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Agroecosystems in a changing climate.


Agroecosystems in a changing climate.

Ed. by Paul C.D. Newton et al.

CRC Press


364 pages



Advances in agroecology


Combining theories from ecologists and interpretations of agriculturists, this shows scientists how to find phenomena beyond first-order responses in creating sustainable agricultural/ecological systems. With both long-term and short term goals in mind, the contributors of these articles that double as coherent chapters cover resource supply and demand, including climate change effects, nutrient and water demand of plants under global climate change, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, background food webs, herbivory and nutrient cycling, and sustainability of crop production systems; those on pest, weeds and diseases cover plant performance and implications for plant production dynamics and species composition, fungi, tropic interactions and future problems; and those on the capacity to adapt include knowing the difference between acclimation and adaptation and breeding plants to suit the changing environment. Three examples include marginal tropical animal production, biological control and the evolution of pathogens under elevated carbon dioxide.

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