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Articles from Agronomy (June 1, 2020)

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A Comparative Study of Composts Prepared from Various Organic Wastes Based on Biological and Chemical Parameters. Jakubus, Monika 8842
A Historical Account of Viruses in Intensive Horticultural Crops in the Spanish Mediterranean Arc: New Challenges for a Sustainable Agriculture. Velasco, Leonardo; Ruiz, Leticia; Galipienso, Luis; Rubio, Luis; Janssen, Dirk 16424
A Methodological Approach for Irrigation Detection in the Frame of Common Agricultural Policy Checks by Monitoring. Paredes-Gomez, Vanessa; Gutierrez, Alberto; Del Blanco, Vicente; Nafria, David A. 12794
A Nitrification Inhibitor, Nitrapyrin, Reduces Potential Nitrate Leaching through Soil Columns Treated with Animal Slurries and Anaerobic Digestate. Giacometti, Caterina; Mazzon, Martina; Cavani, Luciano; Ciavatta, Claudio; Marzadori, Claudio 4997
Affordable Phenotyping of Winter Wheat under Field and Controlled Conditions for Drought Tolerance. Kumar, Dhananjay; Kushwaha, Sandeep; Delvento, Chiara; Liatukas, Zilvinas; Vivekanand, Vivekanand; S 6418
Agronomic Performance of Different Open-Pollinated Beetroot Genotypes Grown Under Organic Farming Conditions. Yasaminshirazi, Khadijeh; Hartung, Jens; Groenen, Rene; Heinze, Thomas; Fleck, Michael; Zikeli, Sabi 9984
Allelopathic Potential of Teff Varieties and Effect on Weed Growth. Gebrehiwot, Haftamu Gebretsadik; Aune, Jens Bernt; Eklo, Ole Martin; Torp, Torfinn; Brandsaeter, Lar 8301
Antifungal and Phytotoxic Activities of Essential Oils: In Vitro Assays and Their Potential Use in Crop Protection. El-Alam, Imad; Raveau, Robin; Fontaine, Joel; Verdin, Anthony; Laruelle, Frederic; Fourmentin, Sophi 11785
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi as Potential Agents in Ameliorating Heavy Metal Stress in Plants. Dhalaria, Rajni; Kumar, Dinesh; Kumar, Harsh; Nepovimova, Eugenie; Kuca, Kamil; Islam, Muhammad Tore 12934
Arbuscular Mycorrhizas Traits and Yield of Winter Wheat Profiled by Mineral Fertilization. Vidican, Roxana; Pacurar, Florin; Vatca, Sorin Daniel; Plesa, Anca; Stoian, Vlad 8436
Assessing Soil Key Fertility Attributes Using a Portable X-ray Fluorescence: A Simple Method to Overcome Matrix Effect. Tavares, Tiago Rodrigues; Mouazen, Abdul Mounem; Alves, Elton Eduardo Novais; dos Santos, Felipe Rod Report 9777
Assessing the Orange Tree Crown Volumes Using Google Maps as a Low-Cost Photogrammetric Alternative. Marin-Buzon, Carmen; Perez-Romero, Antonio; Tucci-Alvarez, Fabio; Manzano-Agugliaro, Francisco 8711
Assessing the Potential of Jellyfish as an Organic Soil Amendment to Enhance Seed Germination and Seedling Establishment in Sand Dune Restoration. Emadodin, Iraj; Reinsch, Thorsten; Ockens, Raffaele-Romeo; Taube, Friedhelm 4052
Assessing the Systematic Effects of the Concentration of Nitrogen Supplied to Dual-Root Systems of Soybean Plants on Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixation. Lyu, Xiaochen; Li, Ming; Li, Xin; Li, Sha; Yan, Chao; Ma, Chunmei; Gong, Zhenping 9903
Assessment of Genetic Diversity of Edible Honeysuckle Monitored through RAPD in Relative to Bioactive Substances. Cehula, Marcela; Micek, Jiri; Jurikova, Tunde; Ziarovska, Jana; Paulen, Oleg; Dokoupil, Libor; Adamk 5663
Assessment of Multi-Date Sentinel-1 Polarizations and GLCM Texture Features Capacity for Onion and Sunflower Classification in an Irrigated Valley: An Object Level Approach. Caballero, Gabriel Rodrigo; Platzeck, Gabriel; Pezzola, Alejandro; Casella, Alejandra; Winschel, Cri 12926
Base Neutralizing Capacity of Agricultural Soils in a Quaternary Landscape of North-East Germany and Its Relationship to Best Management Practices in Lime Requirement Determination. Vogel, Sebastian; Bonecke, Eric; Kling, Charlotte; Kramer, Eckart; Luck, Katrin; Nagel, Anne; Philip 9632
Betaine Hydrochloride Treatment Affects Growth and Phenylpropanoid Accumulation in Tartary Buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum) Seedlings under Salt Stress. Kim, Min Cheol; Kim, Nam Su; Kim, Yeon Bok; Kim, Chul Min; Chung, Yong Suk; Park, Sang Un 7453
Bio-Herbicidal Potential of the Essential Oils from Different Rosmarinus officinalis L. Chemotypes in Laboratory Assays. El Mahdi, Jihane; Tarraf, Waed; Ruta, Claudia; Piscitelli, Lea; Aly, Adel; De Mastro, Giuseppe 8920
Biochar Mitigates Combined Effects of Drought and Salinity Stress in Quinoa. Yang, Aizheng; Akhtar, Saqib Saleem; Li, Lin; Fu, Qiang; Li, Quanfeng; Naeem, Muhammad Asif; He, Xin 7034
Biostimulatory Action of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Enhances Productivity, Functional and Sensory Quality in 'Piennolo del Vesuvio' Cherry Tomato Landraces. Carillo, Petronia; Kyratzis, Angelos; Kyriacou, Marios C.; Dell'Aversana, Emilia; Fusco, Giovanna Ma Report 9239
Challenges and Prospects of Biogas from Energy Cane as Supplement to Bioethanol Production. Hoffstadt, Kevin; Pohen, Gino D.; Dicke, Max D.; Paulsen, Svea; Krafft, Simone; Zang, Joachim W.; da 8682
Characterizing Variation in Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Wheat Genotypes Using Proximal Canopy Sensing for Sustainable Wheat Production. Naser, Mohammed A.; Khosla, Raj; Longchamps, Louis; Dahal, Subash 9132
Chemical-Physical, Sensory Analyses and Consumers' Quality Perception of Local vs. Imported Loquat Fruits: A Sustainable Development Perspective. Testa, Riccardo; Migliore, Giuseppina; Schifani, Giorgio; Tinebra, Ilenia; Farina, Vittorio 8655
Clonal Behavior in Response to Soil Water Availability in Tempranillo Grapevine cv: From Plant Growth to Water Use Efficiency. Tortosa, Ignacio; Escalona, Jose M.; Toro, Guillermo; Douthe, Cyril; Medrano, Hipolito 7840
Co-Regulation of Long Non-Coding RNAs with Allele-Specific Genes in Wheat Responding to Powdery Mildew Infection. Hu, Weiguo; Wang, Guanghao; Wang, Siwen; Nie, Xiaojun; Wang, Changyou; Wang, Yajuan; Zhang, Hong; Ji 6138
Colchicine Mutagenesis from Long-term Cultured Adventitious Roots Increases Biomass and Ginsenoside Production in Wild Ginseng (Panax ginseng Mayer). Le, Kim-Cuong; Ho, Thanh-Tarn; Lee, Jong-Du; Paek, Kee-Yoeup; Park, So-Young 6374
Compatibility between "Arbequina" and "Souri" Olive Cultivars May Increase Souri Fruit Set. Biton, Iris; Many, Yair; Mazen, Ali; Ben-Ari, Giora 6590
Contribution of Root Anatomical Characteristics in Fruit Profile of Pomegranate Genotypes to Expand Production Area in Pakistan. Ali, Tahir; Nafees, Muhammad; Maqsood, Ambreen; Naqvi, Summar Abbas; Shahzad, Umbreen; Haider, Muham 6407
Coronatine Enhances Stalk Bending Resistance of Maize, Thickens the Cell Wall and decreases the Area of the Vascular Bundles. Li, Yanxia; Huang, Guanmin; Guo, Yuling; Zhou, Yuyi; Duan, Liusheng 9073
Crop Water Production Functions for Winter Wheat with Drip Fertigation in the North China Plain. Shen, Xiaojun; Wang, Guangshuai; Zeleke, Ketema Tilahun; Si, Zhuanyun; Chen, Jinsai; Gao, Yang 7352
Cropping System and Rotational Grazing Effects on Soil Fertility and Enzymatic Activity in an Integrated Organic Crop-Livestock System. Galindo, Fernando Shintate; Delate, Kathleen; Heins, Bradley; Phillips, Hannah; Smith, Andrew; Pagli 10417
Deficit Irrigation on Guar Genotypes (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.): Effects on Seed Yield and Water Use Efficiency. Avola, Giovanni; Riggi, Ezio; Trostle, Calvin; Sortino, Orazio; Gresta, Fabio Report 4991
Delineation of Soil Texture Suitability Zones for Soybean Cultivation: A Case Study in Continental Croatia. Radocaj, Dorijan; Jurisic, Mladen; Zebec, Vladimir; Plascak, Ivan Case study 8493
Detection and Characterization of Cherries: A Deep Learning Usability Case Study in Chile. Villacres, Juan Fernando; Cheein, Fernando Auat Case study 4264
Dicamba Retention in Commercial Sprayers Following Triple Rinse Cleanout Procedures, and Soybean Response to Contamination Concentrations. Browne, Frances B.; Li, Xiao; Price, Katilyn J.; Wang, Jianping; Wang, Yi; Kruger, Greg R.; Golus, J 8138
Different Ground Vegetation Cover Management Systems to Manage Cynodon dactylon in an Irrigated Vineyard. Valencia-Gredilla, Francisco; Royo-Esnal, Aritz; Juarez-Escario, Alejandro; Recasens, Jordi 7612
Different Summer and Autumn Water Deficit Affect the Floral Differentiation and Flower Bud Growth in Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.). Bartolini, Susanna; Piccolo, Ermes Lo; Remorini, Damiano 6374
Discovery of Four Novel ORFs Responsible for Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (CMS) in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) through Comparative Analysis of the Mitochondrial Genomes of Four Isoplasmic Lines. Li, Min; Chen, Li; Tang, Danfeng; Liao, Xiaofang; Kong, Xiangjun; Li, Bin; You, Jingyi; Zhou, and Ru 7551
Distribution of Root-Lesion and Stunt Nematodes, and Their Relationship with Soil Properties and Nematode Fauna in Sugarcane Fields in Okinawa, Japan. Kawanobe, Masanori; Sugihara, Soh; Miyamaru, Naoko; Yoshida, Koichi; Nonomura, Eito; Oshiro, Hiroaki 7442
DK-RIM: Assisting Integrated Management of Lolium multiflorum, Italian Ryegrass. Sonderskov, Mette; Somerville, Gayle J.; Lacoste, Myrtille; Jensen, Jens Erik; Holst, Niels 8304
Double Cropping in Vitis vinifera L. Pinot Noir: Myth or Reality? Poni, Stefano; Gatti, Matteo; Tombesi, Sergio; Squeri, Cecilia; Sabbatini, Paolo; Rodas, Nieves Lava 8931
Early Season Foliar Iron Fertilization Increases Fruit Yield and Quality in Pomegranate. Davarpanah, Sohrab; Tehranifar, Ali; Zarei, Mahvash; Aran, Mehdi; Davarynejad, Gholamhossein; Abadia 5898
Earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris L.) Mediate the Fertilizing Effect of Frass. Dulaurent, Anne-Maimiti; Daoulas, Guillaume; Faucon, Michel-Pierre; Houben, David 4218
Effect of Bacterial Strains Isolated from Stored Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) on Mushroom Biodeterioration and Mycelial Growth. Tejedor-Calvo, Eva; Garcia-Barreda, Sergi; Sanchez, Sergio; Marco, Pedro 6019
Effect of Bead Composition, PVS Type, and Recovery Medium in Cryopreservation of Bleeding Heart 'Valentine'--Preliminary Study. Kulus, Dariusz 4346
Effect of Controlled Atmosphere Storage Conditions on the Chemical Composition of Super Hardy Kiwifruit. Paulauskiene, Aurelija; Taraseviciene, Zivile; Zebrauskiene, Audrone; Pranckietiene, Irena Report 5860
Effect of Exogenous Application of Amino Acids L-Arginine and Glycine on Maize under Temperature Stress. Matysiak, Kinga; Kierzek, Roman; Siatkowski, Idzi; Kowalska, Jolanta; Krawczyk, Roman; Miziniak, Woj 8213
Effect of Planting Methods and Gypsum Application on Yield and Water Productivity of Wheat under Salinity Conditions in North Nile Delta. Aboelsoud, Hesham; Engel, Bernard; Gad, Khaled 7462
Effect of Salinity on Seed Germination and Seedling Development of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) Genotypes. Dehnavi, Ahmad Rajabi; Zahedi, Morteza; Ludwiczak, Agnieszka; Perez, Stefany Cardenas; Piernik, Agni 8294
Effects of Different In Situ Remediation Strategies for an As-Polluted Soil on Human Health Risk, Soil Properties, and Vegetation. Baragano, Diego; Gallego, Jose Luis R.; Baleriola, Gaspar; Forjan, Ruben Report 9331
Effects of Harvest Time on the Yield and Quality of Winter Wheat Hay Produced in Northern Italy. Ronga, Domenico; Pra, Aldo Dal; Immovilli, Alessandra; Ruozzi, Fabrizio; Davolio, Roberto; Pacchioli 8780
Effects of Selected Soil Amendments and Mulch Type on Soil Properties and Productivity in Organic Vegetable Production. Larkin, Robert P. 10123
Effects of ZnO Nanoparticles and Biochar of Rice Straw and Cow Manure on Characteristics of Contaminated Soil and Sunflower Productivity, Oil Quality, and Heavy Metals Uptake. Seleiman, Mahmoud F.; Alotaibi, Majed A.; Alhammad, Bushra Ahmed; Alharbi, Basmah M.; Refay, Yahya; 10461
Efficacy Determination of Commercial Deltamethrin-Treated Storage Bags on Trogoderma granarium Everts Adults and Larvae. Scheff, Deanna S.; Arthur, Frank H.; Myers, Scott W.; Domingue, Michael J. 4411
Energy, Production and Environmental Characteristics of a Conventional Weaned Piglet Farm in North West Spain. Fernandez, Maria D.; Losada, Eugenio; Ortega, Juan A.; Arango, Tamara; Ginzo-Villamayor, Maria Jose; 6069
Enhancing Cation Exchange Capacity of Weathered Soils Using Biochar: Feedstock, Pyrolysis Conditions and Addition Rate. Domingues, Rimena R.; Sanchez-Monedero, Miguel A.; Spokas, Kurt A.; Melo, Leonidas C.A.; Trugilho, P 9797
Ensiling Total Mixed Ration for Ruminants: A Review. Bueno, Antonio Vinicius Iank; Lazzari, Gustavo; Jobim, Cloves Cabreira; Daniel, Joao Luiz Pratti 12850
Epimeric Mixtures of Brassinosteroid Analogs: Synthesis, Plant Growth, and Germination Effects in Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill.). Soto, Nitza; Gonzalez, Cesar; Mellado, Marco; Olea, Andres F.; Coll, Yamilet; Diaz, Katy; Espinoza, 9630
Essential Tea Tree Oil Activity against Bremia lactucae in Lettuce. Reuveni, Moshe; Cohen, Yigal R. 5555
Estimating Sensory Properties with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: A Tool for Quality Control and Breeding of 'Calcots' (Allium cepa L.). Sans, Silvia; Ferre, Joan; Boque, Ricard; Sabate, Jose; Casals, Joan; Simo, Joan 5104
Evaluation of Glycine max and Glycine soja for Resistance to Calonectria ilicicola. Jiang, Chang-Jie; Sugano, Shoji; Ochi, Sunao; Kaga, Akito; Ishimoto, Masao 4688
Evaluation of Selection Methods for Resistance to a Specialist Insect Pest of Squash (Cucurbita pepo). Brzozowski, Lauren J.; Mazourek, Michael 7225
Evaluation of the Effects of the Application of Glauconitic Fertilizer on Oat Development: A Two-Year Field-Based Investigation. Rudmin, Maxim; Banerjee, Santanu; Makarov, Boris 6060
Exploration of Bambara Groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.), an Underutilized Crop, to Aid Global Food Security: Varietal Improvement, Genetic Diversity and Processing. Muhammad, Ismaila; Rafii, Mohd Y.; Ramlee, Shairul Izan; Nazli, Muhamad Hazim; Harun, Abdul Rahim; O 12299
Facing Climate Change: Application of Microbial Biostimulants to Mitigate Stress in Horticultural Crops. Sangiorgio, Daniela; Cellini, Antonio; Donati, Irene; Pastore, Chiara; Onofrietti, Claudia; Spinelli 14393
Fatty Acid Composition Dynamics of Rye (Secale cereale L.) and Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Forages under Cattle Grazing. Phillips, Hannah N.; Heins, Bradley J.; Delate, Kathleen; Turnbull, Robert 9619
Fractal and Topological Analyses and Antioxidant Defense Systems of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Root System under Drought and Rehydration Regimes. Li, Shuo; Wan, Liqiang; Nie, Zhongnan; Li, Xianglin 10051
Fungal Endophytes as Biocontrol Agents against the Main Soil-Borne Diseases of Melon and Watermelon in Spain. Gonzalez, Vicente; Armijos, Eugenia; Garces-Claver, Ana 12172
Genome-wide Identification and Expression Analysis of TALE Gene Family in Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.). Wang, Yuying; Zhao, Yujie; Yan, Ming; Zhao, Honglian; Zhang, Xinhui; Yuan, Zhaohe 6995
Genotype * Light Quality Interaction on Rose Architecture. Crespel, Laurent; Bras, Camille Le; Amoroso, Thomas; Ulloa, Mateo Gabriel Unda; Morel, Philippe; Sak 9188
Grain Quality and Allelic Variation of the Badh2 Gene in Thai Fragrant Rice Landraces. Chan-in, Phukjira; Jamjod, Sansanee; Yimyam, Narit; Rerkasem, Benjavan; Pusadee, Tonapha 8309
Health Risk Assessment in Agricultural Soil Potentially Contaminated by Geogenic Thallium: Influence of Plant Species on Metal Mobility in Soil-Plant System. Duri, Luigi Giuseppe; Visconti, Donato; Fiorentino, Nunzio; Adamo, Paola; Fagnano, Massimo; Caporale 10647
Hemp-Based Phytoaccumulation of Heavy Metals from Municipal Sewage Sludge and Phosphogypsum Under Field Conditions. Zielonka, Dariusz; Szulc, Wieslaw; Skowronska, Monika; Rutkowska, Beata; Russel, Stefan 4772
Herbicide Resistance and Management Options of Papaver rhoeas L. and Centaurea cyanus L. in Europe: A Review. Stankiewicz-Kosyl, Marta; Synowiec, Agnieszka; Haliniarz, Malgorzata; Wenda-Piesik, Anna; Domaradzki 12434
Humboldtian Diagnosis of Peach Tree (Prunus persica) Nutrition Using Machine-Learning and Compositional Methods. Betemps, Debora Leitzke; de Paula, Betania Vahl; Parent, Serge-Etienne; Galarca, Simone P.; Mayer, N 8907
Identification and Quantification of Plant Growth Regulators and Antioxidant Compounds in Aqueous Extracts of Padina durvillaei and Ulva lactuca. Garcia, Israel Benitez; Ledezma, Ana Karen Duenas; Montano, Emmanuel Martinez; Leyva, Jesus Aaron Sa 6308
Impact of Chelated or Inorganic Manganese and Zinc Applications in Closed Hydroponic Bean Crops on Growth, Yield, Photosynthesis, and Nutrient Uptake. Neocleous, Damianos; Nikolaou, Georgios; Ntatsi, Georgia; Savvas, Dimitrios 8986
Impact of Climate Change on Durum Wheat Yield. Sabella, Erika; Aprile, Alessio; Negro, Carmine; Nicoli, Francesca; Nutricati, Eliana; Vergine, Marz 6599
Impact of Digestate Application as a Fertilizer on the Yield and Quality of Winter Rape Seed. Koszel, Milan; Parafiniuk, Stanislaw; Szparaga, Agnieszka; Bochniak, Andrzej; Kocira, Slawomir; Atan 10542
Impact of Ionic Liquids on Induction of Wheat Microspore Embryogenesis and Plant Regeneration. 6512
Inoculation with Different Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria and Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Affects Grain Protein Content and Nodule Bacterial Communities of a Fava Bean Crop. Sanchez-Navarro, Virginia; Zornoza, Raul; Faz, Angel; Egea-Gilabert, Catalina; Ros, Margarita; Pascu 9450
Integrating Biochar and Inorganic Fertilizer Improves Productivity and Profitability of Irrigated Rice in Ghana, West Africa. MacCarthy, Dilys S.; Darko, Eric; Nartey, Eric K.; Adiku, Samuel G.K.; Tettey, Abigail 12725
Integration of Extra-Large-Seeded and Double-Podded Traits in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). Kivrak, Kamile Gul; Eker, Tuba; Sari, Hatice; Sari, Duygu; Akan, Kadir; Aydinoglu, Bilal; Catal, Mur 7949
Interactive Effect of Nitrogen and Azoxystrobin on Yield, Quality, Nitrogen and Water Use Efficiency of Wild Rocket in Southern Italy. Candido, Vincenzo; Boari, Francesca; Cantore, Vito; Castronuovo, Donato; di Venere, Donato; Perniola 9869
Is There a Possibility to Involve the Hormesis Effect on the Soybean with Glyphosate Sub-Lethal Amounts Used to Control Weed Species Amaranthus retroflexus L.? Meseldzija, Maja; Lazic, Sanja; Dudic, Milica; Sunjka, Dragana; Rajkovic, Milos; Markovic, Todor; Vu 5797
Iuumpact of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Grain Yield in Winter Triticale Grown on Degraded Vertisol. Rajicic, Vera; Popovic, Vera; Perisic, Vesna; Biberdzic, Milan; Jovovic, Zoran; Gudzic, Nebojsa; Mih 10177
Legume-Rhizobium Strain Specificity Enhances Nutrition and Nitrogen Fixation in Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.). Allito, Bayou Bunkura; Ewusi-Mensah, Nana; Logah, Vincent 11013
Local-Scale Cereal Yield Forecasting in Italy: Lessons from Different Statistical Models and Spatial Aggregations. Garcia-Leon, David; Lopez-Lozano, Raul; Toreti, Andrea; Zampieri, Matteo 7559
Long-Term Fertilization with Potassium Modifies Soil Biological Quality in K-Rich Soils. Chen, Qiuyu; Xin, Ying; Liu, Zhanjun 8680
Lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) Persistence Remains Unchanged under Variable Cutting Regimes. Burnett, Vivianne F.; Butler, Kym L.; Hirth, Jeff R.; Mitchell, Meredith L.; Clark, Steve G.; Nie, Z 5416
Maize Grain Composition with Additions of NPK Briquette and Organically Enhanced N Fertilizer. Wang, Xiaohui; Liu, Shuangli; Yin, Xinhua; Bellaloui, Nacer; Winings, John H.; Agyin-Birikorang, Sam 6626
Management Drives Differences in Nutrient Dynamics in Conventional and Organic Four-Year Crop Rotation Systems. Weyers, Sharon L.; Archer, David W.; Johnson, Jane M.F.; Wilts, Alan R. 12997
Management Intensification of Hay Meadows and Fruit Orchards Alters Soil Macro- Invertebrate Communities Differently. Guariento, Elia; Colla, Filippo; Steinwandter, Michael; Plunger, Julia; Tappeiner, Ulrike; Seeber, J 4588
Manipulation of Fruit Dry Matter via Seasonal Pruning and Its Relationship to d'Anjou Pear Yield and Fruit Quality. Goke, Alex; Serra, Sara; Musacchi, Stefano 10419
Metabolomic Analysis for Compositional Differences of Bush Tea (Athrixia phylicoides DC.) Subjected to Seasonal Dynamics. Mohale, Keletso C.; Bodede, Olusola; Araya, Hintsa T.; Mudau, Fhatuwani N. 6076
Metabolomics: A Tool for Cultivar Phenotyping and Investigation of Grain Crops. Djande, Claude Y. Hamany; Pretorius, Chanel; Tugizimana, Fidele; Piater, Lizelle A.; Dubery, Ian A. 16081
Methodology for Assessing Progeny Production and Grain Damage on Commodities Treated with Insecticides. Arthur, Frank; Morrison, W. Robert 15817
Modeling Planting-Date Effects on Intermediate-Maturing Maize in Contrasting Environments in the Nigerian Savanna: An Application of DSSAT Model. Tofa, Abdullahi I.; Chiezey, Uche F.; Babaji, Bashir A.; Kamara, Alpha Y.; Adnan, Adnan A.; Beah, Al 9451
Molecular Characterization and Functional Analysis of Wheat TtLOX Gene Involved in Aphid Resistance. Liu, Xinlun; Ma, Xiaolong; Kou, Xudan; Bai, Jinfeng; Zhang, Hong; Wang, Changyou; Wang, Yajuan; Zhao 6720
Morphological and Chemical Traits as Quality Determinants of Common Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.), on the Example of 'Standard Winter' Cultivar. Kosakowska, Olga; Baczek, Katarzyna; Przybyl, Jaroslaw L.; Pawelczak, Anna; Rolewska, Katarzyna; Weg 9560
Morphometric Characteristics, Polyphenols and Ascorbic Acid Variation in Brassica oleracea L. Novel Foods: Sprouts, Microgreens and Baby Leaves. Bella, Maria Concetta Di; Niklas, Agnieszka; Toscano, Stefania; Picchi, Valentina; Romano, Daniela; 8782
NaCl and [Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] Salinities Have Different Impact on Photosynthesis and Yield-Related Parameters in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). Irakoze, Willy; Prodjinoto, Hermann; Nijimbere, Severin; Rufyikiri, Gervais; Lutts, Stanley 6049
Nutrient Diagnosis Norms for Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in Tunisian Oases. Labaied, Mouna Bendaly; Khiari, Lotfi; Gallichand, Jacques; Kebede, Fassil; Kadri, Nabila; Ammar, No 9076
Nutritional Quality of Plant Species in Pyrenean Hay Meadows of High Diversity. Reine, Ramon; Ascaso, Joaquin; Barrantes, Olivia 15131
PGPR Modulation of Secondary Metabolites in Tomato Infested with Spodoptera litura. Kousar, Bani; Bano, Asghari; Khan, Naeem 9255
Physiological and Agronomic Responses of Processing Tomatoes to Deficit Irrigation at Critical Stages in a Semi-Arid Environment. Patane, Cristina; Corinzia, Sebastiano Andrea; Testa, Giorgio; Scordia, Danilo; Cosentino, Salvatore 8036
Phytotoxic Effects of Three Natural Compounds: Pelargonic Acid, Carvacrol, and Cinnamic Aldehyde, against Problematic Weeds in Mediterranean Crops. Munoz, Marta; Torres-Pagan, Natalia; Peiro, Rosa; Guijarro, Ruben; Sanchez-Moreiras, Adela M.; Verde 8026
Plant Performance and Metabolomic Profile of Loquat in Response to Mycorrhizal Inoculation, Armillaria mellea and Their Interaction. Camprubi, Amelia; Solari, Jimena; Bonini, Paolo; Garcia-Figueres, Francesc; Colosimo, Fabrizio; Ciri 7131
Plant-Growth-Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) against Insects and Other Agricultural Pests. Ruiu, Luca 5502
Potential of Biochar to Alternate Soil Properties and Crop Yields 3 and 4 Years after the Application. Aydin, Elena; Simansky, Vladimir; Horak, Jan; Igaz, Dusan 12657
Potentially Toxic Element Availability and Risk Assessment of Cadmium Dietary Exposure after Repeated Croppings of Brassica juncea in a Contaminated Agricultural Soil. Agrelli, Diana; Duri, Luigi Giuseppe; Fiorentino, Nunzio; Cozzolino, Eugenio; Fagnano, Massimo; Adam 10617
Prediction of Spatiotemporal Invasive Risk by the Red Imported Fire Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in South Korea. Byeon, Dae-hyeon; Lee, Jong-Ho; Lee, Heung-Sik; Park, Youngjin; Jung, Sunghoon; Lee, Wang-Hee 6935
Pretreatment of Hazelnut Shells as a Key Strategy for the Solubilization and Valorization of Hemicelluloses into Bioactive Compounds. Rivas, Sandra; Moure, Andres; Parajo, Juan Carlos 6882
Prickly Ash Seed Kernel: A New Bio-Fumigation Material Against Tobacco Black Shank. Wang, Yaochen; Liu, Minghong; Han, Xiaobin; Zheng, Yanfen; Chao, Jianmin; Zhang, Cheng-Sheng 6563
Productivity of Selected African Leafy Vegetables under Varying Water Regimes. Maseko, Innocent; Ncube, Bhekumthetho; Tesfay, Samson; Fessehazion, Melake; Modi, Albert Thembinkosi 10242
Profiling of the Salt Stress Responsive MicroRNA Landscape of C4 Genetic Model Species Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv. Pegler, Joseph L.; Nguyen, Due Quan; Grof, Christopher P.L.; Eamens, Andrew L. 13317
Proposed Techniques to Supplement the Loss in Nutrient Cycling for Replanted Coffee Plantations in Vietnam. Pham, The Trinh; Nguyen, Ngoc Hoi; Yen, Pham Nguyen Dong; Lam, Tri Due; Le, Ngoc Thuy Trang 5906
Quality Improvement of Netted Melon (Cucumis melo L. var. reticulatus) through Precise Nitrogen and Potassium Management in a Hydroponic System. Yam, Rita S.W.; Fan, Yen-Tzu; Lin, Jing-Tian; Fan, Chihhao; Lo, Hsiao-Feng 12876
Quality of Grapes Grown Inside Paper Bags in Mediterranean Area. Pisciotta, Antonino; Planeta, Diego; Giacosa, Simone; Paissoni, Maria Alessandra; Lorenzo, Rosario D 7976
Resilience Capacity Assessment of the Traditional Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) Landraces Facing Climate Change. Martinez-Nieto, Maria Isabel; Estrelles, Elena; Prieto-Mossi, Josefa; Rosello, Josep; Soriano, Pilar 7458
Response of Upland Rice (Oryza saliva L.) Inoculated with Non-Native Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria. Ouyabe, Michel; Irie, Kenji; Tanaka, Naoto; Kikuno, Hidehiko; Pachakkil, Babil; Shiwachi, Hironobu 9624
Response to the Cold Stress Signaling of the Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis) Elicited by Chitosan Oligosaccharide. Li, Yingying; Zhang, Qiuqiu; Ou, Lina; Ji, Dezhong; Liu, Tao; Lan, Rongmeng; Li, Xiangyang; Jin, Lin 6474
Responses of Microbiological Soil Properties to Intercropping at Different Planting Densities in an Acidic Andisol. Schoebitz, Mauricio; Castillo, Dalma; Jorquera, Milko; Roldan, Antonio 8458
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