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Articles from Agronomy (July 1, 2020)

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A Cost-Effective Embedded Platform for Greenhouse Environment Control and Remote Monitoring. Sumalani, Radu L.; Stroia, Nicoleta; Moga, Daniel; Muresan, Vlad; Lodin, Alexandru; Vintila, Teodor; 14134
A Gaussian-Process-Based Global Sensitivity Analysis of Cultivar Trait Parameters in APSIM-Sugar Model: Special Reference to Environmental and Management Conditions in Thailand. Bandara, W.B.M.A.C.; Sakai, Kazuhito; Nakandakari, Tamotsu; Kapetch, Preecha; Rathnappriya, R.H.K. 7310
A Method of Apple Image Segmentation Based on Color-Texture Fusion Feature and Machine Learning. Zhang, Chunlong; Zou, Kunlin; Pan, Yue 6560
A Novel New Light Recipe Significantly Increases the Growth and Yield of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) Grown in a Plant Factory System. Rihan, Hail Z.; Aldarkazali, Mohammed; Mohamed, Shiren J.; McMulkin, Nancy B.; Jbara, Marwa H.; Full 7484
A Review of Metal and Metal-Oxide Nanoparticle Coating Technologies to Inhibit Agglomeration and Increase Bioactivity for Agricultural Applications. Cartwright, Anthony; Jackson, Kyle; Morgan, Christina; Anderson, Anne; Britt, David W. 10610
Activity of Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle Extract as a Potential Bioherbicide for Sustainable Weed Management in Horticulture. Caser, Matteo; Demasi, Sonia; Caldera, Fabrizio; Dhakar, Nilesh Kumar; Trotta, Francesco; Scariot, V 10103
Agricultural Utilization of Unused Resources: Liquid Food Waste Material as a New Source of Plant Growth-Promoting Microbes. Asghar, Waleed; Kondo, Shiho; Iguchi, Riho; Mahmood, Ahmad; Kataoka, Ryota 7731
Alterations of the Chemical Compositions, Surface Functionalities, and Nitrogen Structures of Cage Layer Chicken Manure by Carbonization to Improve Nitrogen Bioavailability in Soil. Daramy, Moses Ahmed; Kawada, Ryoka; Oba, Shinya 10707
Amaranthus palmeri a New Invasive Weed in Spain with Herbicide Resistant Biotypes. Torra, Joel; Royo-Esnal, Aritz; Romano, Yolanda; Osuna, Maria Dolores; Leon, Ramon G.; Recasens, Jor 7264
Analysis of Proteomic Profile of Contrasting Phosphorus Responsive Rice Cultivars Grown under Phosphorus Deficiency. Tantray, Aadil Yousuf; Ali, Hayssam M.; Ahmad, Altai 10419
Appraisal of Salt Tolerance under Greenhouse Conditions of a Cucurbitaceae Genetic Repository of Potential Rootstocks and Scions. Modarelli, Giuseppe Carlo; Rouphael, Youssef; de Pascale, Stefania; Oztekin, Golgen Bahar; Tuzel, Yi 7012
Assessing Nitrogen Cycling in Corncob Biochar Amended Soil Columns for Application in Agricultural Treatment Systems. Sanford, Joseph R.; Larson, Rebecca A. 10077
Assessing Specific Vulnerability of Shallow Aquifers to Pesticide Using GIS Tools. Data Needs and Reliability of Index-Overlay Methods: An Application to the San Giuliano Terme Agricultural Area (Pisa, Italy). Rossetto, Rudy; Sabbatini, Tiziana; Silvestri, Nicola 6196
Assessing Wheat Response to N Fertilization in a Wheat--Maize--Soybean Long-Term Rotation through NUE Measurements. Vidican, Roxana; Malinas, Anamaria; Rotar, Ioan; Kadar, Rozalia; Deac, Valeria; Malinas, Cristian 5678
Assessment of the Glutenin Subunits Diversity in a Durum Wheat (T. turgidum ssp. durum) Collection from Morocco. Chegdali, Youssef; Ouabbou, Hassan; Essamadi, Abdelkhalid; Cervantes, Fausto; Ibba, Maria Itria; Guz 7425
Biochar-Ca and Biochar-Al/-Fe-Mediated Phosphate Exchange Capacity are Main Drivers of the Different Biochar Effects on Plants in Acidic and Alkaline Soils. Baigorri, Roberto; Francisco, Sara San; Urrutia, Oscar; Garcia-Mina, Jose Maria 5222
Biochemical Response of Oakleaf Lettuce Seedlings to Different Concentrations of Some Metal(oid) Oxide Nanoparticles. Jurkow, Rita; Sekara, Agnieszka; Pokluda, Robert; Smolen, Sylwester; Kalisz, Andrzej 11707
Biodiversity in the Rhizosphere of Selected Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars--Genetic and Catabolic Fingerprinting. Woliriska, Agnieszka; Kuzniar, Agnieszka; Galazka, Anna 10634
Biomechanical Properties and Agro-Morphological Traits for Improved Lodging Resistance in Ethiopian Teff (Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trottor) Accessions. Bayable, Muluken; Tsunekawa, Atsushi; Haregeweyn, Nigussie; Ishii, Takayoshi; Alemayehu, Getachew; T 9577
Bioplastic Film from Black Soldier Fly Prepupae Proteins Used as Mulch: Preliminary Results. Setti, Leonardo; Francia, Enrico; Pulvirenti, Andrea; de Leo, Riccardo; Martinelli, Simone; Maistrel 4858
Boron Biofortification of Portulaca oleracea L. through Soilless Cultivation for a New Tailored Crop. D'Imperio, Massimiliano; Parente, Angelo; Montesano, Francesco F.; Renna, Massimiliano; Logrieco, An 9569
Browning of Early and Late-Harvested 'Empire' Apples Affected by Cold Storage and 1-MCP. Jung, Seok-Kyu; Choi, Hyun-Sug 3959
Bulb Size Interacts with Lifting Term in Determining the Quality of Narcissus Poeticus L. Propagation Material. Slezak, Katalin Angela; Mazur, Justyna; Jezdinsky, Ales; Kapczyriska, Anna 6809
C[O.sub.2] Emission and Change in the Fertility Parameters of a Calcareous Soil Following Annual Applications of Deinking Paper Sludge (The Case of Tunisia). Marouani, Emna; Benzina, Naima Kolsi; Ziadi, Noura; Bouslimi, Besma; Abida, Khouloud; Tlijani, Hanen 11060
Can the Application the Silicon Improve the Productivity and Nutritional Value of Grass-Clover Sward in Conditions of Rainfall Shortage in Organic Management? Mastalerczuk, Grazyna; Borawska-Jarmulowicz, Barbara; Dabrowski, Piotr; Szara, Ewa; Perzanowska, Ane 8095
Changes in Growth and Physiological Parameters of xAmarine Following an Exogenous Application of Gibberellic Acid and Methyl Jasmonate. Salachna, Piotr; Mikiciuk, Malgorzata; Zawadzinska, Agnieszka; Piechocki, Rafal; Ptak, Piotr; Mikici 8039
Chemical Composition of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) Biofortified with Iodine by KI[O.sub.3], 5-Iodo-, and 3.5-Diiodosalicylic Acid in a Hydroponic Cultivation. Sularz, Olga; Smolen, Sylwester; Koronowicz, Aneta; Kowalska, Iwona; Leszczynska, Teresa 12412
Chemical Properties of Soil in Four-Field Crop Rotations under Organic and Conventional Farming Systems. Kwiatkowski, Cezary A.; Harasim, ElZbieta Report 10212
Combining Green Manuring and Fertigation Maximizes Tomato Crop Yield and Minimizes Nitrogen Losses. Farneselli, Michela; Benincasa, Paolo; Tosti, Giacomo; Guiducci, Marcello; Tei, Francesco 7993
Comparative Study on Multiway Enhanced Bio- and Phytoremediation of Aged Petroleum-Contaminated Soil. Ptaszek, Natalia; Pacwa-Plociniczak, Magdalena; Noszczynska, Magdalena; Plociniczak, Tomasz 9960
Continuous Monoculture of Alfalfa and Annual Crops Influence Soil Organic Matter and Microbial Communities in the Rainfed Loess Plateau of China. Niu, Yining; Luo, Zhuzhu; Cai, Liqun; Coulter, Jeffrey A.; Zhang, Yaoquan; Berti, Marisol 7042
CRISPR-Cas9 System for Plant Genome Editing: Current Approaches and Emerging Developments. Montecillo, Jake Adolf V.; Chu, Luan Luong; Bae, Hanhong 23527
Crop Yield Prediction through Proximal Sensing and Machine Learning Algorithms. Abbas, Farhat; Afzaal, Hassan; Farooque, Aitazaz A.; Tang, Skylar 7407
Current and Future Potential Distribution of Wild Strawberry Species in the Biodiversity Hotspot of Yunnan Province, China. Yang, Junyu; Su, Daifa; Wei, Shijie; Chen, Shanyan; Luo, Zhiwei; Shen, Xuemei; Zhang, Zhenrong; Jami 11057
Deciphering the Role of Stay-Green Trait to Mitigate Terminal Heat Stress in Bread Wheat. Latif, Sadia; Wang, Liping; Khan, Jahangir; Ali, Zeshan; Sehgal, Sunish Kumar; Babar, Md Ali; Wang, 9937
Defining Targets for Reversing Declines of Soil Carbon in High-Intensity Arable Cropping. Squire, Geoffrey R.; Young, Mark; Ford, Linda; Banks, Gillian; Hawes, Cathy 6272
Differences in Metabolic and Physiological Responses between Local and Widespread Grapevine Cultivars under Water Deficit Stress. Florez-Sarasa, Igor; Clemente-Moreno, Maria Jose; Cifre, Josep; Capo, Miquel; Llompart, Miquel; Fern 11632
Effect of Biochar Application and Re-Application on Soil Bulk Density, Porosity, Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity, Water Content and Soil Water Availability in a Silty Loam Haplic Luvisol. Tokova, Lucia; Igaz, Dusan; Horak, Jan; Aydin, Elena 10088
Effect of Conversion to Organic Farming on Pest and Disease Control in French Vineyards. Merot, Anne; Fermaud, Marc; Gosme, Marie; Smits, Nathalie 9787
Effect of Gibberellin Responsive Reduced Height Allele Rht13 on Agronomic Traits in Spring Bread Wheat in Field Experiment in Non-Black Soil Zone. Divashuk, Mikhail G.; Kroupin, Pavel Yu.; Shirnin, Sergey Yu.; Vukovic, Milena; Kroupina, Aleksandra 5315
Effect of Light Spectrum on Gas Exchange, Growth and Biochemical Characteristics of Einkorn Seedlings. Bartucca, Maria Luce; Del Buono, Daniele; Ballerini, Eleonora; Benincasa, Paolo; Falcinelli, Beatric 7190
Effect of N Supply Level and N Source Ratio on Cichorium spinosum L. Metabolism. Chatzigianni, Martina; Aliferis, Konstantinos A.; Ntatsi, Georgia; Sawas, Dimitrios 10700
Effect of Oxytetracycline and Chlortetracycline on Bacterial Community Growth in Agricultural Soils. Santas-Miguel, Vanesa; Arias-Estevez, Manuel; Diaz-Ravina, Montserrat; Fernandez-Sanjurjo, Maria Jos 8466
Effect of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria on the Growth of Wheat Seedlings Subjected to Phosphate Starvation. Cataldi, Mariagrazia P.; Heuer, Sigrid; Mauchline, Tim H.; Wilkinson, Mark D.; Masters-Clark, Emily; 6864
Effect of Reduced Nitrogen and Supplemented Amino Acids Nutrient Solution on the Nutritional Quality of Baby Green and Red Lettuce Grown in a Floating System. Tsouvaltzis, Pavlos; Kasampalis, Dimitrios S.; Aktsoglou, Danai-Christina; Barbayiannis, Nikolaos; S 8703
Effect of Salt-Tolerant Bacterial Inoculations on Rice Seedlings Differing in Salt-Tolerance under Saline Soil Conditions. Shultana, Rakiba; Zuan, Ali Tan Kee; Yusop, Mohd Rafii; Saud, Halimi Mohd; Ayanda, Arolu Fatai 8336
Effect of Water Stress on the Physiological Characteristics of Five Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) Cultivars. Kalamartzis, Iakovos; Menexes, George; Georgiou, Pantazis; Dordas, Christos 11687
Effects of Photoperiod Interacted with Nutrient Solution Concentration on Nutritional Quality and Antioxidant and Mineral Content in Lettuce. Song, Jiali; Huang, Hui; Song, Shiwei; Zhang, Yiting; Su, Wei; Liu, Houcheng 6598
Effects of Rice Husk Biochar on Carbon Release and Nutrient Availability in Three Cultivation Age of Greenhouse Soils. Tsai, Chen-Chi; Chang, Yu-Fang 17675
Efficacy of Different Herbicides on Echinochloa colona (L.) Link Control and the First Case of Its Glyphosate Resistance in Greece. Travlos, Ilias; Kanatas, Panagiotis; Tsekoura, Anastasia; Gazoulis, Ioannis; Papastylianou, Panayiot 7647
Efficacy of Edible Coatings in Alleviating Shrivel and Maintaining Quality of Japanese Plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) during Export and Shelf Life Conditions. Fawole, Olaniyi Amos; Riva, Shannon Claudia; Opara, Umezuruike Linus 11540
Enrichment of Different Plant Seeds with Zinc and Assessment of Health Risk of Zn-Fortified Sprouts Consumption. Baczek-Kwinta, Renata; Baran, Agnieszka; Simlat, Magdalena; Lang, Jakub; Bieniek, Maciej; Florek, Ba 6876
Enzymatic Activity of Soil under Spelt Grown in An Organic Farming System in Poland's Temperate Climate. Filipek-Mazur, Barbara; Puzynska, Katarzyna; Tabak, Monika; Puzynski, Stanislaw 7035
Evaluating Biochar-Microbe Synergies for Improved Growth, Yield of Maize, and Post-Harvest Soil Characteristics in a Semi-Arid Climate. Ahmad, Maqshoof; Wang, Xiukang; Hilger, Thomas H.; Luqman, Muhammad; Nazli, Farheen; Hussain, Azhar; 10808
Evaluation of Commercial Wheat Cultivars for Canopy Architecture, Early Vigour, Weed Suppression, and Yield. Mwendwa, James M.; Brown, William B.; Weidenhamer, Jeffrey D.; Weston, Paul A.; Quinn, Jane C.; Wu, 10252
Evaluation of e-Government Web Portals: The Case of Agricultural e-Government Services in Greece. Bournaris, Thomas 6629
Expected Changes to Alpine Pastures in Extent and Composition under Future Climate Conditions. Dibari, Camilla; Costafreda-Aumedes, Sergi; Argenti, Giovanni; Bindi, Marco; Carotenuto, Federico; M 12346
Fruit Breeding in Regard to Color and Seed Hardness: A Genomic View from Pomegranate. Zhang, Xinhui; Zhao, Yujie; Ren, Yuan; Wang, Yuying; Yuan, Zhaohe 9724
Genome-Wide Analysis of the Trehalose-6-Phosphate Synthase (TPS) Gene Family and Expression Profiling of ScTPS Genes in Sugarcane. Hu, Xin; Wu, Zhuan-Di; Luo, Zheng-Ying; Burner, David M.; Pan, Yong-Bao; Wu, Cai-Wen 7474
Genome-Wide Identification and Expression Analysis of MAPK and MAPKK Gene Family in Pomegranate (Punica Granatum L.). Ren, Yuan; Ge, Dapeng; Dong, Jianmei; Guo, Linhui; Yuan, Zhaohe 7487
Genotypic Variability of Photosynthetic Parameters in Maize Ear-Leaves at Different Cadmium Levels in Soil. Franic, Mario; Galic, Vlatko; Loncaric, Zdenko; Simic, Domagoj Report 11561
Geo-Agriculture: Reviewing Opportunities through Which the Geosphere Can Help Address Emerging Crop Production Challenges. Pratt, Chris; ngston, Kate; Laycock, Bronwyn; Levett, Ian; Pratt, Steven 14187
Growth and Acclimation of In Vitro-Propagated M9 Apple Rootstock Plantlets under Various Visible Light Spectrums. Chung, Guem-Jae; Lee, Jin-Hui; Oh, Myung-Min 5735
Host Specificity of Endophytic Fungi from Stem Tissue of Nature Farming Tomato (Solatium lycopersicum Mill.) in Japan. Dastogeer, Khondoker Mohammad Golam; Oshita, Yutaro; Yasuda, Michiko; Kanasugi, Makoto; Matsuura, Er 8051
How Moderate Water Stress Can Affect Water Use Efficiency Indices in Potato. Ierna, Anita; Mauromicale, Giovanni 7315
Impact of Effective Microorganisms (EM) Application on the Physical Condition of Haplic Luvisol. Pranagal, Jacek; Ligeza, Slawomir; Smal, Halina 14120
Impact of Winter Cover Crop Usage in Soilborne Disease Suppressiveness in Woody Ornamental Production System. Panth, Milan; Baysal-Gurel, Fulya; Simmons, Terri; Addesso, Karla M.; Witcher, Anthony 10383
Improving Productivity in Integrated Fish-Vegetable Farming Systems with Recycled Fish Pond Sediments. Da, Chau Thi; Tu, Phan Anh; Livsey, John; Tang, Van Tai; Berg, Hakan; Manzoni, Stefano 9094
Improving the Red Color and Fruit Quality of 'Kent' Mango Fruit by Pruning and Preharvest Spraying of Prohydrojasmon or Abscisic Acid. Kumar, Sudheeran Pradeep; Maurer, Dalia; Feygenberg, Oleg; Love, Cliff; Alkan, Noam 5099
In Vitro Regeneration, Ex Vitro Rooting and Foliar Stoma Studies of Pseudostellaria heterophylla (Miq.) Pax. Wang, Fengyun; Xin, Xiaowei; Wei, Hao; Qiu, Xiaohui; Liu, Boling 5792
In-Vitro Plant Growth Promotion of Rhizobium Strains Isolated from Lentil Root Nodules under Abiotic Stresses. Sijilmassi, Badreddine; Filali-Maltouf, Abdelkarim; Fahde, Sara; Ennahli, Youness; Boughribil, Said; 7754
Influence of Green Tuff Fertilizer Application on Soil Microorganisms, Plant Growth, and Soil Chemical Parameters in Green Onion (Allium fistulosum L.) Cultivation. Kuroda, Kyohei; Kurashita, Hazuki; Arata, Tomoka; Miyata, Ayaka; Kawazoe, Miyu; Nobu, Masaru K.; Nar 6102
Influence of New Citrus Rootstocks on Lemon Quality. Aguilar-Hernandez, Marlene G.; Sanchez-Rodriguez, Lucia; Hernandez, Francisca; Forner-Giner, Maria A 8608
Influence of Tillage, Straw-Returning and Mineral Fertilization on the Stability and Associated Organic Content of Soil Aggregates in the North China Plain. Zhang, Huayan; Niu, Ling'an; Hu, Kelin; Hao, Jinmin; Li, Fan; Gao, Zhuanqin; Wang, Xiang 7836
Insights into the Physiological and Biochemical Impacts of Salt Stress on Plant Growth and Development. Shahid, Muhammad Adnan; Sarkhosh, Ali; Khan, Naeem; Balal, Rashad Mukhtar; Ali, Shahid; Rossi, Loren Report 20659
Introduction of Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.) in a Rainfed Rotation to Improve Soil Organic Carbon Stock in Marginal Lands. D'Avino, Lorenzo; di Bene, Claudia; Farina, Roberta; Razza, Francesco Report 10675
Long-Term Productivity of Thirteen Lowland and Upland Switchgrass Ecotypes in the Mediterranean Region. Alexopoulou, Efthymia; Zanetti, Federica; Papazoglou, Eleni G.; Iordanoglou, Konstantinos; Monti, An 6418
Long-Term Yield and Quality Performance of Perennial Energy Grasses (Agropyron spp.) on Marginal Land. Ciria, Carlos S.; Barro, Ruth; Sanz, Marina; Ciria, Pilar 17509
Mapping of Adult Plant Leaf Rust Resistance in Aus27506 and Validation of Underlying Loci by In-Planta Fungal Biomass Accumulation. Kandiah, Pakeerathan; Chhetri, Mumta; Hayden, Matthew; Ayliffe, Michael; Bariana, Harbans; Bansal, U 5746
Modeling Climate Warming Impacts on Grain and Forage Sorghum Yields in Argentina. Druille, Magdalena; Williams, Amber S.; Torrecillas, Marcelo; Kim, Sumin; Meki, Norman; Kiniry, Jame 6752
Morphological Traits and Phenolic Compounds in Tunisian Wild Populations and Cultivated Varieties of Portulaca oleracea L. Sdouga, Dorra; Branca, Ferdinando; Kabtni, Souhir; di Bella, Maria Concetta; Trifi-Farah, Neila; Mar 7961
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with Fast Field-Cycling Setup: A Valid Tool for Soil Quality Investigation. Conte, Pellegrino; Meo, Paolo Lo 16989
Nutrient Dynamics in Switchgrass as a Function of Time. Massey, Joshua; Antonangelo, Joao; Zhang, Hailin 7870
Optimization of Analytical Ultrasound-Assisted Methods for the Extraction of Total Phenolic Compounds and Anthocyanins from Sloes (Prunus spinosa L.). Gonzalez-de-Peredo, Ana V.; Vazquez-Espinosa, Mercedes; Espada-Bellido, Estrella; Ferreiro-Gonzalez, 12036
Optimization of Irrigation Scheduling for Maize in an Arid Oasis Based on Simulation--Optimization Model. Li, Jiang; Jiao, Xiyun; Jiang, Hongzhe; Song, Jian; Chen, Lina 6080
Organic Plant Biostimulants and Fruit Quality--A Review. Rodrigues, Mayara; Baptistella, Joao Leonardo Corte; Horz, Daniele Caroline; Bortolato, Laura Minate 9503
Physicochemical and Nutritional Characterization of Winemaking Lees: A New Food Ingredient. Sancho-Galan, Pau; Amores-Arrocha, Antonio; Jimenez-Cantizano, Ana; Palacios, Victor 5467
Physiological Responses of Tomato and Cucumber Seedlings under Different Light-Dark Cycles. Garcia-Caparros, Pedro; Sabio, Francisco; Barbero, Francisco Javier; Chica, Rosa Maria; Lao, Maria T 7283
Physiological Responses to Fe Deficiency in Split-Root Tomato Plants: Possible Roles of Auxin and Ethylene? Celletti, Silvia; Pii, Youry; Valentinuzzi, Fabio; Tiziani, Raphael; Fontanella, Maria Chiara; Beone 7548
Plant Responses to UV Blocking Greenhouse Covering Materials: A Review. Katsoulas, Nikolaos; Bari, Anastasia; Papaioannou, Chryssoula 10125
Plastic-Covered Ridge-Furrow Planting Combined with Supplemental Irrigation Based on Measuring Soil Moisture Promotes Wheat Grain Yield and Irrigation Water Use Efficiency in Irrigated Fields on the Loess Plateau, China. Luo, Jian; Liang, Zimeng; Xi, Luoyan; Liao, Yuncheng; Liu, Yang 8710
Positioning Accuracy Comparison of GNSS Receivers Used for Mapping and Guidance of Agricultural Machines. Catania, Pietro; Comparetti, Antonio; Febo, Pierluigi; Morello, Giuseppe; Orlando, Santo; Roma, Elis 7306
Potential Fertilization Capacity of Two Grapevine Varieties: Effects on Agricultural Production in Designation of Origin Areas in the Northwestern Iberian Peninsula. Cortinas, J. Antonio; Fernandez-Gonzalez, Maria; Gonzalez-Fernandez, Estefania; Vazquez-Ruiz, Rosa A 9577
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Metabolism and Nitric Oxide (NO) Content in Roots and Shoots of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Plants under Arsenic-Induced Stress. Solorzano, Ernestina; Corpas, Francisco J.; Gonzalez-Gordo, Salvador; Palma, Jose M. 9681
Real-Time Detection of Strawberry Powdery Mildew Disease Using a Mobile Machine Vision System. Mahmud, Md Sultan; Zaman, Qamar U.; Esau, Travis J.; Chang, Young K.; Price, G.W.; Prithiviraj, Bala 9090
Recovery of Phosphorus from Waste Water Profiting from Biological Nitrogen Treatment: Upstream, Concomitant or Downstream Precipitation Alternatives. Magri, Albert; Carreras-Sempere, Mar; Biel, Carmen; Colprim, Jesus 22689
Release of Medicago truncatula Gaertn. and Visum sativum subsp. elatius (M. Bieb.) Asch. et Graebn. Seed Dormancy Tested in Soil Conditions. Renzi, Juan Pablo; Brus, Jan; Pirintsos, Stergios; Erdos, Laszlo; Duchoslav, Martin; Smykal, Petr 7039
Resistance Evolution to EPSPS Inhibiting Herbicides in False Barley (Hordeum murinum) Harvested in Southern Spain. Vazquez-Garcia, Jose G.; Castro, Patricia; Torra, Joel; Alcantara-de la Cruz, Ricardo; de Prado, Raf 7754
Response of Broccoli Transplants to LED Light during Short and Long-Term Storage. Wojciechowska, Renata; Kunicki, Edward; Dlugosz-Grochowska, Olga; Kolton, Anna 10341
Rhizobacteria Isolated from Saline Soil Induce Systemic Tolerance in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) against Salinity Stress. Ilyas, Noshin; Mazhar, Roomina; Yasmin, Humaira; Khan, Wajiha; Iqbal, Sumera; Enshasy, Hesham El; Da 9877
Rice Hulls and Anaerobic Digestion Residues as Substrate Components for Potted Production of Geranium and Rose. Bassan, Antonio; Bona, Stefano; Nicoletto, Carlo; Sambo, Paolo; Zanin, Giampaolo 10856
Role of Trichoderma aggressivum f. europaeum as Plant-Growth Promoter in Horticulture. Sanchez-Montesinos, Brenda; Dianez, Fernando; Moreno-Gavira, Alejandro; Gea, Francisco J.; Santos, M 8366
Root Involvement in Plant Responses to Adverse Environmental Conditions. Vives-Peris, Vicente; Lopez-Climent, Maria F.; Perez-Clemente, Rosa M.; Gomez-Cadenas, Aurelio 12466
Rotation, Mulch and Zero Tillage Reduce Weeds in a Long-Term Conservation Agriculture Trial. Fonteyne, Simon; Singh, Ravi Gopal; Govaerts, Bram; Verhulst, Nele 8931
Screening the FIGS Set of Lentil (Lens culinaris Medikus) Germplasm for Tolerance to Terminal Heat and Combined Drought-Heat Stress. El Haddad, Noureddine; Rajendran, Karthika; Smouni, Abdelaziz; Es-Safi, Nour Eddine; Benbrahim, Nadi 16028
Seed Yield, Seed Protein, Oil Content, and Agronomic Characteristics of Soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) Depending on Different Seeding Systems and Cultivars in Germany. Sobko, Olena; Zikeli, Sabine; Claupein, Wilhelm; Gruber, Sabine 6300
Sensory Attributes and Consumer Acceptability of 12 Microgreens Species. Caracciolo, Francesco; El-Nakhel, Christophe; Raimondo, Maria; Kyriacou, Marios C.; Cembalo, Luigi; 7714
Short Term Cotton Lint Yield Improvement with Cover Crop and No-Tillage Implementation. McDonald, Mark D.; Lewis, Katie L.; Ritchie, Glen L. 8073
Smart Palm: An IoT Framework for Red Palm Weevil Early Detection. Koubaa, Anis; Aldawood, Abdulrahman; Saeed, Bassel; Hadid, Abdullatif; Ahmed, Mohanned; Saad, Abdulr 7725
Soil Arthropod Responses in Agroecosystem: Implications of Different Management and Cropping Systems. Menta, Cristina; Conti, Federica Delia; Fondon, Carlos Lozano; Staffilani, Francesca; Remelli, Sara 9462
Solubility and Efficiency of Rock Phosphate Fertilizers Partially Acidulated with Zeolite and Pillared Clay as Additives. Teles, Ana Paula Bettoni; Rodrigues, Marcos; Pavinato, Paulo Sergio 13536
Spatial Modelling of Within-Field Weed Populations; a Review. Somerville, Gayle J.; Sonderskov, Mette; Mathiassen, Solvejg Kopp; Metcalfe, Helen 9976
State and Progress of Andean Lupin Cultivation in Europe: A Review. Bebeli, Penelope J.; Lazaridi, Efstathia; Chatzigeorgiou, Tilemachos; Suso, Maria-Jose; Hein, Waltra 15513
Straw Removal Effects on Sugarcane Root System and Stalk Yield. Melo, Paul L.A.; Cherubin, Mauricio R.; Gomes, Tamara C.A.; Lisboa, Izaias P.; Satiro, Lucas S.; Cer 6838
Strip-Till One-Pass Technology in Central and Eastern Europe: A MZURI Pro-Til Hybrid Machine Case Study. Jaskulska, Iwona; Jaskulski, Dariusz 8602
Study of C, N, P and K Release from Residues of Newly Proposed Cover Crops in a Spanish Olive Grove. Rodriguez-Lizana, Antonio; de Torres, Miguel Angel Repullo-Ruiberriz; Carbonell-Bojollo, Rosa; Moren 10244
Success Rate of Individual Pollinizers for the Pear Cultivars "Ingeborg" and "Celina" in a Nordic Climate. Cerovic, Radosav; Aksic, Milica Fotiric; Meland, Mekjell 7901
Sulfur Uptake from Fertilizer Fortified with Sulfate and Elemental S in Three Contrasting Climatic Zones. Degryse, Fien; Baird, Roslyn; da Silva, Rodrigo C.; Holzapfel, Christopher B.; Kappes, Claudinei; Ty 8490
Supplementary LED Interlighting Improves Yield and Precocity of Greenhouse Tomatoes in the Mediterranean. Paucek, Ivan; Pennisi, Giuseppina; Pistillo, Alessandro; Appolloni, Elisa; Crepaldi, Andrea; Calegar 6172
Synthesis of Dacus Pheromone, 1,7-Dioxaspiro[5.5]Undecane and Its Encapsulation in PLLA Microspheres for Their Potential Use as Controlled Release Devices. Zisopoulou, Stavroula A.; Chatzinikolaou, Christina K.; Gallos, John K.; Ofrydopoulou, Anna; Lambrop 6976
Temporal Responses to Direct and Induced Iron Deficiency in Parietaria judaica. Tato, Liliana; Islam, Monirul; Mimmo, Tanja; Zocchi, Graziano; Vigani, Gianpiero 7778
The Adaptability of APSIM-Wheat Model in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River Plain of China: A Case Study of Winter Wheat in Hubei Province. Zhao, Panpan; Zhou, Yang; Li, Fengfeng; Ling, Xiaoxia; Deng, Nanyan; Peng, Shaobing; Man, Jianguo Case study 8295
The Contribution of Root Turnover on Biological Nitrification Inhibition and Its Impact on the Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea under Brachiaria Cultivations. Nakamura, Satoshi; Saliou, Papa Sarr; Takahashi, Minako; Ando, Yasuo; Subbarao, Guntur Venkata 7706
The Contribution of Soil Tillage and Nitrogen Rate to the Quality of Maize Grain. Simic, Milena; Dragicevic, Vesna; Drinic, Snezana Mladenovic; Vukadinovic, Jelena; Kresovic, Branka; 9419
The Diversification and Intensification of Crop Rotations under No-Till Promote Earthworm Abundance and Biomass. Rodriguez, Maria Pia; Dominguez, Anahi; Ferroni, Melisa Moreira; Wall, Luis Gabriel; Bedano, Jose Ca 7875
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