Niu, Wenquan; Li, Yuan 9438
Nitrogen Availability in Biochar-Amended Soils with Excessive Compost Application. Tsai, Chen-Chi; Chang, Yu-Fang 9644
Nitrogen Fertilizer Management and Maize Straw Return Modulate Yield and Nitrogen Balance in Sweet Corn. Gao, Lei; Li, Wu; Ashraf, Umair; Lu, Wenjia; Li, Yuliang; Li, Chunyan; Li, Guangyu; Li, Gaoke; Hu, J 6758
Nitrogen Rate Increase Not Required for No-Till Wheat in Cool and Humid Conditions. Herrera, Juan Manuel; Noulas, Christos; Stamp, Peter; Levy-Haner, Lilia; Pellet, Didier; Qin, Ruijun 9782
Nucleotide Diversity and Association Analysis of ZmMADS60 with Root Length in the Maize Seedling Stage. Li, Pengcheng; Ge, Zhenzhen; Wang, Houmiao; Wang, Yunyun; Xu, Yang; Yang, Zefeng; Xu, Chenwu 5810
Optimizing Nitrogen Application for Growth and Productivity of Pomegranates. Lazare, Silit; Lyu, Yang; Yermiyahu, Uri; Heler, Yehuda; Ben-Gal, Alon; Holland, Doron; Dag, Arnon 6880
Optimizing Nitrogen Fertigation Rates for Young Southern Highbush Blueberry. Fang, Yang; Williamson, Jeffrey; Li, Rebecca Darnell Yuncong; Liu, Guodong Report 7974
Optimizing Nitrogen Fertilization to Improve Qualitative Performances and Physiological and Yield Responses of Potato (Solatium tuberosum L.). Lombardo, Sara; Pandino, Gaetano; Mauromicale, Giovanni 11138
Organic Vegetable Cultivation Reduces Resource and Environmental Costs While Increasing Farmers' Income in the North China Plain. Xu, Qiang; Hu, Kelin; Zhang, Hongyuan; Han, Hui; Li, Ji 7941
Ozone Induced Loss of Seed Protein Accumulation Is Larger in Soybean than in Wheat and Rice. Broberg, Malin C.; Daun, Sara; Pleijel, Hakan 5029
Pear Flower Cluster Quantification Using RGB Drone Imagery. Vanbrabant, Yasmin; Delalieux, Stephanie; Tits, Laurent; Pauly, Klaas; Vandermaesen, Joke; Somers, B Report 11003
Persistence and Changes in Morphological Traits of Herbaceous Seeds Due to Burial in Soil. Saska, Pavel; Foffova, Hana; Martinkova, Zdenka; Honek, Alois 8900
Phenolic Acid-Degrading Consortia Increase Fusarium Wilt Disease Resistance of Chrysanthemum. Zhou, Cheng; Ma, Zhongyou; Lu, Xiaoming; Zhu, Lin; Wang, Jianfei 9082
Phenotypic Variation and Relationships between Fatty Acid Concentrations and Feed Value of Perennial Ryegrass Genotypes from a Breeding Population. Morgan, Sarah A.; Huws, Sharon A.; Lister, Sue J.; Sanderson, Ruth; Scollan, Nigel D. 6750
Root Contact between Maize and Alfalfa Facilitates Nitrogen Transfer and Uptake Using Techniques of Foliar [.sup.15]N-Labeling. Shao, Zeqiang; Wang, Xinyu; Gao, Qiang; Zhang, Hualiang; Yu, Hailing; Wang, Yin; Zhang, Jinjing; Nas 9214
Root--to--Shoot Signaling and Leaf Water--Use Efficiency in Peach Trees under Localized Irrigation. Xylogiannis, Evangelos; Sofo, Adriano; Dichio, Bartolomeo; Montanaro, Giuseppe; Mininni, Alba N. 8240
Rootstock * Environment Interactions on Nitrogen-Use Efficiency in Grafted Tomato Plants at Different Phenological Stages. Albornoz, Francisco; Nario, Adriana; Saavedra, Macarena; Videla, Ximena 7213
Screening of Nematicides against the Lotus Root Nematode, Hirschmanniella diversa Sher (Tylenchida: Pratylenchidae) and the Efficacy of a Selected Nematicide under Lotus Micro-Field Conditions. Takagi, Motonori; Goto, Maki; Wari, David; Saito, Mina; Perry, Roland N.; Toyota, Koki 7024
Sesquiterpenes-Rich Essential Oil from Above Ground Parts of Pulicaria somalensis Exhibited Antioxidant Activity and AUelopathic Effect on Weeds. Assaeed, Abdulaziz; Elshamy, Abdelsamed; Gendy, Abd El-Nasser El; Dar, Basharat; Al-Rowaily, Saud; A 7018
Short-Term Root-Zone Temperature Treatment Enhanced the Accumulation of Secondary Metabolites of Hydroponic Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) Grown in a Plant Factory. Nguyen, Duyen T.P.; Lu, Na; Kagawa, Natsuko; Kitayama, Mizuki; Takagaki, Michiko 7205
Slow-Release Fertilizer Improves the Growth, Quality, and Nutrient Utilization of Wintering Chinese Chives (Allium tuberosum Rottler ex Spreng.). Wang, Cheng; Lv, Jian; Coulter, Jeffrey A.; Xie, Jianming; Yu, Jihua; Li, Jing; Zhang, Jing; Tang, C 11019
Soil Carbon Budget Account for the Sustainability Improvement of a Mediterranean Vineyard Area. Novara, Agata; Favara, Valeria; Novara, Amelia; Francesca, Nicola; Santangelo, Tanino; Columba, Piet 4549
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Spring Barley Yield and Quality Quantified by Crop Simulation Model. Cammarano, Davide; Holland, Jonathan; Ronga, Domenico 5289
Spraying Agro-Industrial Compost Tea on Baby Spinach Crops: Evaluation of Yield, Plant Quality and Soil Health in Field Experiments. Ros, Margarita; Hurtado-Navarro, Maria; Gimenez, Almudena; Fernandez, Juan Antonio; Egea-Gilabert, C 6588
Starch Accumulation and Granule Size Distribution of Cassava cv. Rayong 9 Grown under Irrigated and Rainfed Conditions Using Different Growing Seasons. Janket, Anon; Vorasoot, Nimitr; Toomsan, Banyong; Kaewpradit, Wanwipa; Jogloy, Sanun; Theerakulpisut 9459
Straw Incorporation Management Affects Maize Grain Yield through Regulating Nitrogen Uptake, Water Use Efficiency, and Root Distribution. Sui, Pengxiang; Tian, Ping; Lian, Hongli; Wang, Zhengyu; Ma, Ziqi; Qi, Hua; Mei, Nan; Wang, Yingyan; 7523
Temporal Patterns of Flowering and Pod Set of Determinate Soybean in Response to High Temperature. Kim, Yean-Uk; Choi, Doug-Hwan; Ban, Ho-Young; Seo, Beom-Seok; Kim, Junhwan; Lee, Byun-Woo 4470
The 'Palo a Pique' Long-Term Research Platform: First 25 Years of a Crop-Livestock Experiment in Uruguay. Rovira, Pablo; Ayala, Walter; Terra, Jose; Garcia-Prechac, Fernando; Harris, Paul; Lee, Michael R.F. 7841
The Change of Bacterial Spectrum after Storage of X. campestris pv. campestris Inoculated Cabbage Heads (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.). Ragasova, Lucia; Penazova, Eliska; Gazdik, Filip; Pecenka, Jakub; Cechova, Jana; Pokluda, Robert; Ba 5011
The Combined Effect of Drought Stress and Nitrogen Fertilization on Soybean. Basal, Oqba; Szabo, Andras Report 10509
The Effect of Salicylic Acid and 20 Substituted Molecules on Alleviating Metolachlor Herbicide Injury in Rice (Oryza sativa). Deng, Xile; Zheng, Wenna; Zhou, Xiaomao; Bai, Lianyang 6339
The Effects of Catch Crops and Tillage Systems on Selected Physical Properties and Enzymatic Activity of Loess Soil in a Spring Wheat Monoculture. Harasim, Elzbieta; Antonkiewicz, Jacek; Kwiatkowski, Cezary A. 7214
The Integration of Bio and Organic Fertilizers Improve Plant Growth, Grain Yield, Quality and Metabolism of Hybrid Maize (Zea mays L.). Gao, Canhong; El-Sawah, Ahmed M.; Ali, Dina Fathi Ismail; Hamoud, Yousef Alhaj; Shaghaleh, Hiba; She 14222
The Potential for Improving Rice Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Smallholder Farmers: A Case Study of Jiangsu, China. Xie, Kailiu; Guo, Junjie; Ward, Katie; Luo, Gongwen; Shen, Qirong; Guo, Shiwei 9083
The Roles of Different Types of Trichomes in Tomato Resistance to Cold, Drought, Whiteflies, and Botrytis. Zhang, Yao; Song, Haihui; Wang, Xingyuan; Zhou, Xinan; Zhang, Kewei; Chen, Xiuling; Liu, Jiayin; Han 7601
The Use of a Plant-Based Biostimulant Improves Plant Performances and Fruit Quality in Tomato Plants Grown at Elevated Temperatures. Francesca, Silvana; Arena, Carmen; Mele, Bruno Hay; Schettini, Carlo; Ambrosino, Patrizia; Barone, A 8222
The WD40 Gene Family in Potato (Solatium Tuberosum L.): Genome-Wide Analysis and Identification of Anthocyanin and Drought-Related WD40s. Liu, Zhen; Liu, Yuhui; Coulter, Jeffrey A.; Shen, Baoyun; Li, Yuanming; Li, Chaozhou; Cao, Zhengpeng 10463
TILLING in Cereal Crops for Allele Expansion and Mutation Detection by Using Modern Sequencing Technologies. Irshad, Ahsan; Guo, Huijun; Zhang, Shunlin; Liu, Luxiang 9572
Use of Fresh Scotta Whey as an Additive for Alfalfa Silage. Mariotti, Marco; Fratini, Filippo; Cerri, Domenico; Andreuccetti, Victoria; Giglio, Roberta; Angelet 6412
Use of Plant Water Extracts for Weed Control in Durum Wheat (Triticutn turgidutn L. Subsp. durum Desf.). Carrubba, Alessandra; Labruzzo, Andrea; Comparato, Andrea; Muccilli, Serena; Spina, Alfto 9012
Variation in Anther Extrusion and Its Impact on Fusariutn Head Blight and Deoxynivalenol Content in Oat (Avena sativa L.). Tekle, Selamawit; Schofer, Sissela Strabo; He, Xinyao; Dong, Yanhong; Bjornstad, Asmund 6542
Why Self-fertilizing Plants Still Exist in Wild Populations: Diversity Assurance through Stress-Induced Male Sterility May Promote Selective Outcrossing and Recombination. Ginkel, Maarten van; Flipphi, Ronald C.H. 6032

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